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Year 1 Placement Workshop Placement Examples. What type of work can be done? Anything that has some relevance to your degree and is at an appropriate.

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Presentation on theme: "Year 1 Placement Workshop Placement Examples. What type of work can be done? Anything that has some relevance to your degree and is at an appropriate."— Presentation transcript:

1 Year 1 Placement Workshop Placement Examples

2 What type of work can be done? Anything that has some relevance to your degree and is at an appropriate level: lab work (analytical, microbiology, pathology, synthesis, research etc etc) non-lab work (data management, clinical trials, medical writing, regulatory affairs etc) field work school-based placement

3 Are there limitations? job ad will specify the degree disciplines that are relevant to that placement there are placement opportunities for all degree disciplines hospital path lab placements require students on BMS if you find your own opportunity SHU has to approve it

4 Examples of Placements (05/06) Abbott Labs, Queensborough, Kent (PS) analytical science HPLC dissolution assays GMP environmental monitoring £13,300 Southmead Hospital, Bristol (BMS) cellular pathology logging, storage & disposal of tissue producing slides specialist staining £12-13K

5 Examples of Placements (05/06) Central Laboratories, Oxfordshire (FAS) chromatography polarimetry gravimetry £10.5K Cheltenham & Gloucester General Hospitals, Cheltenham (BMS) pathology dept rotated around areas analysers (evaluation) completing IBMS portfolio £12.7K Coors Brewery, Tadcaster (BMS) analytical - hplc microbiology £13K

6 Examples of Placements (05/06) Covance, Harrogate (FAS, PS) pharmaceutical analysis (cascade testing inhalers) central dispensary (homogeneity studies, analysis of formulations, HPLC) £11K DSTL Porton Down, Salisbury (BMS) physiology VO2 max experiments with human subjects heat stress trial £13.8 K GSK, Ware, Stevenage, Dartford (CMB, FAS, PS, BMS) Development DMPK (in vitro & in vivo work, hplc, data analysis) Genetics (assay design and optimisation) Analytical (hplc, ms) £15K

7 Examples of Placements (05/06) BUPA Leeds (BMS) basic duties of MLA / trainee BMS £9.6K Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton (BMS) haematology lab phlebotany and specimen reception MLA duties £11.5K Medical Solutions, Nottingham (BMS, FAS) liquid based cytology histopathology image analysis immunology £10K

8 Examples of Placements (05/06) Pfizer Global R&D, Sandwich (BMS) (non-lab based) clinical study & data management liase with clinicians & statisticians £15.6K Richmond Pharmacology, Croyden (PS) patient contact (monitoring & taking samples on wards) processing and analysis of samples (limited lab work) data management / scheduling sanofi-aventis, Cheshire (PS, FAS) Device & equipment technolgy (dept) testing devices in lab inputting data checking & analysing data £14K

9 Examples of Placements 06/07 Agrisearch, Derbyshire (FAS) sample prep of fruit & veg analysis of pesticides experience of all areas, not just analysis £10.5K AstraZeneca, Cheshire (BMS) investigation of plasma protein binding of drugs literature work modifying existing methodologies use of specialist equipment eg scintillation counter ~£12.5K

10 Examples of Placements 06/07 Bath Hospital, Bath (BMS) biochemistry department rotated around various aspects of biochemistry sample booking, handling, analysis completing IBMS portfolio £15K Boots, Nottingham (FAS, PS) analytical support for manufacturing some contract research dissolution studies, hplc stability testing, quality testing £13K

11 Examples of Placements 06/07 Cardinal Health, Swindon (FAS) analytical testing Karl Fischer, FTIR £13.6K Central Labs, Oxfordshire (FAS) analysis of animal feed and food, for nutrients microbiology chromatography project work

12 Examples of Placements 06/07 Cytec, Bradford (FAS) test polymer product experience of production shift work £13.7K Environmental Agency, Solihull (HBS) data analysis geographic work, compiling maps for data £13.2K

13 Examples of Placements 06/07 Trafford General Hospital, Manchester (BMS) rotated around all aspects of routine clinical chemistry completing IBMS portfolio unpaid placement Napp Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge (BMS) Medical writing writing formulary applications assimilating info from documentation creative skills; designing posters etc £14.5K

14 Examples of Placements 06/07 Parexel, Sheffield (BMS, PS) (non-lab based) data cleaning helping to set up data bases validation and QC £14.5K To get further information about the 06/07 placements, look on the Placement Bb site, under 'presentations'.

