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Lingua Inglese I magistrale LM-38 a.a Prof. V. Pulcini

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1 Lingua Inglese I magistrale LM-38 a.a 2014-15 Prof. V. Pulcini

MODULE 1 deals with the use of English in business communication, in particular through the multimodal analysis of websites of multinational and international companies as well as of small and medium enterprises. The strategies adopted by companies to build their own identity and establish communication with clients and customers will be examined. Particular attention will be paid to the rhetoric of sustainability and to ‘green’ discourse, analyzing terms, metaphors and Anglicisms used in Italian corporate discourse.

3 Module 2 addresses the study of the lexis of business and tourism using the main electronic resources available, i.e. dictionaries and corpora. Particular emphasis will be given to terminology, collocations, phraseology and syntactic structures typical of business, tourism and international communication. During lessons, which will be held in the language laboratory, students will carry out group and individual research on the lexicon of their own subject fields.

4 propedeuticitÀ / PREREQUISITES
Gli studenti devono possedere una buona competenza nell'uso dell'inglese orale e scritto (livello C1 secondo il Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento per le lingue straniere). Devono anche conoscere i fondamenti della linguistica inglese, in particolare la fraseologia e la sintassi, e avere abilità informatiche di base per la navigazione in Internet, la consultazione di dizionari on-line e di corpora. Per sostenere questo esame gli studenti devono aver superato la prova propedeutica del primo anno.

5 the exam The final examination will be oral and will include a discussion of the final paper and questions on the set readings. The final paper must address one of the topics discussed in the course. Detailed guidelines for the writing of the final paper will be given by the end of the course. The final evaluation will be combined with the assessment obtained for the practical language lessons of the first year (academic writing). ERASMUS students should personally see the tutor at the beginning of the course.

6 set readings Module 1 Pages: 127
Rogerson-Revell Pamela Using English for International Business: A European case study. English for Specific Purposes Planken Brigitte The Changing Landscape of Business Communication: Developments and Directions in Research. In Priscilla Heynderickx, Sylvain Dieltjens, Geert Jacobs, Paul Gillaerts & Elizabeth de Groot (eds) The Language Factor in International Business, Bern, Peter Lang, 17-40 Petroni, S Language in the Multimodal Web Domani, Roma: Aracne, pp Salvi, R. Intercultural Issues in Virtual Professional Settings, Textus. English Studies in Italy. XXVI/ Gatti, M. C. The Construction of Company Identity through Memory. ‘Specialised’ Metaphorical Meanings for Pastness on Italian Business Web Pages. Textus. English Studies in Italy. XXVI/1. pp Crawford Camiciottoli, B. Crafting Brand Identity in the Fashion Industry: A Linguistic Analysis of Web-based Company Communication, Textus. English Studies in Italy. XXVI/ Caimotto M.C. / Molino, A. Anglicisms in Italian as Alerts to Greenwashing: A Case Study, Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), 5(1), pp (open access) Pages: 127

7 VIDEO documents and tutorials module 1
Riz Khan - Linguistic imperialism? Al Jazeera English the pros and cons of the spread of English as a global language and its impact on cultures and diversity. What is multimodality. A conversation with Gunther Kress A video of Gunther Kress, Professor of Semiotics and Education, in conversation with doctoral student Sophia Diamantopoulou, about "making meaning: the role of semiotics and education."

8 SET READINGS module 2 to be completed
Sinclair, John The Search for Units of Meaning. Textus. IX. 75–106. Partington, A Patterns and Meanings. Using Corpora for English Language Research and Teaching, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins (chapter 4), pp Pulcini, V Register variation in tourism terminology. In R. Facchinetti (ed.) English Studies between Lexicology and Culture, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, 53-75 Pulcini V., Andreani A “Job-hunting in Italy: Building a glossary of “English-inspired” job titles”, in A. Abel, C. Vettori, N. Ralli (eds), Proceedings of the XVI EURALEX International Congress: The User in Focus July 2014, Bolzano/Bozen. Bolzano/Bozen, EURAC, part 3, pp to be completed

What is a corpus? Michael Rundell. Getting started with a corpus Brief overview of the Sketch Engine aU&lf=mfu_in_order Searching the Sketch Engine Example of corpus-based research (depressed/ depression) Microsoft Word 2010 basic proofing tools - Tutorial 9

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