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Sharpdesk Overview Desktop Composer Search Imaging      

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1 Sharpdesk Overview Desktop Composer Search Imaging

2 Desktop Document Management Software
What is Sharpdesk? Desktop Document Management Software Used in conjunction with “Send to Desktop” from your Sharp copier/printer/scanner Enables you to manage scanned and text files View Organize Annotate Edit Combine Distribute Output Retrieve Easy to use

3 Sharpdesk: Desktop Elements
Output Edit (OCR) Compose Store Input View

4 Sharpdesk: Desktop Combine (Access via drag & drop, file menu, tool bar, context menu) Combined file has Colorful Sailboats file on top and retains dragged file name Drag Colorful Sailboats file on top of Flowers file

5 Sharpdesk: Desktop Split (Access through file menu, tool bar, context menu) Select first page of desired new set, use context menu, tool bar or file menu to split New file name will be that of the file being split appended with the included page numbers from the original file

6 Sharpdesk: Desktop Rotate Images 90 degree increments
Access through Edit menu or right mouse click

7 Sharpdesk: Desktop Folder Shortcuts
Create shortcut access to MS Explorer or Network Neighborhood folders through File menu New folder shortcuts added here for more convenient drag-and-drop and document viewing

8 Sharpdesk: OCR New improved OCR engine
Better word recognition accuracy Improved format retention Benefits: Reduce time to correct OCR’ed files Repurpose documents more easily More accurate full text image searches

9 Sharpdesk: Search It’s never been easier to find documents! View thumbnails of retrieved files for faster ID.

10 Sharpdesk: Search Overview Limitations
42 different text and image file formats supported Must index before retrieving files Can schedule automatic index updates OCRs and indexes image files, including PDFs Tightly integrated within Sharpdesk Search results presented in summary or thumbnail view Reports number of word “hits” per document Found documents can be opened, modified, printed, re-filed, etc Limitations Index and search local disk drives and mapped network folders

11 Sharpdesk: Search What is Indexing?
Provides quickest and most accurate search results Web search engines use indexing to keep track of web site contents Search wizard guides you through indexing steps Sharpdesk index file describes properties and contents of included documents Index size Varies depending on size of originals (est % of original files) Potentially larger with many: Short documents Databases Compressed files (e.g. ZIP) Documents with much numeric data

12 Sharpdesk: Composer Merge different types of documents for: Printing
Storing Distributing Composer Window with Active Document Merge documents for clean printing and storage Easy to retrieve as single file Distribute within Sharpdesk user community A Sharp Digital Imager is more than an output device (copy and print). They are also “ImageSEND” devices, with the ability to distribute documents electronically. Source Document List Composition Work Area

13 Sharpdesk: Composer Integration with Sharpdesk Desktop
Begin by dragging and dropping file onto Composer

14 Sharpdesk: Composer Integration with Sharpdesk Desktop (continued)
Tool bar will change to reflect active window (Sharpdesk or Composer) Desktop Work Area Adjustable window Folder View Can expand to full Sharpdesk window Reference Pane Composer Work Area

15 Sharpdesk: Composer Integration with Sharpdesk Desktop (continued)
Drag and drop files from desktop to Composer where they can be reordered Can close reference pane for more Composer workspace Original file # of pages and creation date Composer Work Area

16 Sharpdesk: Composer Page Set-Up: Header Footers, Page #s
Opaque border of white space generated by original document, laid over page image based on user specified indents Margins greater than original document clip or cover text in margin area Margins smaller than original document retain original margins Page numbers apply to all pages (even if user chooses not to display them on a given page)

17 Sharpdesk Summary Time-saving, easy-to-use document handling software
For further questions about Sharpdesk: Use on-line help Check Sharpdesk user manual (PDF file) Contact your Sharp dealer

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