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How you can use

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1 How you can use

2 Is MySignUp for You? is for you if:
You have any group that you need to ask “Who, What, When, Where and How” for an upcoming event, task or the like. Your group has access to the web. You want an organized, visible and controlled signup.

3 Is it easy to do? Yes! No special computer skills are required.
Creating the signup is as reading. This instruction guide will teach you all about: How to create a MySignUp How to tell your group about the signup. How they can go and signup. How you can see the sign-up at any time. How you can get the sign-up at the end.

4 A simple example Say you were responsible for getting
one person per hour to “cover” three tables at a “spring fling” The OLD way might look like the next page.

5 Uck! A paper example Note that each place for a
for a signup has only one space for a name. But what about phone #? And…. What can you expect back after the meeting? (see next page) Uck! A paper example

6 Uck! A paper example You get back something that is….. UNREADABLE!
Some spaces are empty Some are messy Some are scratched out but appear to be filled Now see what can do for you! (next page) Uck! A paper example

7 The MySignup Solution! A simple title will Be the name of Your site..
http/ You can provide instructions. Your is provided for questions You pick the Headers… The MySignup Solution! One click will allow them to pick the slot and signup with up to 6 pieces of info. User Clicks Here You can control the signup from here

8 One SignUp Cell Each box on the signup can have Up to 6 items
within each One SignUp Cell You can pick which are visible & which are not. Which are required, which are optional You can decide if they are able to undo their assignments, if so – they pick a password Your user enters their information here.

9 After someone Signs Up Signup for that slot is done. No one else can
fill it in… But since an undo is allowed (by you) then it might become free Everyone can see The results, the progress and the need After someone Signs Up

10 Admin view - just for you
Only with the Password can you See all the data. You can see all the data It can also be automatically ed to you as an Microsoft Excell Spreadsheet Admin view - just for you

11 Excell Data? YES! An excell Spreadsheet Can be emailed to you.
It has two formats A “data format” And one that looks like the web page You can request the at any time and often. Excell Data? YES!

12 What’s the hardest part?
The hardest part is to realize how MySignUp is different from a paper signup Often, on paper an entire line is used for one signup. MySignUp is like a checkerboard. Where each square is a single signup. This is possible because the signup is on the web not on paper It allows you to “double up” on the information you need to ask.

13 Explain the Checkerboard
Think of your signup as a checker board Each checker square is one person’s agreement to do one thing. When they agree to that one thing, they will be able to give up to 6 pieces of information about themselves. Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Time 1 Place where 1 person agrees to do task 1 at time 1 Place where 1 person agrees to do task 2 at time 1 Place where 1 person agrees to do task 3 at time 1 Time 2 Place where 1 person agrees to do task 1 at time 2 Place where 1 person agrees to do task 2 at time 2 Name:______ Phone:______ ______ Others:_____ MORE:_____ Up to 6:_____ CLICK HERE

14 Notify your SignUp Users
You will be the one to let people know about your MySignUp. People will not “surf the web” to your site. You will pick both a “Title” and a “WebSite” name The title will be seen at the top of the page. Example. With Website = “springfling” and Title of “XYZ Elem School Spring Fling” They will go to: The page will say “XYZ Elem School Spring Fling”

15 Create one for testing Create a MySignUp yourself!
Its easy. Its free. Its USEFUL! Click on the MySignUp Logo Follow the simple and clear instructions at each step. Once you create one, you will realize its value in solving your signup needs Start Today!

16 Click the logo to start now
Make One Now! Click the logo to start now

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