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A4 Recurrent Training Engine Systems J-52-P408 &J-52-P6/P8.

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1 A4 Recurrent Training Engine Systems J-52-P408 &J-52-P6/P8

2 A4 Recurrent Training Introduce the major components of the J-52-P408 and the J-52-P8 TURBOJET ENGINE in the A-4N and TA-4. To familiarize the Transition Pilot with basic operation to include: –Basic Engine Operation –Associated ENGINE instruments & COCKPIT CONTROLS – Operational procedures –Engine Limits –Emergency Procedures Lesson Objectives

3 A4 Recurrent Training Major Assemblies

4 A4 Recurrent Training Inlet Guide Vane (A-4N Only)

5 A4 Recurrent Training ANTI-ICE Switch Right Outboard Wedge Panel A-4 TA-4 Engine Anti-Icing System

6 A4 Recurrent Training J-52-P408/P6 COMPARISON Note: Minimum RPM airborne for P-8 is 70%

7 A4 Recurrent Training LUBRICATION SYSTEM

8 A4 Recurrent Training OIL PRESSURE

9 A4 Recurrent Training OIL QUANTITY

10 A4 Recurrent Training Oil Press Light INOP

11 A4 Recurrent Training A-4 ENGINE IGNITION SYSTEM The ignition timer energizes the igniters for a 30 to 45 second firing cycle. The momentary ignition switch, which is used to energize the ignition timer, is the switch actuated by movement of the throttle outboard.

12 A4 Recurrent Training ENGINE FUEL SYSTEM -The engine fuel system is designed to permit selection of desired engine power requirements at all operating altitudes and temperatures. -The system has two major components: The engine fuel pump and the fuel control. -Fuel is supplied to combustion chambers at pressures and flows necessary to meet these requirements. -Fuel is supplied from the tanks through necessary strainers and valves to engine driven fuel pump. -Fuel then passes through a fuel anti-icing system installed between the boost and main stages of the pump and is pumped to fuel control unit where it is metered in proper quantities. -Excess fuel is returned to the pump.

13 A4 Recurrent Training FUEL ANTI-ICING -When fuel in the aircraft fuel tanks becomes severely chilled, icing of the filter may occur, and obstruct fuel flow. A bypass valve will allow fuel to bypass filter if filter is obstructed. -Fuel anti-icing system prevents this icing condition by automatically warming fuel, using hot compressor discharge air. -Although fuel flows through heater at all times, airflow is prevented unless conditions require fuel heating. -Fuel temperature sensing element of air shutoff valve senses and controls fuel temperature at approximately 50 deg F (10 deg C)

14 A4 Recurrent Training


16 A4 Recurrent Training Main Instrument Panel: Engine/Fuel A-4N TA-4

17 A4 Recurrent Training Manual Fuel Light TA-4A-4N

18 A4 Recurrent Training STARTING THE ENGINE GROUND CONTROLLED ENGINE START. 1. Pilot holds one finger vertically--P/C CONNECTS EXTERNAL POWER AND STARTS GTC 2. ICS-----------------------------------CHECK 3. Master press-to-test----------------CHECK 4. Throttle -----------------------------OFF 5. Pilot holds two fingers vertically-P/C OPENS GTC AIR VALVE 6. Five-percent RPM, throttle--------IGN 7. Fifteen-percent RPM, throttle-----IDLE 8. At forty-five-percent RPM, three fingers held vertically------P/C CLOSE GTC AIR VALVE AND REMOVE STARTER AIR HOSE 9. Stabilized idle RPM, pilot holds four fingers vertically-------P/C SELECTS INTERNAL ELECTRICAL POWER, SECURES POWER UNIT, REMOVES ELECTRICAL CABLE, SECURES ACCESS PANEL


20 A4 Recurrent Training START MALFUNCTIONS HUNG HOT WET FALSE START *1. Throttle – OFF (DO NOT ACTUATE IGNITERS) *2. Engine starter – CONTINUE CRANKING. (15-20 SECS) 3. Engine start air – CUT-OFF 1N 2N 3N 4N 5C6N

