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Goal One-to-OneOne-to-ManyMany-to-Many Communication- Centric Content- Centric.

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4 Goal

5 One-to-OneOne-to-ManyMany-to-Many Communication- Centric Content- Centric

6 One-to-Many Content- Centric

7 Not engaging 1 to many communication Poor exploration Not social No editing Not personal No commenting

8 Many-to-Many Content- Centric

9 Tags Edits & views Comments Follows Searches Editorial selection Likes




13 Combining static and dynamic content through Search




17 FeatureOn-premisesSPO Intranet Sites E3/E4/A3/A4/G3/G4/ E3 for Nonprofits SPO Public Sites E3/E4/A3/A4/G3/G4/ E3 for Nonprofits SPO Dedicated E3/E4/Plan 2 Content search web part (CSWP) SP 2013 Cross site publishing (XSP) SP 2013 Taxonomy refinersSP 2013 Faceted navigationSP 2013 Product catalog site collection template SP 2013 October 2013 Later Feb 2014 * * SPOD-13-206




21 { "activity":{ "actor":{ "name":"John Doe", "email":"" }, "action":"contosomedia:publish", "object": { "url":"", "title":“People enjoying lunch" }, “message":“New image from Getty”, users":[ {"name":"Jane Doe", "email":""} ] }



24 Viewed in the same session Recs engine Search ID RECOMMENDATIONS Item: 73628

25 marketing Order by Search Relevance (boosted on usage)

26 marketing sortby:ViewsLifeTime Order by Popularity

27 Recommended items for the social innovation video recommendedfor:ItemIdSocialVideo

28 Recommended PowerPoints for the social innovation video in the marketing category and with at least 10 recent views recommendedfor:ItemIdSocialVideo ext:pptx category:marketing ViewsRecent:>10


30 Profile: Sarah Jones Recent open docs: social video.mp4 marketing budget.xslx marketing campaigns.docx Department:marketing 1 Consult the profile of Sarah Jones

31 2 Construct query to provide Personalized recommendations for Sarah Dep:marketing Input to retrieve recommendations

32 3 Display the set of recommended items based on the activity history of Sarah Jones Welcome Sarah Jones, Based on your history, you might be interested in the following documents:


34 The Office Graph Manager Direct report Works with Shared with me Viewed by me Trending around me Presented to me Liked by me

35 Content and signals across O365 auto- populating the Office Graph for teams Exchange SharePoi nt Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW YammerLync


37 See you at the Sites & Portal booths & tables at Ask the Experts WED @6:15pm! Session RoomTime Trends in Designing Portals for SharePoint 2013SPC2013Palazzo M, NMon 3:45pm Make your SharePoint portal social in 1-2-3!SPC378Palazzo M, NTue 9:00am Search-driven publishing for Intranet Portals in SharePoint OnlineSPC337Murano 3201Tue 1:45pm The Site: From Sketch to Launch to Live!SPC224Veronese 2401Tue 1:45pm Adjust the perspective with responsive designs for SharePointSPC203Palazzo O, PTue 3:15pm Branding Internet facing web sites with SharePoint in the cloudSPC290Delphino 4001Tue 3:15pm Building a Modern Portal in 75 Minutes!SCP399Palazzo M, NTue 5:00pm SharePoint 2013 Powering Web Sites and Mobile AppsSPC388Palazzo M, NWed 10:45am Deliver adaptive and personalized experiences for your SharePoint 2013 sitesSPC228Marcello 4401Wed 1:45pm E-commerce solutions with Dynamics for Retail & SharePoint 2013SPC359Veronese 2401Wed 5:00pm SharePoint Online Performance – Designing your Pages to be FastSPC3993Titian 2201Thu 9:00am Azure IaaS and SharePoint 2013 WCM - better together!SPC387Veronese 2401Thu 10:30am The strategy behind building a successful social intranetSPC291Lando 4204Thu 12:00pm Sites & Portals Related Sessions


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