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1 AG.03: CIGRE SC A3 Green Book planning CIGRE SC A3 Paulo Fernandez (Convener) Lou van der Sluis, Harley Wilson Edelhard Kynast (Secretary) Frank Richter.

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1 1 AG.03: CIGRE SC A3 Green Book planning CIGRE SC A3 Paulo Fernandez (Convener) Lou van der Sluis, Harley Wilson Edelhard Kynast (Secretary) Frank Richter (Secretary assist) Hiroki Ito (Chairman) CIGRE SC AG A3.01 Strategic Planning, Delft Netherlands 12 th March, 2014 A3-14(SC) 006 IWD Revised 25 January 2014

2 2 Purpose: CIGRE has decided to launch a collection of scientific and technical books to assemble the corpus of the knowledge of the members, beyond its present publications (ELECTRA, TBs, Session papers) Objectives and targets: CIGRE is the international reference in the domain of power systems. This scientific collection will be the basis of the works done by CIGRE. International influence: The collection will strongly contribute to the international standing of CIGRE, which will be the opportunity to create new partnership. Communication objective: Propagation of CIGRE works though Green book will provide an image of CIGRE as an organization which is open, creative, visible, that favors innovations CIGRE Green book / reference book projects

3 3 TC editorial team is composed of the Secretary General, the TC Chairman (Mark Waldron), Konstantin Papailiou (B2) & Pierre Argaut (B1). The target is to publish two Green Books per year based on CIGRE works. The books have between 500 to 700 pages approximately. TC suggested that the Green books should be of high technical values. The selection of authors is made according to their personal knowledge. Once published, these books could be used as a textbook in universities. CIGRE would provide the books as a gift at related events to inform other organizations of our technical activities and knowledge. (CIGRE will celebrate 100 year anniversary in 2020) CIGRE will get money from this publication, not pay for it. CIGRE will decide one publisher in 2014: Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Hermes Penton, etc. Elsevier is the preferred bidder at this moment. CIGRE Green book / Reference book project

4 4 SC B2 and B1 are the most advanced SCs in preparation of Green Books. The target for the two first Green books is ready for 2014. SC B1 is preparing four books with different subjects: (a) Accessories, (b) Underground cables, (c) Submarine cables, (d) Offshore wind power generation (joint Reference book with B1/B3/C4). SC B2 is planning one book covering all subjects related to OHLs and progressing correctly. SC B3 is planning two books: Substation and SF6 issues, possibly for 2016. SC B5 will prepare an unbiased book on Protection, even though the members (manufacturers) already published some books on the market, often commercial. SC B5 is expected for 2016 or 2018. SC A3 and D2 discussed the topic during the SC Meetings. Other SCs will follow. CIGRE Green book progress in several SCs

5 5 CIGRE Green book discussions at TC A3 chairman attended the B2 meeting during the Auckland symposium and informed A3 members of the information on the purpose of the book. The books would be used as a gift for non-CIGRE members, such as Universities and other organizations such as CIRED, where there would be potentially future members of CIGRE, beside the purposes shown by CIGRE CO. Also it will be published as electronic forms as well as book, so the existing members can access the information by internet. The copyright issue is applied to the same rules as those for CIGRE Session papers, ELECTRA articles and Technical Brochures. SC A3 chairman continues his efforts to explain the A3 members about the purpose and importance of the Green book project. Konstantin Papailiou will join the discussion with the A3 members at the next SC A3 advisory meeting in Delft to assist the process. However, his sudden business prevents him so he will find another opportunity.

6 6 First proposal: A3 will create one single book to cover all equipment subjects as the same style as one by B2.  Introduction of A3 & HV equipment  Transients phenomena in power systems  Simulations for HV equipment  Circuit breakers  Disconnectors  Earthing switches  DC circuit breaker & DC switchgear  Surge Arresters  Capacitor banks (equipment aspects)  Series Capacitors (equipment aspects)  Instrument Transformers  Fault Current Limiters  Reliability of HV equipment  Ageing & overstressing aspects  Emerging technologies of HV equipment  etc. CIGRE SC A3 Green book contents First proposal The proposal received some oppositions from a couple of A3 members due to too much anticipated works at the SC A3 meeting in Auckland, 2013.

