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Repositioned for North American Growth

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1 Repositioned for North American Growth
IPAA Oil & Gas Investor Symposium April 20, 2004 George K. Hickox, Jr. , Chairman and CEO NYSE: WZR

2 Company Profile NYSE: WZR $8.00 per Share
15.5MM common shares, mgmt. controls 41% Share price: 52-week H/L $9.39 / $3.12 $280MM enterprise value, $1.46/Mcfe 191 Bcfe proved reserves (12/31/03) 49% oil 51% gas 70% U.S % Canada 85% developed 2004E production Bcfe Estimated production for 2004 up 9% over 2003 Current daily net production approximately 70 MMcfe 61% Gas 39% Oil 375 Bcfe current prospect inventory $48MM 2004E CAPEX 53% Canada 47% U.S. 1Q04E LTD $160MM CHINCHAGA BUICK CREEK WOLVERINE EVI-LOON WILD RIVER ANSELL HINTON-OBED LEAHURST HAYTER ILLINOIS BASIN SAN JUAN BASIN PERMIAN BASIN GULF COAST ONSHORE GULF OF MEXICO

3 Repositioning at Wiser
Infuse WZR with $25MM of new capital in May 2000 Shift Wiser business model from development to gas exploration focus Remove impairments to growth by changing management, writing down assets, rationalizing low performing properties Generate Canadian prospect and project inventory Leverage new management experience to add U.S. exploration content Educate the public markets on new Wiser

4 Achievements Since The Beginning of 2000
Production for 2003 up 21% Natural gas production 55% in 2003, versus 46% in 2000 Natural gas reserves 51% in 2003, versus 34% in 2000 Added 65 Bcfe through the drill bit, 53 Bcfe through acquisitions Replaced 136% of production Maintained historical cash flow properties Built large prospect and project inventory in new core areas such as Gulf of Mexico and Wild River

5 Wiser Is Repositioned 2003 2002 2001 2000 55% 52% 49% 46% 51% 34% 85%
Gas Production 55% 52% 49% 46% Gas Reserves 51% 34% Developed Reserves 85% 82% 81% 96% Prospect Inventory Net (Unrisked) Reserves, BCF 375* 320 235 Acreage Total (Net) X1,000 388* 421 434 170 * Includes Sabine acquisition which closed in January 2004

6 Current Status 2003 vs. 2002 2004E guidance
Daily production: 64.0 MMcfe vs MMcfe Production revenues $107MM vs. $77MM EBITDAX $56.1MM vs. $30.7MM 2004E guidance First quarter average daily production 62.6 MMcfe Average daily production 69.7 to 72.4 MMcfe CAPEX $48MM ($25MM CAN, $23MM U.S.) EBITDAX $79.8MM (4/13/04 NYMEX pricing; 25.4 Bcfe production)

7 Reserves and Annual Production
Production, MMcfe Reserves, Bcfe Gas Oil EBITDAX, $000 Proved Probables Prospects 2004E based on 4/13/04 NYMEX pricing; 25.4 Bcfe production * Prospects include Sabine acquisition

8 Current Prospects - 375 Bcfe
Our Operating Areas 2003 Reserves Bcfe 2004E Production Bcfe Canada 30% Canada 45% U.S. 70% U.S. 55% 2003 Reserves Bcfe 2003 Pretax PV-10 - $350MM Gas 51% Canada 33% Oil 49% U.S. 67% 2004E CAPEX - $48MM Current Prospects Bcfe U.S. 47% Canada 53% U.S. 47% Canada 53%

9 U.S. Overview U.S. growth strategy
United States 2004E CAPEX $23MM Net Undeveloped Acreage 114,000 3-D Seismic 2,500 sq miles Net Producing Wells 433 Booked PUDs 18.1 Bcfe Booked Probable 18.7 Bcfe U.S. growth strategy Grow production and reserves through exploration, exploitation & tactical acquisitions Redeploy cash flow from Permian and San Juan legacy assets to fund exploration program Explore in the GOM and onshore Gulf Coast areas using the latest geophysical tools Operate the majority of production and drilling programs to reduce costs and control the pace of activity PERMIAN BASIN SAN JUAN BASIN GULF OF MEXICO SLASH RANCH LIBERTY MALJAMAR WELLMAN SOUTH TEXAS CHARCO SABINE 175 Total Net Reserves (Unrisked) in Wiser U.S. Prospect Inventory 110 396 93,000 49 Onshore 65 370 21,000 10 Offshore - Gulf of Mexico Net Reserves (Bcfe) Gross Reserves Net. Acreage No. of Prospects

10 Permian and San Juan Basins
Long-lived legacy asset Drill >100 gross wells annually replacing reserves Solid cash flow generator Permian Basin Long-lived legacy assets Monetizing CO2 at Wellman; credit sales to operating costs 10 infill development wells planned in 2004 PERMIAN BASIN MALJAMAR WELLMAN SABINE SLASH RANCH LIBERTY CHARCO GULF OF MEXICO SOUTH TEXAS

11 2004 U.S. Exploration Program
9 gross U.S. wells (3 GOM and 6 onshore Gulf Coast) Expect drilling to begin in the second quarter, will operate all 6 onshore wells Rapidly building prospect inventory on newly acquired 157,000 gross acre Sabine project Continuing to build 3-D seismic database and develop new exploratory project ideas in core areas U.S. exploration budget - approximately $12 MM.

