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Housing Services Change Consultation November 2014.

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1 Housing Services Change Consultation November 2014

2 How new structure will deliver change Focus on specialisms Each team responsible for its own area of operation and performance in it. More resident queries resolved at first point of contact. As well as structure changes to existing jds to reflect that.

3 When? 13 April 2015

4 Proposed Structure Director Head of Housing x 1 Stir Team Leader x 1 Head of Income x 1 Quality Manager x 1 Head of Estates & Inspection x 1 Enforcemen t team leader x 1 Lettings and Allocations Team leader x 1 Head of Customer Services x 1 Senior Advisor x 2 Lettings officer x 4 Enforcemen t officer x 2 Neighbourh ood Officer x 2 Quality Officer x 1 Income Officer x 8 Accommodatio n Quality Officer Housing Projects Manager x 1 Income team leader x 2 CS team leader x 2 Housing & Accommodatio n Officer x 3 Services contracts Manager x1 Service Improvement & Agency manager x 1 Senior Resident Involvement Officer x 1 Resident Involvement Officer x 1 Service Resolution Manager x 2 SC Advisor x 11.64

5 Housing STIR – no change Lettings and allocations Enforcement.

6 Lettings and allocations The team that –markets new rented homes –finds new residents –meets, greets and settles them in –starter tenancy management Two new posts

7 Enforcement ASB plus Plus = tenancy audit, serious breaches of tenancy, legal action. –but not “minor” cases. New Team Leader role

8 Estates and Inspections The environment: estate inspections, contract management, concierge. Practical resident involvement: some evening and weekend working. New Head of Service; two new Neighbourhood Officers; Contract Manager; concierges.

9 Quality team Policies, procedures, systems, data, auditing, research and involvement Strong central role But also supporting and enabling Other agencies BELMO Outward and Newlon Fusion Staffing as is, but RI officer has returned.

10 Income As is Some new relationships.

11 Service Centre Anything that can be done on a phone or at a PC. Concerns, vulnerability, customer focus. Supported by better policies, procedures, data and CRM New Team Leader role, one new senior and two extra operators

12 Project Management post Big handovers Working with development on new and current business Coordination

13 Underpinned by all teams putting customer service at the heart of their work prioritising their workload and resources working collaboratively taking ownership and responsibility If it goes wrong sorting it out.

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