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Samsung SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 Sales Guide

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1 Samsung SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 Sales Guide
Secure your invaluable intellectual properties... Samsung SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 Sales Guide B2B Biz Group / B2B Offering Planning Samsung IT Solutions Business April, 2011 Document Ver: 1.2.2

2 Contents Market Analysis Customer Requirement
Product Concept & Key Features Segmentation Positioning User Scenario & Supported Models Requirements Model code & Target Price Technical Support Roadmap Launching Plan Solution Sales Process Appendix Contents 2

3 Market Analysis Despite the decrease in IT spending, Security is the least likely area to face cuts in response to the current economic crisis [ Increased Needs of End-user & Channel for Security ] [ Global IT / Security Spending Growth Trend ] Planned Investment Solution Interest Low High Security Mgmt IPC Config. Mgmt Inventory Mgmt Software Policy Mgmt : Channel Partners : End-User (Rate. %.) Security Spending 10.9% 10.8% 13.2% 10.3% 9.8% IT Spending 5.5% 5.7% 3.6% 2.9% 2008 2009(e) 2010(e) 2011(e) 2012(e) -1.8% Based on end-user and channel partner survey on IT Investment Priority and Planned Investments, security was ranked as the highest investment priority Security spending has higher growth rate than IT spending and the big gap exists between them Although spending on both IT and security is increasing, It is anticipated that growth rate of security spending will exceed that of IT spending by 5.1% IDC, Worldwide Security Products Forecast : Post crisis, Dec. 2008 IDC, Worldwide IT Spending 2009–2013 Forecast: The Worldwide Black Book, Jun.2009 3

4 Market Analysis Key Solution driver of Hardware
21% to 37% of companies spent more on hardcopy hardware when they acquired document solutions and security solution, and fewer spent less in the past 12 months. The highest percents belong to Document accounting (37% of companies spent more on hardcopy hardware) Security/authentication (36%), Document capture/scanning/routing (35%), and Device management/remote diagnostics (32%) <Document Solutions Impact On HC Hardware Spending – By Company Size> <Document Solutions Impact On HC Hardware Spending – By Overall Solutions Spend> 4

5 Market Analysis Do you have, or plan to have any of the following solutions/services in the next 12 months: (Document security solutions including controlled user access & user IDs) On average 79% of respondents have security solutions in place Central Govt, & Retail have the highest levels of security Local Govt. & Business Services are lowest Base = 920 IDC Vertical Market Strategy, 2011

6 SecuThruTM Lite: Requirements
User should be authenticated using proximity card, HID-type card or Mifare type etc. User should be authorized or each MFP function (such as copy, scan, fax). Unauthorized MFP function button should be hidden for disabled. User should be able to see the list of his/her stored print jobs from Panel UI. User should be able to print or delete his/her selected print jobs from Panel UI. User should be able to see and delete his/her stored print jobs from web UI. Admin should be able to track all users’ jobs from web UI. Admin should be able to configure a retention period for stored jobs. 6

7 SecuThruTM Lite Concept & Key Feature
A XOA based embedded application solution which provides security features for protecting intellectual asset and enabling convenient authentication. Provides convenient authentication via user-friendly proximity card, secure pull-type printing by using MFP HDD as job storage, and other security features Product Concept Simple and affordable printing security functionality Sales Point Contactless Card (HID, Mifare etc) support and secure printing Secures your invaluable information against unauthorized access. Main Features Card Authentication - Card self-registration, Two-factor authentication (User Passcode) - Local (Device) authentication, network (LDAP, SyncThruTM) authentication * Proximity card and card reader are not included. Secure Release Printing - Job list display for authenticated user, Job release for selected item with printing options - User RUI to view personal job list and to delete personal job - Admin RUI to set SRP (Secure Release Printing) mode and retention period Job Accounting - Job log history and individual usage report (through SyncThruTM Admin integration) 7

8 Segmentation Primary Target : SMB Workgroup
Secondary Target : Gov./ Edu./ Health / Finance SMB customers also need similar level of security to that of large enterprises, so significant security investment is required. They also show relatively low dependency on vendor direct sales. Cost is the major concern when purchasing security products. Security is required in Public Service market, enforced by legislation  Increased sales with security-enhanced product and high potential of expansion to other industries Financial industry highly invests in security for protection of sensitive information such as customer information, which are overseen by federal supervisory agencies Primary Target (SMB) Large Enterprise Small & Med Size Business SOHO Gov. Edu. Health Finance Comm. Mfg. Retail Company Size Vertical Market Public Service Sector Secondary Target (4 major verticals) 8

9 Complexity & Functionality
Positioning Embedded in MFP Server-Based Fasoo E-DRM $5,000~$50,000 High SecuThruTM Pro (‘12) (TBD) Pharos Blueprint Enterprise OCM FollowMe $1,000 $1,000 Canon Security Kit $550 Price Ricoh Enhanced Locked Print-NX €299 Jetmobile Secure Express €299 €200 Genius Bytes SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 (’11.2) BITs £150 Per device * Server-required $250 Low Low High Complexity & Functionality 9