12 GOM Exploration and Discoveries
Offshore Results: Successfully completed 15 of 19 wells participated in, yielding a 79% success rate. West Cameron East Cameron Vermilion EC 73 5 MMcfe/d test VR 61 #1 12.1 MMcfe/d gross South Marsh Island Eugene Island WC 347 #1 2.2 MMcfe/d gross Ship Shoal WC 357 P&A South Pelto EC 179 #A-1 & 185 #A-2 on production EC 185 #-2 ST Discovery 3.4 MMcfe/d gross South Timbalier WC 399 P&A WC 428 8.7 MMcfe/d gross WC 417 #1 & WC 416 #1 3.4 MMcfe/d gross SMI 93 #1 1.5 MMcfe/d gross SS 164 P&A WC 488 6.4 MMcfe/d gross EI 302 #1, #2 & #3 15.0 MMcfe/d gross SS 322 17.8 MMcfde/d gross 10 Prospective Blocks In Inventory 13 Blocks HBP

13 Upper Gulf Coast Trend Developing trend in geo-pressured Yegua, Cook Mountain and Wilcox aged sands. Wiser operated Liberty Project 3-D seismic shot in 2003. Wiser operated Sabine Project acquired in early 2004. Drilling to commence on both projects in the second quarter of 2004. Sabine Project Liberty Project

14 Liberty Project Wiser-operated 51 sq. mile 3-D program, interpretation ongoing. Approximately 28,000 gross acres under lease or option. Located in prolific Yegua-Cook Mountain trend. Multiple prospects generated to date. SAN JACINTO Liberty 3-D Survey HARDIN 51 Sq. Miles Pine Island Field Sour Lake 102 BCFE East Field LIBERTY MONTGOMERY 52 BCFE Raywood Field 156 BCFE JEFFERSON HARRIS Canadian Hunter Field 95 BCFE CHAMBERS

15 Sabine Project 3D Seismic Surveys Legend Available 3D Seismic - 224 Sq Miles - El Paso Wiser Lease Acreage Optioned Acreage HPB Acreage Approximately 157,000 acres leased or optioned in prolific Yegua and Wilcox trends. 260 sq. mi. of 3D data and approx. 2,000 mi. 2D data already acquired Numerous (>35) documented leads and prospects in Yegua and Wilcox. Wiser to operate with 45% working interest.

16 Canadian Core Base Canada 2004E CAPEX (U.S.$) $25MM Net Undeveloped Acreage 172,000 Net Wells 266 Average WI% 70% 3-D Seismic 250 sq miles PUDs 16 Bcfe Probable Bcfe Acquire and operate numerous lands and wells with “upside” opportunities Use advanced technologies to add reserves and increase production Increase netback margins through intensive engineering Apply. downspacing technologies to increase reserves at Wild River 6,000 BOED NET (6:1) 9.4 MM BOE Proved reserves CHINCHAGA BUICK CREEK WOLVERINE EVI - LOON WILD RIVER ANSELL HINTON - OBED HAYTER Shallow Gas Light Oil Heavy Oil Deep Gas LEAHURST

17 Shallow Gas Projects Net production 8.5 MMcf/d
Net reserves 28 Bcfe P+P 140,000 net undeveloped acres 140 WI wells 25+MMcf/d gas plant capacity WI% range from 33% to 100% 10 wells drilled Q1/ 2004 CHINCHAGA WOLVERINE CHINCHAGA 6 miles WOLVERINE

18 Wolverine - Shallow Gas
5.5 MMcf/d - Wolverine 1.5 MMcf/d - Bison Combined plant capacity: 25 MMcf/d 7 wells drilled Q1/ 2004 Added shallow production at Wolverine and deeper Gilwood production at Bison WOLVERINE GAS PLANT BISON GAS PLANT Wiser Land WOLVERINE 12 MILES

19 Deep Gas Projects - Wild River/Hinton-Obed
Net production 10 MMcf/d Net reserves 21.5 Bcfe P+P 18,000 net undeveloped acres WI% range from 3% to 50% Depth: 9, ,000 ft 3 wells completed Q1/ 2004 1 well drilling, 3 wells production testing 2 wells waiting on rig WILD RIVER ANSELL HINTON-OBED BUICK CREEK 6 miles WILD RIVER ANSELL HINTON-OBED

