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2015 Advertising Opportunities. Route Network 25 International Destinations.

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1 2015 Advertising Opportunities

2 Route Network 25 International Destinations

3 Passenger Growth 1986 - 2014 700,000 Passengers 2014 700,000 Passengers 2014

4 Airline & Tour Operator Partners

5 Passenger Growth 665,000 2013 700,000 2014 700,000 2014 +5% Passenger growth

6 Origin of Airport outbound customers Source: Passenger surveys 2013 – Survey base of 1624 passengers in 2013 Q. If you are an Irish resident, what county/city do you currently live in?

7 Delivering visitors to the region Galway – 58% Mayo – 66% Roscommon – 16% Sligo – 29% Leitrim – 11% Westmeath – 4% Offaly – 2% Longford – 4% Donegal – 11% Kerry – 3% Clare – 3% Source: Passenger surveys 2013 – Survey base of 540 passengers in 2013 Source: Tourism Ireland 2012 - average spend of European visitor of €515 Q. If your journey originated overseas, which counties did you visit in Ireland during your stay? Delivering over 150,000+ visitors to the region annually

8 Social Media 2 nd largest Irish airport on facebook with 30,000 fans 9,000 twitter followers - ranked #55 in the world! #Westisbest Over 100,000 video views in 2014 Source: **

9 Advertising Opportunities Light box Advertising Snap Frame Advertising Outdoor billboards Baggage Trolley Advertising Entrance / Exit Doors branding Airport Brochure Advertising Lift Door Advertising Car Park Ticket Advertising Car Park Barriers Terminal Promotions Brochure Display Online, Email & Social Media Advertising Mobile website advertising Online Car Park Advertising

10 Light box Advertising Ref Code: A0ARR / A0DEP Location:Arrivals / Departures Hall Audience:All passengers Dimensions:841mm (w) x 1189mm (h) Rate card:€2,000 per site Duration:12 months Your vibrant message can be delivered by brilliant and effective backlit photography and sharp graphics in our strategically located display Units

11 Snap Frame Advertising Ref Code: SNA Location:Airport Bathrooms Audience:Passengers/meeters/greeters Dimensions: A3 Portrait Rate card: €100 per snap frame Duration:12 months Quantity:50 Available A3 Snap frames are an extremely effective way of displaying posters and literature to your customers and to the thousands of people travelling through the airport. Made out of an aluminum frame and non-reflective PVC cover, this poster frame is a very durable display unit. A3 Snap Frames are located in high visibility areas throughout the airport in all bathrooms.

12 Light box Advertising Location:Throughout Airport Audience:All passengers Dimensions:6 Sheets Large Special Displays Rate: Price on Application Contact: (01) 4609000

13 Outdoor Billboards Ref Code : TERENT Location:Front Wall x 4 Audience:All passengers Dimensions:4780mm (w) x 2800mm (h) Rate:€5,000 per site per annum Promote your business with our new large billboard sites located in prime locations at front entrance to the airport

14 Outdoor Billboards Ref Code : TEREXT Location:Arrivals Exit Wall Audience:Passengers and meeters & greeters Dimensions:3350mm (w) x 2150mm (h) Rate:€3,500 per annum Promote your business with our new large billboard sites located in prime locations directly opposite the high footfall arrivals exit from the airport providing great exposure to arriving visitors

15 Baggage Trolley Advertising Ref Code : AIRTROL Location:Throughout Airport & Car Park Audience:Passengers (Arrivals/Departures) Dimensions: 400mm (w) x 20mm (h) Quantity:125 Trolleys Rate:€1,500 per annum (incl fitting) Advertise your business on the back and front of our Airport baggage trolleys. Trolleys are located and used in all prominent areas throughout the airport.

16 Entrance / Exit Doors Branding Ref Code: DEPENT1 Location:Airport Entrance / Exit Doors Audience:Passengers & meeters/greeters Dimensions:1060mm (w) x 150mm (h) Rate card:€2,500 (4 doors in total) Duration:12 months Prime advertising opportunities located at the entrance/exit doors to the departures and arrivals halls at Ireland West Knock offering exposure for your business to departing and arriving passengers as they arrive/depart the airport

17 Airport Brochure Advertising Ref Code: AIRBROCH Audience:Region wide and Airport Dimensions:DL Page Quantity:10,000 Brochures Rate:€500 per edition There are 4 editions of the full colour Airport Guide produced each year. 10,000 copies of the guide are printed and distributed to outlets throughout the region and on display throughout the airport offering region wide exposure for your business.

