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Website Guidelines, Brand and Publicising your Society By Georgia.

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1 Website Guidelines, Brand and Publicising your Society By Georgia

2 SAY HELLO TO OUR LOGO As an LSU Society, you have our badge of approval and represent LSU in everything you do. You should always use only the Societies logo and wear it with pride. Our brand is bold and confident and all materials that we produce should reflect this.

3 WE ARE HERE TO HELP To help you, we’d ask you to send all promotional material and stash to and to make sure you don’t get fined for incorrect use of the logo. This especially includes material for the freshers bazaar. If you are unsure of anything, please just ask! Unlike the old brand, you don’t need to mention the website, although it helps. Remember that the website is now NOT

4 USING THE LOGO The logo should go on the top left hand corner of all material eg. Freshers Bazaar material, Posters, event promotion, social media images etc. It should go right at the top edge of the design as if it is folded over the top.

5 YOU’RE CROWDING IT! The societies logo is really claustrophobic and hates other things in its personal space. The logo must have an exclusion zone where nothing else can be in order to give it some breathing space. Use the base width of the top of the pink block to tell if you are within the exclusion zone Thanks for giving me room!

6 LONELY LOGO As said before, the societies logo is really claustrophobic so hates being trapped in a box! Make sure the background colour surrounds the logo completely and there isn’t a white box surrounding the logo. Let me out!

7 COLOURS The coloured logo should be used wherever possible but if the background colour is too similar to the pink or purple of the coloured logo, the reverse logo can be used. Or when printing in black and white, use the black and white logo.

8 SQUASHING AND RECOLOURING We’d ask you not to stretch or squash the logo so it is out of proportion or recolour the pink and purple logo. We want you to look as best as possible as a society.

9 LOGO SIZING To make sure people can see the logo, we have a minimum size guide that we ask you to use. A3: 50mm A4: 35mm A5: 25mm On Social Media (e.g. Facebook cover photos etc.) the logo should be a reasonable size so it can be read.

10 BRAND POLICE It’s game time! In teams, you have 5 seconds to spot the mistakes on these real images. Write them down and we will go through them afterwards! Let’s see if you would make it into the Brand Police. Ready?








18 BRAND POLICE ANSWERS Let’s see how you did!

19 BRAND POLICE Exclusion Zone

20 BRAND POLICE Stretch, Colour change, Top of the logo cut off

21 BRAND POLICE Colours changed, Exclusion zone

22 BRAND POLICE Exclusion Zone, Logo corner cut off Students’ has an apostrophe


24 BRAND POLICE Logo in the wrong place


26 STASH When you produce stash, we want to make sure that you use the logo correctly so just to make sure, sent your artwork to and so you can have the best stash possible. We know that every Society is different so we want you to be free to be creative with your stash.

27 STASH To make using the logo easier, we offer 3 options of where you can display it. On either side of the chest On either sleeve At the top of the back (except hooded tops) If the stash you are buying won’t fit in those places, let us know and we will advise you where to put it. Which ever you pick, you are then free to do whatever you want with it.

28 STASH We advise you to use ASAP down stairs in the Union (opposite Student Voice) for your stash because they know how to use the logo and are often very reliable. For the full brand pack, please see On stash, you can use mono logos when you are screen printing in one colour

29 WEBSITE Your website is the best way to get members for your society. This is where students will look at first to decide which society to join. It is also a great way to let your members know what’s going on. Because of this, we have a few minimum standards that your website must have in order to sell yourself the best. The minimum requirements are: Description of your activities Meeting times and location Contact details of how they can get in touch with the committee to ask questions (normally an email address) Development plans If you have an external webpage, you must: Include the Union logo A link to your societies union website

30 WEBSITE If you want to sell anything through the website, we can create a button so you don’t have to deal with the cash as it will go directly into your bank account. For example: trips, stash, performance tickets, meals etc. We can also include customisations to the products so when people buy things off the website, you can ask the questions that you need to know. For Example: Sizes and names for stash, allergies and dietary requirements, meal choices etc.

31 WEBSITE All you have to do to get these added is email with the following What you would like the product to be called When it needs to go online When it needs to be taken down The maximum number of products that you can to sell e.g. there are only 35 places on a trip The customisations you would like and the options available for each one To see who has bought the product and the customisations, go onto the ‘Sales Report’ and choose ‘Customisations’.

32 SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook and Twitter are great ways to keep in contact with members, gaining new members and promoting the things that you are up to. Because you represent LSU when using social media on behalf of the society, we ask you to be mindful of what you are posting. This is not to govern or restrict personal presence on the internet; however, it is strongly advised that you maintain a professional appearance.

33 SOCIAL MEDIA 1.General Management Profile picture should ALWAYS be corporate – e.g. Union logo, official society picture Clear bio – stating what your society does/what you aim to provide/links to the related social media Regularly update cover and header photos – upcoming events/seasonal images

34 SOCIAL MEDIA 2. Gaining an Audience Temporarily make another member an admin on your page–they can invite their friends to like pages Follow people that might be interested on Twitter – people who follow similar accounts are likely to be interested in what you have to say.

35 SOCIAL MEDIA 3. Posting You represent your society and your audience associates you with it, always be polite and respectful Be active – not lazy! Tailor the posts to different audiences to mix it up and avoid repetition. Send direct tweets to individuals/groups Content needs to be relevant and interesting to your audience. Links, pictures and videos that excite the audience will undoubtedly result in more engagement. Social media should be a two way street try and use content that provokes a reaction from the audience. “RT to win”, funny or witty comments to invite a favourite or RT, rhetorical or answerable questions. However, this should not be more than 50% of content as overuse will cause people to disengage. Simplicity – can your message be made clear in 140 characters? If you can, will someone outside your circles understand it? Nobody likes guess work but keep message as concise as possible. There WILL be someone that tries to annoy you by responding negatively to everything you do. Keep your cool and respond in a professional manner. Experimentation can lead to innovation! Don’t be afraid to try things that may be out of the box. The beauty of social media is that if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Cross-platforming and retweeting others can increase engagement and influence. For example: include @LoughboroughSU if your event is in the building. Proof read ALL content before posting. Bad grammar, spelling mistakes and poor punctuation looks unprofessional.





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