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Componentes electrónica potência

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1 Componentes electrónica potência
Diode Thyristor Transistor MOSFET GTO IGBT uncontrolled semi-controlled fully-controlled

2 Tecnologias de fabrico:
600, 1200, 1700 V (em off) turn-on 15V turn-off 0 - 7V A negative voltage bias is used to improve the IGBT immunity to collector-to-emitter dv/dt injected noise and reduce turn-off losses Tecnologias de fabrico: PUNCH-THROUGH (PT) better tradeoff between forward voltage drop and turn-off time NON-PUNCH-THROUGH (NPT) higher voltage capability (4kV) higher forward voltage drop more robust than PT

3 on-state power dissipation (not switching) switching

4 (w/ inductive load)

5 passive circuit elements have a tremendous influence on switching losses and operating areas


7 P t negligível negligível SOA depende de fSW SOA (SKM100GB123D)
(Safe Operating Area)

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