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1 2010 Spring Regional Meeting Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research.

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1 1 2010 Spring Regional Meeting Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

2 2 Test Security TCA 49-1-607 TN Test Security Law Any person found not to have followed test security guidelines…  immediate suspension  grounds for dismissal, including tenured employees  revocation of state license

3 3 Test Audits State Test Security Measure: Conduct random visits during testing to ensure test security and consistency of administration.  Random audits may take place during any test administration.  Test auditors show up unannounced.  Assessment Audit Checklist AER Tools & Resources page

4 4 Testing Code of Ethics School Systems must adopt a locally monitored test security policy that incorporates the State Test Security Guidelines and includes a Testing Code of Ethics for personnel to sign and leave at the district office for documentation. Example now available online For system use AER Tools & Resources page TN Test Security

5 5 AER Website on Tools & Resources page Acknowledgement of Test Security Policy For school/system use All personnel involved in the testing process must be trained. Training documentation should be retained for system records.

6 6 TN Test Security All TCAP Achievement Tests must be administered within a specified testing window. All students in a grade level within a school must adhere to the same test schedule with the exception of students who are taking makeup tests or require special accommodations (same subject at the same time on the same day).

7 7 Test Security All test materials must be secured before and after the test administration.  Test materials should be stored in a locked room that is not accessible to unauthorized persons.  Handling of test materials must be restricted to authorized personnel at all times.  Test materials should be picked up immediately prior to and returned immediately after each test session.

8 8 AER Website on Tools & Resources page Test Materials Quantity Verification All test materials must be kept secure by implementing check-in, check-out and quantity verification procedures for all test materials at the system level, at the school level, and for each test session.

9 9 Test Security Standard copyright laws must be maintained at all times.  Test items may not be reproduced or distributed in any way, for any reason, by any person.  Test content may not be paraphrased for use directly in instructional activities, study guides, or classroom resources.

10 10 Test Security  Test materials should not be read, reviewed, or analyzed before, during, or after test administration unless indicated in test instructions or special accommodations.  Discussion of test content or specific test items with students, parents, or professional colleagues is prohibited to protect the validity of the test.

11 11 Test Security  A secure environment must be ensured during testing.  Turn off all communication devices during each test session.  Maintain confidentiality of student specific accountability demographic information and test results at all times.

12 12 Test Security Any information regarding the content being measured on the test must be concealed during the test administration. Including but not limited to the following:  Maps  Charts  Posters  Student Work  Bulletin Board Items  Writing Formulas  Word Lists  Parts of Speech  Graphic Organizers  Number Lines  Definitions  Word Walls  Displays  Models

13 13 Secure Testing Environment Just because a manipulative has been used all year DOES NOT mean that it can be used on the test.

14 14 Test Security Carefully adhere to all test directions and accommodation instructions.  Make sure all students receive the correct test materials.  Follow all time limits outlined in the test directions.  Follow all schedules set by the school/system.  Remain with students and be observant and non-disruptive throughout the testing session.

15 15 Test Security Ensure that students respond to test without assistance from anyone.  Test administrators must ensure appropriate monitoring that does not include coaching or illegal assistance.  Test administrators must not read test items or passages to students unless indicated in instructions or accommodations.

16 16 Test Security Ensure proper calculator use as outlined in the Test Administration Manual.  Calculators must be cleared before and after each test administration.  Sharing calculators during testing is not permitted.  Students may not use the following types of calculators: pocket organizers, cell phones, PSPs and IPODS, electronic writing pads, or input devices.  A list of prohibited calculator functions can be found in the TAM.  May not be used on K-2 test.  Electronic translators not allowed for any students.

17 17 Don’t forget to complete Report of Irregularity. Breach of Testing Security Report Immediately report any test security concerns to building/system testing coordinator.

18 18 Breach of Testing Security Procedures All Test Administration Manuals contain a flowchart provided for guidance in handling potential breach of testing security concerns.

19 19 English Linguistically Simplified Assessment (ELSA) Modified Academic Achievement Standards (MAAS) Assessment New Achievement Tests

20 20 Use ACH answer document Bubble ELSA Bubble Same accommodations available T1 & T2 students cannot take ELSA Simplified language New AYP for ELL students English Linguistically Simplified Assessment (ELSA)

21 21 Achievement Answer Document ELSA Bubble

22 22 ELSA Bubble on ACH Answer Document Students may take ELSA at the same time and same setting as ACH if there are no Read-Aloud Accommodations.

23 23 MAAS Answer Document Only three answer choices!

24 24 Consumable (students can write in books) New practice tests will be sent each year New Full-length ACH Practice Tests

25 25 Book Covers – ELSA, MAAS, & ACH Carefully check Test Book Covers

26 26 Practice Answer Document

27 27 ACH Testing Window 2010-2011 April 11 - April 22, 2011 Systems select no more than six consecutive school days (Do not have to use 6 days). Systems do not have to use six days. Good Friday may interrupt the test window. Spring Break may not interrupt the test window.

