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Panasonic Mobility Essentials in the Public Sector.

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1 Panasonic Mobility Essentials in the Public Sector

2 Why is Evidence Important The story will be told…. Will it be accurate? Public Safety Agencies Need Evidence  Written  Video Primary Types of Evidence  Physical (Recorded/Retrieved)  Written Documentation  Spoken

3 Evidence Capture Solutions

4 Why Handhelds  Reliability  Ease of Use  Investment Protection  Flexibility  Proven Solution  Cost & Space Savings  Enhancements to Applications

5 Panasonic Fully Rugged TOUGHPAD Line Up 10 inch 7 inch 5 inch FZ-G1FZ-A1 JT-B1 FZ-M1 FZ-X1 FZ-E1

6 Handheld Tablet 5 inch Legacy Handheld 3–3.5 inch Why 5 inch? More Wearable More Pocketable More Informatio n Tablet 7–10 inch + HD 720p High Resolution

7 Today’s Tablet Options – 5-inch  Features: World’s most rugged 5-inch tablet Voice and data connectivity Touchscreen works in the rain or with gloves Available running Windows(E1) or Android(X1)  How to Use at Your Agency: Small, lightweight and rugged design (made to fit into holsters) Parking enforcement, foot patrol Clear voice communications Toughpad FZ-E1

8 FIPS Level 1 Compliant  Enhanced security level that U.S. Government requires Outstanding High Security Data Falsification Data Hacking Data Leakage Wireless Connection DataBoot Secured access to Intranet

9 Bulletproof Support 3yr warranty (average others 1yr) 24/7/365 telephone support – US BASED Overnight ship to depot 2 ways and 1.5 turn – total 4 days repair time Our Service Center - Heartland Services in KS –and Tech Support staff in NJ

10 In Camera Receiver Sensor LED Micro USB/ AC Charger Port Cover Camera Key Out Camera Photo Light Battery Cover Front Key Battery Cover Lock Key Gadget Screw Screw Hole *Located At Each Corner To Attach Accessories Gadget Cover *Micro USB Port Located Under Gadget Cover Function Key Volume Key 5” LCD Cradle Rail Front Speaker (1) 2nd Mic Cradle Charger Port (bottom) Front Speaker (2) HSJ (Top) BCR (top) Power Key (top) Exterior Design

11 Compelling New Hardware Less Competition - Resellers No Competition from Panasonic New Market Opportunities Product Differentiation Robust Demonstration Program Powerful Dealer Protection Why Sell Panasonic?

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