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First Contact: Establishing the USC Digital Library

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1 First Contact: Establishing the USC Digital Library
Catherine Quinlan, Dean of the USC Libraries Hugh McHarg, Executive Director, Communications and Public Programming

2 Outline The USC environment The Essential Library
Mission and vision The USC Digital Library Philosophy, infrastructure, practice A look into the USC Digital Library Basel Mission Image Archive, mashups, and outreach

3 The USC Environment Academic units Student profile
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences Graduate School 17 professional schools Student profile Undergraduate: 16,500 Graduate and professional: 17,000 International students: 5,900—most of any U.S. university Faculty and staff profile Full-time faculty: 3,200 Staff (50% time or more): 8,500

4 Examples of Major Research Centers and Institutes
Center on Public Diplomacy Center for Religion and Civic Culture East Asian Studies Center Institute for Multimedia Literacy Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education U.S.-China Institute

5 The USC Libraries 22 libraries and information centers
200 faculty and staff members 250 student worker FTEs 4 million volumes 103,275 serial titles (print and electronic) 316,000 electronic books 3,192,538 visual items

6 Collections Highlights
California and history of the American West Cinematic and performing arts East Asian studies Iberian and Latin American studies Natural history Philosophy

7 The Essential Library

8 The USC Libraries’ Vision
The USC Libraries will be an innovative, inspiring, and integral partner in the scholarly achievements of USC faculty, students, and staff. In so doing, we actively contribute to the development of knowledge and the advancement of society.

9 The USC Libraries’ Vision (cont’d)
We will build: A dynamic intellectual and physical environment that will attract and retain top-tier students, faculty, and staff and encourage the creativity necessary to support the global ambitions of USC.

10 The USC Libraries’ Vision (cont’d)
We will build: Vital partnerships, through which we will develop interdisciplinary collections that support faculty teaching and research, student learning, and the cultivation of critical-thinking abilities.

11 The USC Libraries’ Vision (cont’d)
We will build: An agile, progressive culture of ubiquitous service that connects our users with relevant information.

12 The USC Libraries’ Vision (cont’d)
We will build: An appreciation of the value of past knowledge, in all its forms, and its role in informing the scholarship of the future.

13 The USC Libraries’ Mission
The USC Libraries actively support the discovery, creation, and preservation of knowledge. We develop collections and services that support and encourage the academic endeavors of faculty, students, and staff; build a community of critical consumers of information; and help develop engaged world citizens.

14 Imperatives and Objectives
Collections imperative To ensure ready access to existing resources and to develop focused collections that support effective learning, exceptional teaching, and innovative research at USC. Digitization objective Review digitization activities and develop a plan for future growth.

15 Task Force Findings Digital projects and services in silos
The Digital Archive USC Institutional Repository AIMS—Archiving, Indexing, and Metadata Services Discrete faculty-driven projects; result of actively seeking to engage

16 Task Force Findings Needed a deeper relationship with collection development, including: Formal mechanism for review More subject librarian participation Unified framework for green-lighting projects—collections, technology, funds, faculty advocates

17 Task Force Findings Persistent questions among our users
What is the approval process for digital projects? What are the libraries’ responsibilities? What are my responsibilities as a content owner? Will you build—and maintain—a custom interface? When I donate a collection, is it automatically digitized?

18 The USC Digital Library

19 Digitization Philosophy
A program of digitization, rather than a digital archive Digitized collections must be accessible through our primary catalog Project decisions must be transparent and communicated to partners and within the libraries Focus on accessibility and sustainability vs. customization, however…

20 Digitization Infrastructure
Technical …build so that assets are retrievable from secondary interfaces Currently using Documentum Organizational Formal Digital Library unit and with a director Reports to the associate dean for collections

21 Digitization Practices
Digital Library Selection Advisory Committee Technical expertise Subject knowledge Metadata specialists Established selection criteria Relevant to educational and research mission of USC Legal right to provide online access Inventory and metadata available Feasible with existing or potentially obtainable resources Status and documentation published online

22 State of the USC Digital Library
2007 Digital Archive Records: 125,307 Assets: 155,897 2009 Digital Library Records: 200,500 Assets: 255,935 17 New Collections, Including: Basel Mission images Los Angeles Examiner Russian satirical journals Sea of Korea maps

23 A Look into the USC Digital Library
Basel Mission Image Archive Distributed Content Contribution Mashups, Outreach, and Community

24 1. USC Digital Library

25 2. Basel Mission Photos

26 3. Basel Mission Photos

27 4. Distributed Content Capture

28 5. Distributed Content Capture

29 7. Alternate Interface

30 8. Visual Interpreter by Rahul Mehrotra, Sharada Dwivedi

31 9. Visual Interpreter by Emmanuel Akyeampong

32 10. Russian Satirical Journals

33 11. Russian Satirical Journals

34 12. Russian Satirical Journals

35 13. Google Map Interface

36 14. Google-Flickr Mashup

37 15. Twitter Outreach

38 16. Media Resource

39 17. Media Resource

40 18. Print Exhibitions

41 Special Thanks Matt Gainer Director, USC Digital Library Chris Mendez
Web Applications Developer Joyce Ouchida Senior Web Developer Wayne Shoaf Head, Technical Services Tim Stanton Project Manager Jon Vidar Multimedia Services Developer

42 Questions

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