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1 I can ask and answer personal- info questions in Italian.

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1 1 I can ask and answer personal- info questions in Italian.

2 1.What is your name? 2.What is your last name? How do you spell it? 3.Where do you live? 4.Where are you from? 5.What is your phone number? 6.What is your email address? 7.When is your birthday? 8.When is your name day?

3 2 I can introduce some beginning “This is…”

4 1.Jane 2.Haynes 3.Canadian 4.Lives in Toronto 5.Her phone no. is 503 87 91 25 67 6.Her email address is 7.Her birthday is the 9 th January 8.Her name day is the 16 th May

5 3 I can spell words.


7 4 I can ask the question How are you? 5 I can answer the question (using a variety of adjectives)

8 1.I am good 2.I am “fine” 3.I am tired 4.I am happy/excited. 5.I am sad. 6.I am hungry. 7.I am sleepy.

9 6 I can ask for clarification/repetition. 7 I can ask what a word means or how to say an English words in Italian.

10 1.I don’t know. 2.Can you repeat please? 3.How do you say “restaurant” in Italian? 4.What does “peccato” mean?

11 8-9-10 I can respond when someone sneezes. I can wish someone a Happy Xmas- Happy Thanksgiving-Good weekend (and respond)

12 1. Bless you! 2.Happy Christmas! 3.Happy Thanksgiving! 4.Happy weekend! – Thanks, likewise!

13 11 & 18 I can point at an object and ask What is it? I can identify at least 15 objects in the classroom.









22 Posso andare… al bagno? in enfermeria? …
















38 12 & 13 I can ask Do you have a ___? I can answer “Yes, here it is”

39 14 I can ask for permission to go to the bathroom, nurse, to drink, etc.

40 15 I can say how many people there are in my family and I can introduce my inmediate relatives.

41 1. My mother 2.My father 3.My brother 4.My sister 5.My parents 6.My grandmother 7.My grandfather 8.My grandparents 9.My cousin (girl) 10.My cousin (boy) 11.My uncle 12.My aunt

42 16 I can follow instructions from my teacher.

43 17 I can count up to 1000.

44 67 120 235 383 455 597 611 722 805 945 1000

45 19 & 20 I can identify the gender of a noun. I can identify if a noun is singular or plural.

46 la matita il libro lo studente la cucitrice gli scaffali le aule gli orologi l‘aula l’orlogio

47 22 I can determine the appropriate article to put in front of a noun.

48 ____ penna ____ amico ____ amica ____ zio ____ amici ____ amiche ____ studente ____ studentessa ____ quaderno

49 21 I can make adjectives match with nouns (maschile/femminile - singolare/plurale)

50 la ragazza è _______ (pretty) il libro è _______ (small) lo studente è _______ (intelligent) gli studenti sono _______ (intelligent) l‘aula è _______ (big) le aule sono _______ (big) la professoressa è _______ (young) il professore è _______ (young) i professori sono è _______ (old)

51 23 I can conjugate verbs that follow the pattern -ARE, -ERE, and -IRE

52 I speak You buy He writes She eats We visit You (guys) study You (guys) write You (guys) sleep They learn They write They sleep

53 24 I can conjugate the irregular verbs ESSERE, AVERE, ANDARE, FARE, POTERE, VOLERE, DOVERE, FINIRE.

54 I AM you ARE He/she IS We ARE You (all) ARE They ARE

55 I HAVE you HAVE He/she HAS We HAVE You (all) HAVE They HAVE

56 I DO you DO He/she DOES We DO You (all) DO They DO

57 I GO you GO He/she GOES We GO You (all) GO They GO

58 I CAN you CAN He/she CAN We CAN You (all) CAN They CAN

59 I WANT you WANT He/she WANT We WANT You (all) WANT They WANT

60 I HAVE TO you HAVE TO He/she HAS TO We HAVE TO You (all) HAVE TO They HAVE TO

61 25 I can talk about my daily routine

62 I wake up I shower I eat breakfast I brush my teeth I leave home I get the bus I go to school / I arrive to school I have class I eat lunch I go back home I do my homework I eat dinner I watch TV I go on the internet I go to bed / I sleep

63 26 & 27 I can ask What do you like to do in your free time? I can say what I like and don’t like to do.

64 28 & 29 I can ask What is the date today? I know the names in Italian for the days of the week and the months of the year

65 30 I can identify the main geographical features of Italy.


67 31 I know some facts and traditions unique to Italian culture in celebrating Christmas and All Saint’s Day.

68 Ognissanti La Befana Capodanno Pan de Mei / Meini Panettone Torrone il Presepio la Festa dei Sette Pesci Puppa di Zucchero

69 32 I can ask What time is it? and tell the time in Italian.


71 33 I can ask questions using the question words: WHO? - WHAT? - WHERE? - WHEN? - WHY? - WHICH? - HOW MUCH? - HOW MANY?

72 Who is it? What do you study? Where do you live? Why do you study Italian? When do you go to the gym? How many brothers and sisters do you have? How much do you study for tests? Which is your favorite color?

73 34 I can ask make – decline – accept an invitation.

74 Why don’t we…? Do you want to…? What do you say…? Decline Accept + … What time should we meet? Where should we meet?

75 35-36-37 I can give a description of my physical appearance – my personality – the clothes I’m wearing.

76 38 I can describe someone else.


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