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SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR digital temperature sensor

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1 SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR digital temperature sensor
SMT 160 – 30 SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR World’s first digital temperature sensor since 1991

2 Smart temperature sensor Temperature measurement
SMT 160 – 30 Smart temperature sensor A one chip solution for Temperature measurement Calibrated and Digitised

3 Features: SMT 160 – 30 Short design-in time
A real cost saving solution Short design-in time Replace hardware by software Easy testing of PC-boards No EMC precautions needed

4 Short design in time SMT 160 – 30 Only digital transport
No corrections and adjustments Simple (standard) software Very little PCB surface

5 Accuracy and resolution
SMT 160 – 30 Accuracy and resolution Calibrated on chip level Duty-cycle analogue signal structure Only ratio no Crystal reference needed Very high resolution < 0.005ºC digital signal noise!!

6 Available tools for quick design-in
SMT 160 – 30 Available tools for quick design-in Our WWW software examples interface boards for 8 temperature sensors Ask your distributor special support for your application

7 Where used? SMT 160 – 30 Some applications: professional ovens and
measuring instruments (HP) thermal management in power supplies (trains) space

8 Where used? SMT 160 – 30 other applications:
solar panel thermal management systems undersea cable amplifiers climate control and many more

9 SMT 160 – 30 Technical aspects

10 Features: SMT 160 – 30 many encapsulations high accuracy
very high resolution

11 SMT 160 – 30 TO220 TO18 HE (8x2.5 mm) SOIC TO92

12 SMT 160 – 30 Inside the sensor-chip Vcc calibration OUT T2 T1 C GND
PTAT i PTAT element is temperature dependent PTAT = Proportional To Absolute Temperature T1 T2 D.C.=T1/T2 Vcc GND OUT C calibration

13 SMT 160 – 30 Digital interpretation Analogue Interpretation
Functional description D.C.=T1/T2 T1 Sensor output T2 Vcc Digital interpretation Analogue Interpretation R C V Low pass filtering Vout = Vcc * ----- (T1/T2)-0.320 Temp = [ºC]

14 SMT 160 – 30 Why Duty Cycle? - no need for Crystal reference
Sensor output T2 T1 Vcc - no need for Crystal reference only ratio between up and total period contains information - performance check If there is a pulse, sensor is correct if not, sensor defect - easy to simulate for test-purposes

15 Sensor output SMT 160 – 30 standard totem pole output
excellent protection against EMC max 10 metres of cable (shielded!) 1 km with digital interface driver

16 SMT 160 – 30 T3  T1 due to cable capacitance T3 T1
Trigger level of micro T1 T3 T3  T1 due to cable capacitance

17 SMT 160 – 30 Sensor output duty cycle linear with temperature D.C.=0
T= ºC D.C.=1 T= ºC Formula: D.C.= *T

18 Temperature Sensor Microcontroller Accuracy Resolution SMT 160 – 30
A demonstration to show Accuracy Resolution

19 Thank you for your attention Ask for a demonstration

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