21 A4 Recurrent Training CLEARING ENGINE To clear engine of excess fuel after abnormal starts: 1. Throttle-----------------------OFF (DO NOT ACTIVATE IGNITERS) 2. Continue to crank engine with starter for 20 seconds. 3. Engine start air --------------OFF

22 A4 Recurrent Training 1N

23 A4 Recurrent Training TAKEOFF EMERGENCIES ENGINE FAILURE DURING TAKEOFF Throttle----------------------------ENSURE AT MILITARY *1. Confirmed engine failure---ABORT Abort impossible-----------------DECIDE TO EJECT OR REMAIN WITH AIRCRAFT

24 A4 Recurrent Training IN-FLIGHT EMERGENCIES LOW ALTITUDE LOSS OF THRUST/FLAMEOUT *1. Commence------------------------------------ZOOM CLIMB *2. Throttle----------------------------------------RETARD *3. Fuel Control----------------------------------MANUAL *4. Emergency Generator-----------------------EXTEND If thrust is not regained immediately, proceed as follows: *5. Throttle----------------------------------------IGN then IDLE 6. Throttle---------------------------------ADVANCE CAUTIOUSLY and ascertain restoration of thrust 7. If engine fails to respond and peak altitude at zoom apex is LESS THAN 5000 FEET--------------------EJECT If time and altitude permit: establish glide----------------------------------250 KIAS commence---------------------------------------AIRSTART

25 A4 Recurrent Training ENGINE FAILURE *1. Throttle-----------------------------------------RETARD *2. Fuel Control-----------------------------------MANUAL If Thrust is not regained, proceed as follows: 3. Throttle-----------------------------------------OFF 4. Emergency generator-------------------------EXTEND NOTE Ensure NORMAL/BYPASS switch NORMAL 5. Check for---------------------------------------FIRE IF fire exists or existed-----------------------NO RESTART IF NO FIRE; proceed as follows: 6. Descend---------------------------------BELOW 30,000 FT 7. Establish glide--------------------------250 KIAS 8. Throttle----------------------------------IGN then IDLE 9. Monitor----------------------------------RPM & EGT 10. IF no relight (within 45 seconds).--IGN then IDLE

26 A4 Recurrent Training FUEL CONTROL MALFUNCTION 1. Throttle--------------------------------MATCH WITH RPM 2. Fuel control switch------------------MANUAL 3. Throttle--------------------------------ADVANCE SLOWLY TO DESIRED POWER SETTING

27 A4 Recurrent Training ENGINE FIRE IN FLIGHT WITH OTHER INDICATIONS *1. Throttle-----------------------OFF *2. Manual fuel control---------EMER OFF shutoff control lever *3. Emergency generator-------EXTEND *4. If fire persists----------------EJECT IMMEDIATELY 5. If fire goes out---------------DO NOT RELIGHT ENGINE BUT PERFORM CONTROLLED EJECTION

28 A4 Recurrent Training ENGINE FIRE IN FLIGHT WARNING LIGHT ONLY *1. Throttle-------------------------------MIN FOR FLIGHT 2. Land as soon as possible.

29 A4 Recurrent Training ABNORMAL OIL PRESSURE 1. Less than 1 minute-------PERMISSIBLE 2. If oil pressure remains out of limits (high or low) more than 1 Minute---------Maintain (80-82% A-4, 86 - 88% TA-4) ENGINE RPM UNTIL LANDING ASSURED OR UNTIL DECISION TO EJECT IS MADE 3. USE PRECAUTIONARY APPROACH.

30 A4 Recurrent Training OIL LOW LIGHT ON 1. Abort flight, land at nearest suitable landing facility. 2. Use Precautionary Approach for landing

31 A4 Recurrent Training THROTTLE LINKAGE FAILURE 1. Do not manipulate throttle. 2. Determine thrust available, be alert for slow RPM decay. 3. Fly PA or STA, maintain 180 KIAS minimum.

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