7 7 Alternative proposal: A3 will develop a few separate books to cover specific equipment subjects, upon a volunteer basis. For example, there are two first suggestions: (a) Circuit Breakers (along with other substation equipment) Definitions, Principles for different technologies, Arc models, Switching duties & testings, Controlled switching, Reliability, etc. (b) Surge Arresters (MOSA) Definitions, Principles, Requirements, Duties, Testings, etc. Some countries such as Brazil has published CIGRE textbooks on some subjects including the A3 scope. CIGRE SC A3 Green book contents Alternative proposal

8 8 Call for experts: March 2014 (start-up after Delft AG meeting if agreed) Call for editorial teams: March 2014 Preparation and collection of documents: March 2015 Preparation of additional documents: March 2016 Review of each document and improvement: December 2016 Editorial works for publication: December 2017 Submission for publication: March 2018 … A3 Green book will be revised periodically according to recommendations by AG. CIGRE SC A3 Green book schedule tentative proposal

9 9 AG A3.01: Strategic Planning… Ito AG A3.02: Tutorials… Glinkowski AG A3.03: Green book … Fernandez TF A3.01: Electrical endurance test … Smeets WG 13.01: Arc model WG 13.04: Switching test methods... Bonfanti WG A3.06: Reliability of HV equipment … Solver/Runde WG A3.07: Controlled switching … Froehlich/Waldron WG 13.08: Life management of circuit breakers… Janssen WG 13.09: Monitoring & diagnostic techniques for switching equipment WG A3.10: Specifications for short-circuit current limiters … Schmitt WG A3.11: Application Guide for IEC 60056/60694 … Schramm WG A3.12: Circuit Breaker Controls … Wilson WG A3.13: Changing network conditions … Janssen WG A3.17: Surge Arrester … Richter WG A3.18: Grading Capacitors … Runde WG A3.19: Implication of 3 phase SLF TRV … Dufournet CIGRE SC A3 WG/TF/AG lists with Convenors

10 10 WG A3.20: Simulations … Kriegel WG A3.21: Applications of composite insulators … Nigris WG A3.22: Technical requirements of UHV equipment … Ito WG A3.23: Fault current limiters … Schmitt WG A3.24: Simulating internal arc and current withstand … Uzelac WG A3.25: MOSA for emerging system conditions … Richter WG A3.26: Capacitor bank switching … Bosma WG A3.27: Vacuum switchgear at transmission voltages … Smeets WG A3.28: Switching phenomena of UHV/EHV equipment … Dufournet WG A3.29: Deterioration & ageing of HV equipment … Maheshwari WG A3.30: Overstressing of HV substation equipment … Carvalho WG A3.31: Instrument transformer with digital input … Rahmatian WG A3.32: Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment … Uzelac WG A3.33: Equipment for series/shunt compensation … Li WG A3/B4.34: DC switchgear … Franck WG A3.35: Commissioning practices of controlled switching … Mercier CIGRE SC A3 WG/TF/AG lists with Convenors

11 11 CIGRE SC A3: TB publication lists 2012-2014 TB 570 Switching Phenomena for EHV and UHV Equipment; WG A3.28 TB 544 Metal Oxide (MO) Surge Arresters - Stresses and Test procedures; WG A3.17 TB 514 Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 6: GIS Practices; WG A3.06 TB 513 Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 5: Gas Insulated Switchgear; WG A3.06 TB 512 Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 4: Instrument Transformers; WG A3.06 TB 511 Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 3: DS & Earthing Switches; WG A3.06 TB 510 Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 2: SF6 Circuit Breakers; WG A3.06 TB 509 2004-2007 Reliability of High Voltage Equipment - Part 1: General Matters; WG A3.06 TB 497 Applications and Feasibility of Fault Current Limiters in Power Systems; WG A3.23 2010-2011 TB 456 Background of technical specifications for substation equipment >800 kV; WG A3.22 TB 455 Application of composite insulators to high voltage apparatus; WG A3.21 TB 408 Line fault phenomena and their implications for 3-phase SLF/LLF clearing; WG A3.19 2008-2009 TB 394 State of the art of instrument transformer; SC A3; WG 12.16 TB 368 Operating environment of voltage grading capacitors applied to HV CB; WG A3.18 TB 362 Technical requirements for substation equipment exceeding 800 kV AC; WG A3.22 TB 339 Guideline on the Impact of FCL Devices on Protection System; WG A3.16 2006-2007 TB 336 Changing Network Conditions and system requirements Part2; WG A3.13 TB 335 Changing Network Conditions and system requirements Part1; WG A3.13 TB 319 Failure Survey on Circuit Breaker Controls Systems; WG A3.12 TB 305 Guide for application of IEC 62271-100 & 62271-1 -Part 1 General subjects; WG A3.11 TB 304 Guide for application of IEC 62271-100 & 62271-1 -Part 2 Making/breaking tests; WG A3.11

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