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For : School Wellbeing Leeds The Food Dudes Presented by: Professor Fergus Lowe.

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1 For : School Wellbeing Leeds The Food Dudes Presented by: Professor Fergus Lowe

2 About Us : Behaviour Change for Children’s Health and Well-Being 700,000+ children participating Award winning social enterprise Focus: Healthy eating & Physical Activity

3 Whole School Behaviour Change CurriculumDining Hall HomeClassroom

4 Current & Future Vision Early Years Primary Schools S E N Home Programme Retail Outlets Restaurants / Fast Food Outlets Whole Environment Sustainable Behaviour Change

5 How is childhood obesity prevented? Change Children’s Eating Habits and Physical Activity

6 Requirements for Interventions Should Connect with Child’s Psychology Should Demonstrate Strong Evidence BaseShould Actually Change Behaviour

7 R ole Modelling: Meet The Food Dudes

8 R ewards

9 R epeated tasting

10 Whole School Programme: Primary School

11 Programme Overview – ‘Food Dudes Full Force’ (Y1) Parental and family involvement Days 1-16 All Year Intensive Phase Rewards Tasting Movies Dining Room Experience Parental and family involvement Maintenance Phase Competitions

12 Choice Architecture: FD Dining Experience Food Dudes Branding Reward System F&V Presentation Staff Prompts Visual CuesFood Dudes MenuPositioningPortion Control Healthy Choice ‘Nudges’ Staff Modelling Card Reward System Monitoring & Evaluation Aligned to School Food PlanAligned to School Food Plan

13 Walsall, Dudley & Hounslow School Lunchtime Results 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Fruit Vegetables BaselineFollow-up 20% 50% 49% 50% 32% 19% 21% Baseline Follow-up % consumed Sweet/fatty Baseline Follow-up

14 Home Consumption of F&V POST Food Dudes ChildrenChildrenParentsParents

15 Awards World Heath Organization Best Practice Award for Counteracting Obesity Public Health Excellence Awards, West Midlands Partnerships Chief Medical Officer’s Gold Medal Award Combating Obesity Local Authority Catering Award Most Innovative Concept Local Authorities Research + Intelligence Association Best Use of Health Research

16 Outcomes Large and long-lasting improvements in diet Biggest effects with poorest eaters Benefits whole family Starts early – from Nursery onwards Inclusive- children of all abilities

17 Thank You

18 London Schools Study: Preventing Health Inequalities 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Fruit Vegetables BeforeAfter 4 months 11% 7% 48% 7% 50% 4% 2% 48% 5% Before After 4 months Control School Food Dudes School % consumed Horne et al. (2004) Increasing children's fruit and vegetable consumption: a peer-modelling and rewards-based intervention. Eur. J. Clin. Nutr. 58, p1649-1660.

19 Parental Endorsement “It would be beneficial for the health of children if Food Dudes were introduced into all primary schools.

20 Health Benefits of Eating F&V Protect against many cancers Reduces risk of coronary heart diseaseHelps prevent Type 2 diabetes Helps prevent asthmaHelps prevent obesity

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