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Building pertinent relationships to move innovation out of Midwest Federal labs for private commercialization.

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1 Building pertinent relationships to move innovation out of Midwest Federal labs for private commercialization

2 FLC Midwest 6 states 33 “Labs” – here today: Argonne, Fermi Nat’l Accelerator, NASA Glenn, Air Force Research Laboratories (3), Forest Service, Agriculture Research Service, EPA, Transportation Command, NSWC Crane > 1,600 patents

3 The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer John Dement FLC Midwest Regional Coordinator 19 August 2014

4 Process by which existing knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed under Federal R&D funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs. T2 can occur: –Between government entities –Between the government and the private sector Federal technology transfer –Results in commercialization of new products –Enhances laboratory and/or agency mission objectives What is Federal Technology Transfer (T2)?

5 Legislative Purpose: Improve the economic, environmental and social well being of the US, by Leveraging innovation developed with tax payer $ at the Federal Labs Lab’s “Shareable Assets”: Knowledge (IP, tech data) People (Subj matter experts) Equipment (specialized) Facilities Other resources, capabilities Big Picture: T2 Mandate: Presidential Memo Oct 28, 2011 Law - Title 15 USC 3701- 3715 Lab’s Benefit: Private funding for dual use R&D New products & services Leveraged risk, costs and benefits Innovation branding Regional critical mass for jobs, investments, etc.

6 Indiana University Economic Impact Study Results from 103 Navy T2 “deals” − Economic Activity $545M − Tax revenue $60M − Jobs 2,630 − Avg. Salary $79.3k 6 …to improve the economic, environmental & social well being of the US… University of Montana Economic Impact Study Results from 600 DoD licenses –Sales $13.4B of new service &/or products –Economic Activity $36.3B –Jobs 163,067 –Avg. Salary $65,000

7 Crane T2 in Indiana – since 2009 The Indiana PIA/Univ Network / total US Partnership Intermediary signed – 17 / 20 Univ. Edu. Partnerships signed – 9 / 30+ projects – 16 (+4 planned) / 20+ The Indiana Deals & Output / total US Patent License signed – 9 (+4 in process) / 19 CRADA signed – 20 (+6 in process) / 35 START UPs – 28 (more in process) / 32 5 6 2 In process

8 What Is the FLC? Chartered by Congress under Federal T2 Act Comprised of T2 professionals from 700+ federal labs, their respective agencies, and affiliated organizations: 18 departments and agencies participate Conducting billions in R&D annually Over 100,000 scientists and engineers

9 The vision of the FLC is to actively promote the fullest application and use of federal research and development by providing an environment for successful technology transfer. The Consortium will be the recognized leader in maximizing collaborative research and transferring federal technologies to enhance the socioeconomic well-being of the nation in the global marketplace. FLC Vision

10 The mission of the FLC is to add value to the federal agencies, laboratories, and their partners to accomplish the rapid integration of research and development resources within the mainstream of the U.S. economy FLC Mission

11 Train Fed lab employees on commercialization Provide clearinghouse for tech assist from state & local gov’t, businesses, and everyone else Facilitate use of appropriate T2 mechanisms Major FLC Mandated Roles

12 Make broader use of the technologies and expertise developed in federal laboratories Emphasize T2 through person-to-person mechanisms Enhance communication Leverage R&D investments Improve and innovate the T2 process Major FLC Objectives

13 At the Labs the Focal Point for T2 is… 13 Office of Research & Technology Applications

14 Serves as a point-of-entry to federal laboratory expertise and technology Responds to requests, monitors and coordinates responses, provides user feedback, and reports on the level of activity Uses network of representatives and online resources to put potential partner in contact with a federal laboratory that has required expertise and capability FLC Products & Services: Technology Locator

15 Free one-stop shop to locate licensing opportunities for a particular type of technology anywhere in our nationwide system of federal labs and research centers NEXT UP: FLCBusiness, a tool for businesses to find facilities, resources, etc. at the federal labs FLC Products & Services: Available Technology Search Tool

16 FLC Technology Transfer Desk Reference - Provides a T2 overview and details on agreements, patents, etc. Federal Technology Transfer Legislation and Policy (“Green Book”) - Details history and legislation associated with federal T2 FLC Products & Services: Education and Training

17 FLC NewsLink, a digital publication dedicated to covering current events, the official FLC website Social Media FLC Products & Services: Communications

18 There is tremendous opportunity across a broad technology spectrum from the Lab Innovation Someone is going to figure how to leverage it! Let’s do it in the Midwest

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