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2013 National LTAP/TTAP Annual Summer Conference.

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1 2013 National LTAP/TTAP Annual Summer Conference

2 Arkansas Technology Transfer Program

3 Concerns Benefit Disadvantages

4 LTAP/TTAP Selection Process How do you select the trainers for your Center?

5 One Center contracts 100% of their training: Engineering Firm Five Year Contract Two Centers use the bidding process for trainers over a certain dollar amount. Three Centers have used the bidding process.

6 LTAP/TTAP Instructors Selection Process for Trainers: Experience Best Qualified Reference Subject Matter Experts Availability Price Trainers are: Present or Former: FHWA, DOT, TTAP, LTAP, University, Contractor, Other Centers and Joint Training

7 FHWA,DOTs, & Center Trainers & Universities Local Partners APWA, ATSSA, NACE,& Other Partners

8 New Questions How would the bidding process strengthen the LTAP/TTAP Program? Can the bidding process save resources: short term and long term? Can the bidding process be a good way to promote safety and upcoming technologies? Can it change the way Centers monitor training in their areas?

9 Arkansas Technology Transfer Program Questions and Feedback


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