15 Examples of Placements 07/08 Biodynamics, Rushden (FAS) work linked with BMRC handling radioactive substances liquid scintillation counting MS at SHU £13K Boots, Nottingham (BMS, FAS, FBS) analytical services stability testing, hplc, density, hardness £13.4K

16 Examples of Placements 07/08 BMRC (BMS, FAS, FBS) lab based: research into dystonia non lab based: retention project, collation of stats etc £600 per month developing and producing learning videos for analytical equipment use developing learning material for forensic courses £3K CCFRA, Gloucestershire (FBS) immunoassays for food allergens contract and research work

17 Examples of Placements 07/08 Central Labs, Oxfordshire (FAS) analytical dept chromatography (HPLC), protein, moisture and ash testing microbiology eg salmonella testing Cheltenham & Gloucester Hospitals (BMS) biochemistry dept; analyser work (inc maintenance & loading) haematology dept; analyser work, case studies, transfusion science completing IBMS portfolio ~ £14K

18 Examples of Placements 07/08 Covance, Harrogate (BMS, PS) central dispensary: formulations analysis, method validations, homogeneity, stability testing Pharm analysis: inhalor testing, using HPLC ~£12K GSK, Greenford, Stevenage, Ware (BMS, FAS, FBS) non lab based, setting up clinical trials, use of specialist software, electronic case reports lab-based: DMPK, analytical ~£15K

19 Examples of Placements 07/08 HFL, Cambridge (PS) contract research measurement of testosterone in animal carcass MS-MS Janssen-Cilag, High Wycombe (BMS) non-lab based (regulatory affairs) compilation of monthly stats, updating SOPS, reporting schedules scientific and marketing elements of pre- and post- launch activity of medicinal products £15K

20 Examples of Placements 07/08 Lilly UK (BMS) behavioural neuropharmacology in vivo cognition studies related to drug treatment for schizophrenia £15.5K Kimberley Clark, Georgia USA (BMS) various aspects of microbial project scoping work (documenting an idea)

21 Examples of Placements 07/08 Parexel (BMS, PS) data processing (validation and queries) some clerical work some QC work £14.5K Pfizer, Kent (BMS) oversight of clinical trials in the early phase ~£16K

22 Examples of Placements 07/08 Portugese Institute of Oncology (BMS) busy city oncology hospital rotating around path depts embedding and cutting tissues, EM attended autopsy Erasmus funding only ReckittBenckiser, Hull (BMS, PS) sensory analysis: organises and runs tests with volunteers, analyses results, some (fairly limited) lab work R&D team: assessing competitors products (lit and lab), formulation £15.5K

23 Examples of Placements 07/08 RHH, Sheffield (BMS) haematology routine processing of blood samples rotation between sections completing IBMS portfolio £6.5K Richmond Pharmacology, Croydon (BMS, CMB, FAS) on ward: monitoring patients for clinical trials, taking blood etc in the lab: sample handling, samples from ward studies, storage and documentation £15K

24 Examples of Placements 07/08 Sanofi-aventis, Alnwick (BMS) method dev on LC-MS looking at existing compound for new applications ~£13+K Severn Trent Water, Mansfield (BMS) field service technician linking managers with operators rotation around areas £14K

25 For further info: look at student presentations on Placement Bb site

26 Examples of Placements 08/09 Royal Hospital, Bath (BMS) haematology & blood transfusion can complete IBMS portfolio £16.5K ReckittBenckiser, Hull (BMS, FAS) microbiology formulations, inc using pilot plant £15K

27 Examples of Placements 08/09 3M Healthcare, Loughborough (BMS, FAS, FBS, C&M, Biol) analytical: stability testing, hplc etc working under GLP/GMP £16+K Parexel, Sheffield (FAS) non-lab based - clinical data management checking forms verification of data entry requires attention to detail £15K

28 Examples of Placements 08/09 GSK, SE (BMS, FBS) in vitro DMPK molecular biology (real time PCR etc) £15.7K BMRC, SHU (FAS, FBS) research, biochem / analysis / immunohistochemistry widening participation project, inc visiting schools & colleges £8K over 11 months

29 Examples of Placements 08/09 Richmond Pharmacology, Croydon (FAS) working on wards, monitoring, taking measurements, bloods etc processing and analysis of samples (limited lab work) data management / scheduling £15K + overtime Eurofins-Agrisearch, Derbyshire (BMS, FBS) lab or field based sample prep, analysis of pesticides marking out trials, spraying, assessment (very varied, includes travel to other sites) ~ £11K

30 Examples of Placements 08/09 Covance, Harrogate & Leeds (BMS, FAS, C&M) Lab based / non-lab based central pathology: immunoassays, validations, animal samples bioanalytical: sample prep human / animal samples, data analysis formulations analysis: hplc analysis, method development genetic & molecular toxicology: treating blood samples with test article, analysing changes £13.5 K