28 28 All schools within a system must follow the system testing window. All students in a grade level within a school must adhere to the same test schedule (SPED, ELL, & make-up testing). ELL and Special Education students may not be tested outside of the system or state testing window. ACH Testing Window 2010-2011

29 29 All students in a grades 3 – 8 must adhere to the following test schedule: Day 1 – Reading/Language Arts (Parts 1 & 2) Day 2 – Mathematics (Parts 1 & 2) Day 3 – Science (Parts 1 & 2) Day 4 – Social Studies (Parts 1 & 2) Exceptions: SPED, ELL, & make-up testing ACH Testing Window 2010-2011

30 30 Test Schedule Exception (only if necessary due to limited calculators) Example – Atkins Middle School (Grades 5-8) Day 2 –Math (Parts 1 & 2) 7 th & 8 th grades –Science (Parts 1 & 2) 5 th & 6 th grades Day 3 –Math (Parts 1 & 2) 5 th & 6 th grades –Science (Parts 1 & 2) 7 th & 8 th grades ACH Testing Window 2010-2011

31 31 Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, the TCAP results will be reported based on these four achievement levels for RLA, Math, & Science New Achievement Levels Not Social Studies

32 32 End of Course Assessments The “NEW” High School Transition Policy requires students to be assessed in the following end of course assessments: Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology I, English I, English II, and US History Future Assessments: English III, Geomery Chemistry, and Physics

33 33 End of Course Assessments AYP EOC Assessments (administered during set window) –Algebra I –English II –Biology I –(55 items, untimed) EOC Assessments (administered last 10 days of instruction) –English I –US History –Algebra II

34 34 Mathematics Language Arts Science There are three administrations per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer with more testing windows in 2010- 2011. Gateway Assessments

35 35 Gateway Online Testing Beginning Spring 2010 Gateway Online Testing is NOT optional. Gateway Online Testing Administration Window: Gateway Modified Format Tests (Large Print and Braille) must still be administered via paper/pencil Gateway Online Testing will feature options for Special Education testers, including the read aloud accommodation.

36 36 Gateway and End of Course Assessments Gateway –untimed but must be completed within the same day AYP End of Course –untimed but must be completed within the same day End of Course –timed and must be completed within the same day Currently, results of both AYP End of Course and End of Course assessments must count 20% of the second semester course grade.

37 37 Secondary Diagnostic Assessments Secondary Diagnostic Assessments Enabling legislation enacted May 2007 Public Chapter No. 273: –SECTION 1. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 49- 6-6001(b), is amended by deleting the existing language and by substituting instead the following: As a strategy for assessing student readiness to enter and succeed in postsecondary training, every public school student shall take a series of three (3) examinations, one (1) administered at grade eight (8), one (1) administered at grade ten (10), and one (1) at grade eleven (11). These assessments shall be approved by the Commissioner of Education and provide educators with diagnostic information to assist in developing interventions for the purpose of increasing high school graduation rates and improving student preparation for postsecondary achievement. Each year, the results of such examinations shall be analyzed and reported by the Commissioner of Education to the Select Oversight Committee on Education. –SECTION 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2007, the public welfare requiring it.

38 38 ACT or College Board Products ACT – EPAS –ACT - 11 th Grade –PLAN - 10 th Grade –Explore - 8 th Grade College Board –SAT - 11 th Grade –PSAT – 8 th /10 th Grade

39 39 Benefits of Weekday Test Administration Awareness and Exposure among all students Students will test in a familiar environment High Schools and Districts will receive comprehensive reporting Provides the opportunity for students to test with ACT-Approved and State- Allowed Accommodations

40 40 ACT for Tennessee Statewide Test Weekday ACT Assessment is invoiced directly to LEAs in Mid June. BEP Formula funds are allocated for ACT Administration. Cost incurred above the BEP Formula allocation are reimbursable as defined by the TN ACT Reimbursement protocol.

41 41 Fall Activities The Writing Assessment will pilot new prompts in the fall of 2010. The new Constructed Response Test is scheduled to be piloted in the fall of 2010. This test is being designed for use in the third and seventh grades.

42 42 MAAS Eligibility –Grade Level Standards IEP –IEP team decision based on multiple data sources Accommodations –Same as Ach. Practice Tests/Item Samplers 2% Cap –System level number based on total tested Gr.3-8 –Just a limit on number of proficient scores to be counted for AYP –Not a limit on number assessed

43 43 Achievement Grades 3-8 Answer document reminders: –MAAS/Ach Student assessed in both Ach. and MAAS will have two answer documents –Accommodations Are now content area specific in EasyIEP If an accommodation is used in any content areas, bubble accommodation on answer doc If Accommodation F is bubbled, need tape sent

44 44 End of Course Developing three EOC modified assessments –Algebra I –Biology I –English II All three will be field tested Spring 2011 Field Test Algebra II –Spring 2010 –Large Print will be included and available for Fall 2010 –Braille will not be included or available until Spring 2011

45 45 Accommodations Consult site for more information Allowable Accommodations –Based on individual student need Special Accommodations –Based on individual student need and listed in IEP –Not all Extended Time is created equal –Read Aloud teachers need content area vocabulary knowledge –Unique Adaptive Accommodation Request Form Please email Lori Nixon prior to sending this form

46 46 Special Education Accommodations Accommodation C: Mathematics Table/Calculators –If system allows use, do not code Accommodation C. –Achievement/MAAS: Mathematics Tables are Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division –End of Course: Mathematics Tables are Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Square Root Chart Square Root Chart may be downloaded from

47 47 Who takes the ELDA? ALL ELL students grades K-12 are mandated by the federal government to take the ELDA. T1 and T2 students do Not take ELDA.

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