18 Lift Door Advertising Ref Code : LIFT Location:Ground Floor of Terminal Lift Audience:Passengers Dimensions: 3ft (w) x 6ft (h) Quantity:1 set of Lift Doors Rate:€3,000 per annum Advertise and promote your business using high impact branding on the lift doors at the airport offering high end exposure to an annual audience of 1m plus

19 Brochure Display Ref Code : AIRBRODI Location:Brochure Display Units in Arrivals Hall and Main Terminal Audience:Arriving passengers Dimensions:DL and A4 Brochure sizes only Quantity:Unlimited Rate:€250 per annum Brochures will be displayed in prominent, high footfall areas throughout the airport and will be viewed by 1m+ passengers

20 Terminal Promotions Ref Code : TERPRO Location:Departures Hall, Arrivals Hall, Main Terminal Audience:Arriving passengers & Departing passengers Rate:€150 per day Located in all areas of the Airport, promotions in prime passenger flow areas, give your business the opportunity to interact with the passengers and meeters and greeters travelling through the airport

21 Online Advertising Website 2014 Statistics - Current Visitor Statistics: Jan – Dec 2014 Visitors: 639,000 website visits Page views:1,586,697 Most Popular pages: Jan – Dec 2014Pageviews Flight Information Page 482,089 Homepage296,892 Destination Guide60,488 To & From Airport48,106 Most popular country of origin of visitorsVisitors Ireland455,539 UK122,840 United States10,783 Germany9,865

22 Leaderboard Skyscraper Ref Code: SKYFI Location:Homepage Audience:Passengers Dimensions:Varies Quantity:1 x banner Rate card:€2,500 Duration:12 months Online Advertising Promote your business with website banners on key high traffic sections of

23 Mobile Website Advertising Advert Ref Code: MOBWEB Location:Mobile Website Audience:10,000 visitors per month Dimensions:600px (w) x 294px (h) Quantity:1 x rotating banner Rate card:€2,000 Duration:12 months Promote your business with website banners on key high traffic sections of the airports mobile optimised website

24 Online Advertising – Homepage Takeover HPTO Example Ref Code: WEBTO Location:Airport Website Audience:50,000 visitors per month Dimensions:TBC Quantity:3 x banners Rate card:€1,000 Duration:1 month

25 Car Park Receipt Advertising Leaderboard Advert Ref Code: CARSTRAP Location:Car Park booking tickets & receipts Audience:Circa 10,000 annually Dimensions:680px (w) x 190px (h) Rate card:€2,500 Duration:12 months New online booking platform for pre booking of airport car parking. Promote your business with an advert on the ‘booking receipts’ and ‘Tickets’ emailed to all passengers.

26 Car Park Website Advertising Advert New online booking platform website for pre booking of airport car parking. Promote your business with a website banner on every page of the booking journey Ref Code: CARSIDE Location:Car Park booking website Audience:Circa 10,000 annually Dimensions:310px (w) 270px (h) Rate card:€2,000 Duration:12 months

27 Online Competitions Location:Homepage of website and dedicated competitions page Links and promotions on Airport Facebook page Twitter page Audience: 25,000 weekly visitors to homepage of website 28,000 Facebook fans 8,800 Twitter followers Dimensions:Varies Rate: - €100 for one week competition - €250 for one month competition

28 Advertising : Please contact Audrey Elliott Phone: 0949368117 Keep in touch Please note: Advertising space at Ireland West Airport Knock will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. All prices and offers featured above are subject to availability and terms and conditions Above prices are available until 31st of December, 2015 and all advertising must be paid for prior to going on display. Where payment has not been received in advance, advertisement will not be displayed. Please note Monthly payment schedule can be also facilitated. Note prices stated exclude printing of materials and vat. Businesses who advertise at Ireland West Airport Knock are permitted to display their brochures and promotional material in the dedicated brochure stands both in the arrivals and main terminal area at the Airport free of charge, during their advertising period.

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