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Institute “Mihailo Pupin” July, 2010 www. IMP-AUTOMATION & CONTROL IN ENERGETICS.

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1 Institute “Mihailo Pupin” July, 2010 www. IMP-AUTOMATION & CONTROL IN ENERGETICS

2 Field of activity Thermal power station Hydroelectric power station Management of portable and distribution network Management of technical systems Alert and warning systems Management systems in communal activities Measuring instruments Systems for tracking mobile objects IMP – Automation & Control, Ltd. Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade Tel: +381 11 2771 017, Fax: +381 11 2774 265 E-mail:

3 Thermal power stations TPS Morava, 125MW, 2004. TENT-A2, 210MW, 2005. TENT-A1, 210MW, 2006. TENT-A4, 307MW, 2007. TPS KOSTOLAC-B2, 350MW, 2008. TENT-A6, 320MW, 2008. TETO Novi Sad – Boiler 3, 2009. DCS systems VIEW T-POWER Integration with new systems of turbine regulations ALSTOM TGC (TPS Morava, TENT-A4). Integration of old systems of turbine regulation (TPS Kostolac-B2). Integration of new systems of electrostatic precipitators (TENT-A4, A2, A1). Standards of PLC systems IEC 61131. Characteristics Communication connection of electric generator protetction systems and 6kV plants+. (TENT- A4, A2, TPS Kostolac-B2). Management and regulation of a turbine K-200 using direct command-control on turbine engine management (TEM).

4 Hydroelectric power station HPS Đerdap 2, KTA10, 2005. HPS Đerdap 2, KTA9, 2006. HPS Đerdap 2, KTA4, 2007. HPS Đerdap 2, KTA5, 2007. HPS Đerdap 2, KTA6, 2008. HPS Đerdap 2, KTA7, 2008. HPS Vlasinske, HPS Vrla 1, KTA4 2008. HPS Ovčar Banja, KTA2, 2008 Aggregate dashboards Aggregate dasboard- Systems for aggregate management and protetction and transformer block Integration with new systems of turbine regulation LMZ RUSSIA (HPS Đerdap 2). Integration of old systems of turbine regulation (HPS Vrla 1). Integration of new systems of thermal protection units (HPS Đerdap 2). Characteristics Standards of PLC systems IEC 61131. Redundant management and protection systems Integration in a central system for hydrolectric power station management Integration with systems AK1703 ACP (SAT Automation – VAtech)

5 Distribution network management DN of Elektrovojvodina, Central system. –DN ED Pančevo. –DN ED Sombor. –DN ED Ruma. –DN ED Subotica. –DN ED Kikinda. DN Elektrosrbija, Kraljevo, Central system. –DN ED Čačak. –DN ED Trstenik –DN ED Šabac. –DN ED Loznica. DN Jugoistok, Niš, Central system. –ED Pirot. –ED Leskovac. –ED Knjaževac DN ED Beograd, Central system. SCADA systems in DC ED

6 Management of technical systems Sava Centar Airport Belgrade Building managament Management and monitoring of all technical systems from one center The highest technological standards of fire protetion, security and degree of process and plant automation Self-testing and error control Efficient and fast staff-users training Possibility of system expansion with simple function upgrade Integration of systems of other manufacturers in the unique BMS Characteristics

7 Alert and warning systems A&W System Vranje - 11 alarm stations - 2007 A&W System Višegrad - 5 alarm stations – 2007 and 2008 in two phases; A&W System Bajina Bašta -2 alarm stations –2008 References Alert signs: according to JUS Z.F.1.002 standard (six basic and two reserve) Transmission of speech: range of 300-3400 Hz Maximal number of alarm stations: 64 Possibility of remote control: individually, group and selectively Maximal number of groups (sub-centers): 4 Telecommunication networks: standard telephone wires, radio connection, LAN, WLAN, VOIP, GPRS, fiber-optic Protection in transmission: digital transmission with security CRC code (better than 10-7) Probability of wrong execution of commands: <10-27 Characteristics

8 Management systems in communal activities KCS Railway Station 2004 KCS on the right bank of Ada 2005 KCS on the left bank of Sava 2005-2008 Belgrade Wastewater Management Center2008 Water supply and sewerage Pumping stations management at the local level Management and control of pumping stations from the Management Center Ethernet with FO cables and GSM pumping stations connection with the Management Center Characteristics

9 Measuring instruments Hydroelectric power station, Thermal power station, Portable and distribution network, Management systems in water supply and sewerage systems, Process industry, Laboratory use Great number of installations All kinds of electrical sizes in standard electrical signals. –Active and reactive power, –Current and voltage, –Frequency and power factor, –Resistance converters, Variant for installation in the rack system and separate installation. Characteristics Fluid certificate 0.2% and 0.5%,

10 Systems for tracking mobile objects PA ManagementC Positioning, Automatic Management and Control SPIDER System System’s structure Management center –Tracking mobile objects is performed in the dispatch center Communication sub-center –Radio communication GSM/GPRS Mobile sub-system –Mobile device PAMC in objects (vehicles) System’s advantages Functions –Adapting to users’ needs –Reliable data protection Hardware –Completely domestic product adapted to users’ needs Software –Modular software which is modified according to users’ requests References  "Potisje " Kanjiža  PCE Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija  PCE Novosadski vodovod i kanalizacija  Serbian Armed Forces  Road Enterprise Niš

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