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Question 3 Aiming for Top Band.

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1 Question 3 Aiming for Top Band

Summarise: (a) the facts about the sea, and its amazing features, according to Passage B; (b) what the fisherman enjoys about living in such a desolate place, according to Passage A. Use your own words as far as possible. You should write about 1 side in total, allowing for the size of your handwriting. Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to 5 marks for the quality of your writing.

3 Identify the topic and write it above each text.
Focus You MUST ensure that you are summarising about the topic that the exam board have asked you to focus on. Identify the topic and write it above each text.

4 Getting All 15 Reading Marks
Look at what they have asked you to write about for your summary. Read through the text and highlight or underline at least 8 points to use in your summary per text! Bullet point your ideas and check that they are definitely linked to the focus of the summary. Write your bullet points up into fluid paragraphs. Try to keep your summaries to about ½ a side of A4. Go through your paragraphs and check that you can see 8 points within your paragraphs.

5 Getting All 5 Writing Marks
Both parts of the summary are well focused on the passage and the question. Make sure that everything you have written is linked to the question. Make sure that you have definitely covered both parts of the question.

6 Getting All 5 Writing Marks
Summaries are expressed concisely, clearly and fluently, and in own words throughout (where appropriate.) Make sure that you’re responses are short and snappy. Ensure that you are using your own words. You will be marked down if you are lifting big chunks of the text.

7 Getting the style right… (b) what the fisherman enjoys about living in such a desolate place, according to Passage A. Yes No The fisherman enjoys living in a desolate place because it makes him feel like the king of the area. He also feels like a hero when he defeats the storms, like he’s a real survivor. He also loves being so close to the sea, enjoys the peace and quiet that being isolated gives him and likes being alone. Finally, he enjoys living there because he has a romantic idea about being swept out to see and loves seeing the huge waves and powerful storms. As the fisherman looks out to sea, he realises how happy he is to be living in such a beautiful and spectacular place. Too narrative – like a story. This is not appropriate. I love it here. The view of the sea when I wake is an addiction. When kind to me, the water lies like a flat pond as far as the eye can see, and gives me the sensation of perfect peace. This is simply lifted from the text. Despite the fact it is relevant, no marks can be awarded because it has been copied.

8 Your Turn: Passage B: Summarise the facts about the sea and its amazing features.
Find your bullet points. Make sure you have at least 8 points. Write up your summary. Count up your points.

9 Check your answers Covers most of the earth’s surface (allow statistic) Its extreme depth (allow statistic) Discoveries of animal species/ecosystems Contains the largest animal Large amount of (natural) gold (not treasure) Has own mythology/monsters Vessels can disappear without warning Monster waves Sudden changes Could explain origins of human existence Coral reefs Roman/ancient cities underwater

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