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2012 MasterCraft Model Change Update

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1 2012 MasterCraft Model Change Update

2 2012 Product Review

3 Highlights/Agenda New Boats New Tower New Dash look
New Dash electronics EPA Fuel Systems Trailers Cosmetics

4 2012 X-2 – New Deck Rear walkover Large storage opening like X-25
New Dash Stbd Cooler Storage

5 ZFT2 Tower

6 ZFT2 Swivel/bungee racks standard Swivel/clamping optional
Speakers same as ZFT3 – but titanium powder coat Rear facing light same as ZFT5p

7 X and X-Pro X X-Pro GDIG dash ZFT2 tower
Swivel/Bungee board racks standard Swivel/Clamping Opt. Stereo Remote at helm X-Pro GDIG Dash with 6.5” Touch-screen BIG Stereo in touch screen ZFT2 tower Swivel, clamping board racks Amp/Sub Triducer Gauge for depth, water and speed ZFT1 and ZFT3 discontinued ZFT5p available as option

8 Dashes Vinyl wrapped with colored vinyl Billet door glovebox

9 Dashes X Classic - storage X Pro - 6.5” screen

10 Dashes Key Switch / Engine Start Stop
Key activates all electrical systems Start/Stop button activates engine only Keeps settings and stereo independent of engine operation

11 Dash Electronics Totally redesigned dash for 2012: More user friendly
More driver visibility Easy to operate Vinyl wrapped for softer, richer feel

12 Classic Dash 5” Graphical Digital Interface (GDIG) Speedometer
3” Tachometer 3” 3-in-1 Gauge Fuel, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature Blue Backlighting

13 GDIG Features Monochrome display
Improved Basic Cruise Control with rider presets Ballast and Plug and Play Fill indicators Trim tab indicators Integrated Zero-Off version available

14 BIG Improvements 6.5” Color Touch Display
All new custom graphical user interface

15 BIG Features Create, Save, & Share Rider Presets
Pitch/Roll/Weight indicators Displays Critical Engine and Boat Performance Data Cruise Mode and Status indicators Stereo Display and Control Optional Navionics Compatible Chart Plotting Application Video Display (Tower Camera) Recording Start/Stop Field Programmable via USB Port

16 Cruise Mode Two new features in Cruise AutoLaunch Deceleration
Automatically puts down tabs when taking off Improves time to plane Improves visibility Deceleration Automatically puts tabs down when coming off plane

17 Pitch/Roll/Weight Added Pitch/Roll/Weight indicator
Allows customers to spec settings by these measures Example  Surf 8° Roll and 6° pitch

18 Stereo Screen

19 Rider Set Screen

20 Presets Screen

21 Presets - GDIG Surf Left and Surf Right Wake Full Econo Cruise
Fill all tanks Econo Cruise Empty all tanks and engage Auto Leveling Auto Leveling Custom (create temporary profile) CANNOT save changes in the GDIG

22 Presets - BIG Same as the DIG PLUS…… “Add a Rider” “Save Current”
Can save settings as a new preset record through “Add a Rider” or “Save Current” Can edit and save any of the preloaded presets

23 Fuel Systems EPA mandated changes
Affects 215V/X-15, 225V/X-25, 235V/X-35, 245V/X-45, 255V/X-55 and the X-star for 2012 Will be on all boats in 2013 Systems must reduce the amount of gas vapors and spilling throughout the boat

24 2012 Fuel System P-trap Fuel Vent New EPA Style Fill keeps water out
Carbon Canister collects fuel vapor 5/16” low permeation fuel line 5/8” low permeation fuel line 1 ½” low permeation fuel line Grade Valve keeps fuel out of carbon canister Inlet Control Valves keeps fuel from burping out fill Ullage tank / expansion tank New EPA Style Fill Fill Level Vent Valve controls auto shutoff Fuel Pump Module new pump with improved electrical harness and connector Nylon Barrier Low Perm Tank

25 Engines for 2012 ILMOR Gasoline Only Cummins/VW Diesel
Exclusive for 2012 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L Large displacement, naturally-aspirated high HP engine available for boat shows Cummins/VW Diesel 225 hp or 265 hp in Direct Drives only International markets

26 Cosmetics Gel Lines Colors Steering Wheel / Speakers Windshield

27 Slider Gel Lines

28 Switch Gel Lines

29 Gel Colors Steel Blue

30 Steering Wheel All Models (except X1, X80) 4 Spoke
Stainless Steel Center Uni-Directional

31 Windshield 2, 15, 25, 35, 45 New Header for 2012
BTS option available mid year (Boom Training System)

32 Speakers and Grills New speakers have relocated tweeter mounts in grill New titanium colored grills for all cockpit and tower speakers Grills match can color on ZFT2 tower speakers

33 Odds and Ends Options made standard Option Options Dropped
225 Rear seat cupholder insert Option Fixed Ski Pylon made optional on the 200V/ X-2 and 215V/X-15 Bow Ladder made optional on the 35/45/55 families Options Dropped 214V Rear Pylon dropped 214 MTS tank Slick boot

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