20 Wild River - Deep Gas Operator; 50% WI
BERLAND RIVER WABAMUN 80 BCF TO DATE Operator; 50% WI Multi-zone gas potential down to 9,800 ft on 21,900 gross acres Production up 1000% since 2000 15-30 Discovery: On stream Jan. 6; current rate: 20 mmcf/d (50% WI) Offsets planned for 2004 TLM, APC and DVN active in area WISER’S NEW POOL WABAMUN DISCOVERY 15-30 NEW GASWELL 1 mile WILD RIVER Wiser drilling/operated wells Talisman operated Recent TLM, APC & DVN drilling Nexen acquisition - 24% WI New 3-D seismic program Q1 03 Existing 3-D seismic DRILLING

21 Hinton-Obed - Deep Gas Operator; 3.3% to 50% WI
12,500 net undeveloped acres with 5-10 drillable locations Potential 2-5MMcfe/d risked 13-8 Well Tested 4.2 MMCFD from two zones 9-16 PROD. TESTING (WISER 6.6%) 14-23 PROD. TESTING (WISER 25%) 1-29 PROD. TESTING (WISER 50%) 14-23 TESTING 25% WI 1-29 TESTING 50% WI W5 DISCOVERY WELL IP: 14 MMCF/D WISER 3.3% 5-7 9-16 TESTING 6.6% WI 13-8 GASWELL 16.6% WI Section 29 acquired July Landsale W5 Viking Pool Locations (50%) Fault 3-D seismic control VIKING CHANNEL SS TREND HINTON-OBED 1 mile

22 Buick Creek - Deep Gas Ladyfern largest discovery to date at 750 Bcf recoverable Depth ranges from 8,000 feet to 12,000 feet Wiser has large land holding covered with 3D seismic Identified large reef for winter drilling BCF Potential CNRL offset well: 30 mmcf/d Well penetrated low perm. Fore-Reef facies / possible side track planned summer 2004 Drill stem test recovered gas Ladyfern EnCana Discovery Calpine Discovery Canadian Natural Resource Discovery Samson Discovery WISER’S BUICK CREEK BC AB BUICK CREEK

23 Evi-Loon & Red Earth - Light Oil
Production 1,340 BOPD Evi-Loon & Red Earth - Light Oil Net reserves 2.5 MMBOE 7,500 net undeveloped acres; 14 locations identified on seismic 40° API gravity; receive 95% of WTI cash price Current Netbacks $29 bbl Cdn. 7 Wells planned for Q3/04 N. EVI LOON W. EVI EVI RED EARTH 1 mile Proposed locations Wiser Land EVI-LOON

24 Hayter - Heavy Oil 100% WI, 2,048 BOED
OOIP MMBbl, WZR has booked ~ Proved 1.5 MMBOE Reactivated 58 producing wells Drilled 39 wells 50 additional locations to drill Add compression Jan. 2004, increased production from 1,500 to over 2,000 BOED by March OIL BATTERY 2003 Summer locations (10) New 3-D Acquired May 2003 Wiser Land HAYTER

25 Production Growth MMcfe per Quarter MMcfe per Day

26 Plans for Debt 1Q 2004E debt $160MM Debt coverage
$125MM, 9.50% coupon, principal due May 2007 $29MM bank debt, $45MM borrowing base, additional $20MM acquisition facility Debt coverage YE 03 Debt/03 EBITDAX 2.8X 03 Interest Coverage 3.9X Expect to reduce credit facility by $10MM in 2004 Considering a refinancing of the $125MM subordinated notes Will continue to hedge production to maintain debt service

27 Hedging Strategy We look forward 3 to 4 quarters, locking in ~50% of production Protects downside, captures upside Covers 100% of interest payments, protecting equity from default risk 1Q 2004 2Q 2004 3Q 2004 4Q 2004 Oil * 72% 46% 47% 23% Gas 82% 56% 60% 22% * Excludes calls sold during period

28 Current Wiser Valuation
Current Price per Share $8.00 Market Equity Value $124MM 3/04E Long Term Debt $160MM 3/04E Cash $4MM 4/13 NYMEX Pricing Flat Pricing $29 Oil/$5 Gas Avg. $35.56 Oil/$5.97 Gas Avg. $30.54 Oil/$5.20 Gas 2004E EBITDAX $79.8MM $68.2MM Enterprise Value $280MM $280MM 04E EV/EBITDAX Multiple 3.5x x Peer Group 04E EV/EBITDAX Comp x

29 Reasons for Buying Wiser Oil
The turnaround risk is largely removed Clear business plan with exploration focus Present management is aligned with shareholders Exposure to Canadian assets and prospects Diverse portfolio of legacy and prospect assets Demonstrated growth track record with growth upside Shares still trade below peer group metrics

30 Repositioned for North American Growth
NYSE: WZR Except for historical information contained herein, the statements in this Presentation are forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of Forward-looking statements, and the business prospects of The Wiser Oil Company, are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that may cause the Company's actual results in future periods to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, volatility of oil and gas prices, product supply and demand, competition, government regulation or action, litigation, the costs and results of drilling and operations, the Company's ability to replace reserves or implement its business plans, access to and cost of capital, uncertainties about estimates of reserves, quality of technical data, and environmental risks. These and other risks are described in the Company's 10-K and 10-Q Reports and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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