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Introducing NEW OneLINK PRO DOCK

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1 Introducing NEW OneLINK PRO DOCK
Dual video monitor support on most systems 90W AC adapter to support rapid charge and discrete models More USB ports

Power Button mirroring ThinkPad button Status “I” LED Graphite Black color matching ThinkPad 2013 systems 2x USB 3.0 (one is Always On 2500 mA) Stereo/MIC Combo as on ThinkPad Kensington Security slot to secure dock

2xUSB 2.0 for Keyboards, mice, printers 2xUSB 3.0 for HDD and other high speed devices Display port 1.2 or 1.1 depending on the ThinkPad Ethernet with PXE Boot support on selected systems DVI-I Power In (Slim tip) DVI-I to VGA adapter Docking cable to the ThinkPad

4 INCLUDED IN THE BOX ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock
ThinkPad 90W AC adapter (Slim tip) Power cord based on country PN DVI-I to VGA adapter

5 Additional HIGHLIGHTS
Boot and Load image over USB Ethernet (PXE Boot) on X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) and ThinkPad Yoga Dual Video support on Haswell platform ThinkPads 1x2560x1600 through DP 2x 1920x1200 through DP and DVI on Shark Bay platform Single monitor support on Chief River platforms Resolutions supported depends on the system Compatible with X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) and ThinkPad Yoga including PXE Boot ThinkPad E440/E540/S440/S540 with no PXE Boot ThinkPad E431/E531/S431/S531 with no PXE Boot, no dual video support (due to only Display port 1.1 on the system) VIDEO PORT DECISION: DP+DVI-I - US would prefer DP - EMEA prefers DVI - China prefers VGA - DP+DVI is consistent with mechanical docking offering DP+DVI - DVI-I conversion is cheap to VGA ($1 cost dongle) versus DP to VGA dongle ($10 cost for dongle) – so it is easies and cost effective  to support DVI for EMEA and simultaneously have cheap conversion to China - DP is a must to deliver digital output AND audio (for those who need it together instead of using 3.5” audio combo) Additional USB 3.0 subject to physical limitations (might get removed if we cannot fit PCB into existing form factor additional USB 3.0 ports to have more for corporate users and position from Basic dock better Audio Dolby support expectation is that if Mystique support Dolby and I connect to dock that dock supports same level of user experience USB and Lync/monitor impact to make sure we can use Lync devices and USB monitors with no impact on compatibility when connected via dock

6 Docking comparison WITH EXISTING Docks
ThinkPad OneLinkPro Dock ThinkPad OneLink Dock ThinkPad USB 3.0 ThinkPad Pro Dock Includes ThinkPad 90W AC adapter Dual Video 1xDP + 1x DVI-I (native) Audio/Ethernet (USB, driver) Single connection Charges notebook 4x USB 3.0 (1x USB with charging) 2xUSB 2.0 Includes ThinkPad 65W AC adapter Single video HDMI 2x USB 3.0 (1x USB with charging) Dual video 1x DVI-D + 1x DVI-I (USB, Driver) CPU used Driver needed 5x USB 3.0 User needs 2 connections to notebook USB to connect to dock AC adapter Dual Video 1xDP/DVI + 1xVGA (native) Audio/Ethernet (native) Security lock for notebook 3x USB 2.0 (1x USB with charging) 3x USB 3.0

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