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RDK Migration to Yocto/OE

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1 RDK Migration to Yocto/OE
Lessons Learned Khem Raj Sanjay Dorairaj February 13th 2015

2 Topics RDK Overview RDK Software Stack Legacy Build Framework
Challenges with the legacy build framework Moving to Yocto/OE – What was involved? Challenges with Yocto/OE Tools Coming Soon…

3 RDK Overview RDK – Reference Design Kit for set-tops
Development started in 2012 Managed by RDK-LLC and licensed to a community of close to 200 members Linux based software stack Platform for the Comcast X1 experience and deployed on more than 5 million set-tops

4 RDK Software Stack

5 Motivation & Technical Aspects of the legacy build framework
Orchestration framework to build RDK-based binary distributions Component level build scripts Allow for strict access control policies at multiple granularities Separation of fetch & build processes Technical aspects Written using Python SVN/Git using Gclient Nexus Repository for binary artifacts

6 Legacy build framework

7 Challenges with legacy build system
Scalability Maintainability Standards Compliance Build consistency Build performance Collaboration Documentation & Knowledge base Proven build system Common framework

8 Move to Yocto/OE - What was involved?
Layered Architecture Repository Structure Repo integration Autotools/Bitbake Migration Binary Management sstate cache Component refactoring Development workflow Release workflow Firmware nomenclature Code size optimization Training & Documentation

9 Challenges with Yocto/OE
Developer workflow Resource intensive Enhanced prebuilt support Paradigm shift in development – bitbake, Git, patch management Adoption challenges Upstreaming Component Yocto’ization

10 Tools Git/Gerrit Integration Nexus Repository for binary management
Jenkins for build orchestration RDK Portal – centralized dashboard and build status aggregator Cache – sstate/opensource AWS and Openstack server farm Automated Test and Coverity Integration Gerrit Dashboard Changes Management Release Management

11 Coming soon… Upgrade to Yocto 1.8 Bitbake optimization
Locked sstate support Workflow refinements Toaster integration More architecture support – ARM, MIPS,x86 (aarch64?) Tools 2.0

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