10 Supported Models SCX-5835FN SCX-5935FN SCX-6545N SCX-6555NX
CLX-8385NX CLX-8540NX SCX-8030ND SCX-8040ND CLX-9250ND CLX-9350ND Function Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Network Print, Scan, Copy, Fax (Optional), Network Print, Scan, Copy, Fax (Optional), Network, Duplex Speed (Mono) 33 ppm A4 (Letter 35 ppm) 43 ppm in A4 (45 ppm in Letter) 53 ppm in A4 (55 ppm in Letter) 38 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter) 30 ppm in A4 40 ppm in A4 25 PPM in A4 (9250ND) 35 PPM in A4 (9350ND) Resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi effective output Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi effective output Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi Effective Output Up to 4,800 X 4,800 dpi Up to 9,600 X 600 dpi Duplex Standard Input Capacity and Types 500-sheet Cassette Tray, 50-sheet Multi-purpose Tray 520-sheet Cassette, 100-sheet Multi-Purpose Tray Standard : 520-sheet cassette Tray, 100-sheet MP tray, Max : 2,720 sheets Standard : 520-sheet cassette (X2) Tray, 100-sheet MP tray, Max : 3,140 sheets Output Capacity and Type 250-sheet Face Down Up to 500-sheet Face Down ADF Capacity 50-sheet 100-sheet DADF LCD 7" WVGA(800 x 480) Color Touch Screen 7" WVGA(800x480) Color Touch-Screen LCD 8.9" WSVGA(1024x600) Color Touch-Screen LCD

11 Secure Release Printing Process
Once the user has logged into the local device using their PIN or proximity card, they gain access to their personal job list. From here they can release jobs for print, store jobs for future printing and delete jobs. How long the print job is stored is determined by the admin-defined retention period. Using the Admin Remote User Interface (RUI), administrators are able to control how individuals’ documents are printed, as well as specify how long jobs can be retained for before being deleted.

12 Secure Release Workflow
4 Select printing job and click “Print” LDAP Optional 5 Account ID User Name Address 등 SyncThruTM Admin 3 Card authentication 5 Optional Print Job Job Logging HDD 1 Usage Information by user or group Quota Management by device (C/M, Scanning, Fax quota control) Job transmission to HDD 2 1212

13 Requirements Device, Driver, and Firmware Requirements
Card Requirements Card Type: Proximity Card (e.g. HID Prox) / HID iCLASS / Mifare [ISO14443 A/B, compliant Card] - Card Reader Interface: USB HID Interface * Card Reader & Contactless Card is not included. Operating System Requirements Windows XP Professional / Windows Server / Windows Server Windows Vista / Windows 7 13

14 Street Price (USD w/o VAT)
Model Code & Target Price SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 Price - 1st target subsidiaries (14 Countries) SUBs Price & Margin Model Code Street Price (USD w/o VAT) Channel Subsidiary Transfer Price Margin Price SEA SOL-SLV1/SEE $250.00 40% $150.00 17.60% $123.60 SECA 33.60% $99.60 SEDA 16.80% $124.80 SECH 12.50% $131.25 SEUK 23.50% SEG 26.30% SEF 21.90% SEI 18.90% SEAU 18.70% $121.95 SGE 14.40% $128.40 SELA-M 16.1% $125.85 SEBN 21.00% SSA 12.40% $131.40 Korea SOL-SLV1 ₩200,000 29% ₩142,000 0.00% 1EUR=1.23USD, 1$=₩1,217 Plant list that model code transfer is completed P121, SEUK, SEI, SEG, SEF, TSE, SSA, SGE, SEM, SEDA, SECH, SECA, SEBN, SEAU, SEA, SAPL, SAMCOL, SELA-M Additional Subsidiaries will be added by Regional BDMs. 14

15 Technical Support Process
Tech support process for SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 Samsung subsidiaries should have a technical support system and service engineer who can take care of customer’s technical problems. End Users Hot Line Tech Engineer SWAT Dealer Level 1 Support Subsidiary HQ Level 2 Solution Engineer ( Tech Engineer ] Solution Engineer RHQ Level 3 Level 1 is the service provided in response to the customer's initial contact identifying an error. Level 2 is the service provided to reproduce and attempt to isolate the error, or to find that the service provider cannot reproduce the error. Level 3 is the service provided to isolate the error at the component level of the solution. 15

16 Launching Plan SecuThruTM Lite 1.0 Launching Schedule
- 1st target subsidiaries (14 Countries) SUBs Training Launching Schedule Remark SEA STELS On-Line (~ Mar. 2011) April. 2011 SECA SEDA SECH SEUK Adjusting schedule considering 3rd party solution launching SEG SEF SEI SEAU SGE SELA-M SEBN SSA Korea On-site Training (Jan. 2011) - Jun ~ : Coverage extension to 20 countries 16

17 SecuThruTM Lite Sales Step
Download SecuThru Installation file ( Get Demo License from regional manger in B2B Service. Does Customer want to use demo License or to purchase? Demo Purchase Customer wants to purchase? Download SecuThru Installation file ( Return Demo License Y Place an Solution order in GERP w/ “SOL-SLV1/SEE” LMS issues License # to pre-designated solution manager in the subs. Then he/she sends it to reseller or customer. LMS (License Mgmt Server) Model Code: SOL-SLV1/SEE ※ SOL-SLV1 (Korea) Activate the solution with the License #. 17

18 Samsung IT Solutions Business
Appendix 18

19 Screen Shot 19

20 Thank you Samsung IT Solutions Business

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