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Vision 2020

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1 Vision 2020

2 Today  Overview of grants program  Ideas for grants  Short presentations by some of last year’s teams  Q&A of Vision 2020 committees and teams

3 The Grants

4 Vision 2020  Small grants program designed to encourage faculty and staff to work together to improve student success  Ties to Chancellor’s strategic planning goals for 2020, the IU bicentennial  Our Quality Initiative (QI) for reaccreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

5 Vision 2020 main goals  Focus on student success  Retention, persistence, timely graduation  Learning, engagement, advising...  Focus on assessment  Collect data, use to improve  Focus on collegiality  Teams include at least one fulltime faculty member, one staff member  Multi-units, roles highly encouraged

6 Vision 2020 Grants  Max of $5K/yr; renewed up to 3 years total  Re-apply each year  Show assessment data  Make changes based on data  Then baseline budget or external grants  Enough for 7-10 new grants/year and continuing grants

7 Budget possibilities  Personnel (fringes)  Summer Salary  (+28.41% benefits)  AY salary (+43.72)  Student research asst. (0%)  Other research asst. (+7%)  Travel  Supplies  Honorarium  Hospitality  Raffle prizes  Participant support (IRB approval)

8  Lastest info—RFP, etc  Last year’s successful grant applications  LibGuide!  Scholarly literature  Data from IUSB and national  Info on great programs  Constantly updated 

9 RFP: latest at  Team info  Narrative:  What are your goals?  How will you know whether you reach your goals?  What will you do to reach these goal? To whom?  Budget  AY 2&3:  how are you doing? What will you change?

10 DRAFT Grants Rubric for Y1 submitted 3/2015

11 IRB?  NOT needed unless you plan to share publicly  But a good idea!  Even then, NOT needed for proposal  Erika Zynda will help those who get grants and plan to publish  Can be Exempt (short form!) if using “normal educational practices”– those from LibGuide

12 Yearly timeline  Feb. 1: Proposals due for continuing grants  March 1: Proposals due for NEW grants  April 1: Notifications of funding  April: feedback on all proposals  May-August: projects start

13 More information?  Vision 2020:   Grants information  Resources on student success, assessment, IRB, etc  Gwynn Mettetal  Heading this initiative  Can brainstorm, problem-solve, network  NOT on grants committee, so no conflict of interest

14 Ideas

15 Brainstorming project ideas HIGH IMPACT PRACTICES (Kuh, 2008) First year seminar and experiences Common intellectual experiences Learning communities Writing-intensive courses Collaborative assignments and projects Undergraduate research Diversity/Global learning Service-Learning, community- based learning Internships Capstone courses and projects SOME OTHER IDEAS Advising changes IU Flags and similar Tutoring programs Supplemental instruction Mentoring programs—seniors mentor freshmen? Office for Service Learning Ways to meet “unmet financial needs” Second chance scholarship (completion) More job creation in community—incentive to graduate Publicize 80-20 flip (in high school, teachers give you 80%; in college you learn 80% on your own) Changing student mindset—intelligence is not set, but can improve

16 Ideas based on IUSB data...  Improve first semester GPA by doing (your idea here)  Why?  First term GPA of 2.5 or up— 70% are here the next fall  First term GPA below 2.5-- Only 22% here the next fall  Improve funding for low income students by (your idea)  Why?  High income students–- 73% here the next fall  Low income students—63% here the next fall

17 Even more project ideas  Dept. Data Drilling—support and encouragement for depts who want to explore the data on their classes or majors  Ways to encourage our best teachers to teach freshman classes  Encouraging student-instructor interaction—”lunch with your professor” coupons?  Change classroom teaching strategies to be more active/ higher order  More jobs on campus for students. Work-study “clearinghouse” or matching service  Look for “hidden barriers” to student success, eg course scheduling conflicts, difficulty finding needed forms and signatures  Ideas to help students in high DFW courses  Ways to encourage study groups  “Finish in Time” video

18 Other sources of ideas  Tinto’s “Completing College”  Chambliss & Takacs “How College Works”  Washington Monthly September 2013 issue on colleges  Vision 2020 Libguide (link on vision 2020 website)

19 Last year’s grants

20 2020 grants for 2014-15  U100 Scholar Athletes  Bruce Watson  Summer workshops for students with disabilities  Jim Hasse  CLAS internships database  Gail McGuire  Summer Bridge campus pride  Ginny Heidemann  High Impact Practices for U100  Kathy Sullivan  IUSB Brave (sexual assault)  Tiny Shelves concert series  Online alcohol and drug abuse education

21 Questions? Brainstorming!

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