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Latvian Post and Telecommunication Worker’s Trade Union.

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1 Latvian Post and Telecommunication Worker’s Trade Union

2 is independent voluntary organization which represents and defends professional, labour, economical and social rights and interests of trade union members and which implements the policy of trade unions

3 Activities of Trade Union of Post,Telephon and Telegraph initiated in 1904-1905. First congress – Riga,January 1927 After Soviet Union period LSAB was restored in 26 January, 1991.

4 No of TU members 2002-2004

5 Women and men TU member 2002-2004

6 LSAB internal structure

7 LSAB management organs  the main organ is Congress - held every 5 years;  Assembly of Trust Persons - held twice a year;  Board (4 persons from Lattelekom sector, 2 persons from Post sector,1 person from RTV sector, president, vicepresident, secretary) – monthly.

8 LSAB is a member of: 1) Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia; 2) UNI ; 3) Baltic Communication Worker’s Trade UNION; 4) UNION SCIPT

9 Functions of the LSAB:   to promote and to develop the social dialogue;   to supervise implementation of labour legislation and collective agreement;   to organize meetings and other arrangements;   to organise the education and training;   to collect proposals,conduct sociological and other research;   to participate in the activities of trade unions;   to organize sport and cultural events.

10 Memberships fee constitutes 1,5% of the monthly salary. Unemployed members pay 0,5% of the state’s social security.

11 Funds established by the LSAB: Social fund; Accident fund; Ilness fund; Unemployed fund; Reserve (strike) fund.

12 Collective agreement  Lattelekom – LSAB 199419961998 Some changes 1999,2001,2003,2004

13 Negations committees  Main committee  Salary subcommittee  Social garanty subcommittee  Health and safety subcommittee  Cooperation subcommittee

14 LSAB are member of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia - LBAS

15 LBAS  LBAS coordinate the cooperation between 25 free and independent Latvian trade unions, represents and protects the interests of it’s members in national and international institutions, imlements a joint working programme.

16 LBAS  It units about 196 000 trade union’s members working in areas such as state budget institutions, public service, commerce, transportation, communication, manufacturing, agriculture, food, fish industry,etc

17 From the history of Union Movement of Latvia  1870 One of the first strikes in Riga Vermanis saw mill;  1906 Book industry worker’s union concludes the first collective agreement with employers;  1921 May first Congress of Trade unions of independent Latvia;  1934 All unions of Latvia are cancelled

18 From the history of Union Movement of Latvia  1990 May 25-26 The first Congress of Trade Unions of Union Federation of Latvia;  1991 Latvia restors it’s participation in the ILO  1993 Tripartite Emploeyrs,State and Trade Union Consultative Council of Latvia starts it’s activities

19 LBAS is a member of:  ICFTU  ETUC  BALTIC SEA TU Network  BALTIC TU Council

20 Thank you for your attention!

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