31 Examples of Placements 08/09 Quotient Bioresearch, Northampton (BMS) drug metabolism: sample prep & analysis (liquid scintillation counting, oxidiser & HPLC) link with SHU research group, does MS at SHU working to GLP £13.5K Some presentations from 08/09 students on placement Bb site

32 Examples of Placement for 09/10 Bath Hospital (3 BMS) Rota around depts in biochemistry; histology dept; rotation around haemotology experience of sample processing and analysis completing IBMS portfolio hospital accommodation paid Covance, Leeds (FAS, PS) clinical data management; SAS programming £14.4K

33 Examples of Placement for 09/10 Covance, Harrogate (Biochem) Clinical pathology services ELISA, metrology toxicology studies from animal house £14.5K CSL (now Food & Environment Research Agency), York (B4B) Photography department photographic library organisation & admin trade show; commercial clients £14K

34 Examples of Placement for 09/10 DePuy, North West (FBS) mechanical testing on surgical cements some analytical work £14.5K Eden Bioscience, Liverpool (BMS) £12.5K Cloning - protein expression in E Coli

35 Examples of Placement for 09/10 Eurofins-Agrisearch, Derbyshire (Biol, FAS) field work; field trials, glass house/growth room set up trials, spraying, assessing, sampling varied work, travel to different sites winter break lab work; sample prep & analysis (gc / lc) working to GLP ~ £6 per hour

36 Examples of Placement for 09/10 Institute of Lung Health, Glenfield Hospital, Leics, 2 BMS research: role of mast cells in asthema research: role of smooth muscle cells in asthema paid Parexel, Sheffield (Biol, FBS) data discrepancy management QC work £15K

37 Examples of Placement for 09/10 Quotient, Cambridge (BMS, FAS) bioanalysis, range of techs report writing paid Reckitt Benckiser, Hull (PS) clinical trial work; data management, reports, tracking budgets regulatory safety & environment; info gathering, compliance etc work to GCP £15.5K

38 Examples of Placement for 09/10 RHH, Sheffield (3 BMS) histopathology, rotating round different areas 2 voluntary but treated as trainee BMS: 1 paid £6.5K generic IBMS portfolio Sanofi-aventis, Alnwick (Biochem, FAS) bioanalysis; sample prep, LC-MS analytical development; hplc, validations ~£14K

39 Examples of Placement for 09/10 Sheffield Assay Office (FAS) prep of metal samples for ICP analysis prep of bulk gold varied work, supportive environment £6 per hour Sheffield Children's Hospital (BMS) haematology lab rotating round blood counting, coagulation, blood bank patient contact and lab work completing IBMS portfolio £600 per month

40 Examples of Placement for 09/10 SHU, Biosciences/BMRC (PS, BC, B, FAS) research, technical and non-lab positions retention & outreach work some with £8K bursary others unpaid Vectura, Nottingham (PS) materials science: particle distrubution analysis etc £15K

41 Examples of Placement for 10/11 Belfast City Hospital, BMS voluntary cytology but visited other labs completing IBMS portfolio Botanical Gardens Kew, Richmond, FAS extractions, hplc NO scavenging assays paid

42 Examples of Placement for 10/11 Cheltenham Hospital, BMS £14.8K Rotation around depts (Clinical Bio, histo, haem, micro) Completing IBMS portfolio Covidien, Chesterfield, BMS research into catalysis re production of paracetamol intermediates £9K

43 Examples of Placement for 10/11 Eurofins, Derbyshire, FBS fieldwork, setting up, spraying, assessment, data capture rotation around different teams travel around UK, driving license useful £5.36 per hour Genzyme, Suffolk, BC 6 mths in microbiology, water testing QC of new pharmaceuticals

44 Examples of Placement for 10/11 Kingsmill Hospital, Mansfield, BMS 3 sections of histopathology: specimen reception; main lab, specialist lab voluntary Microbiological Validation Services, Maltby, FBS media prep, bioburden testing, sterilisation validation £12K

45 Examples of Placement for 10/11 Parexel, Sheffield, Biol Query management project work with Berlin £17K Proctor & Gamble, Newcastle, BMS £15K developing new test method for wash powder formulation lab work and liaison with colleagues in Europe and US

46 Examples of Placement for 10/11 ReckittBenckiser, Hull, FBS New Technologies Group; looking for new products; problem solving microbiology and formulations £15.5K RHH, Sheffield, BMS haematolgy dept, but working in different sections ~£6.5K completing IBMS portfolio

47 Examples of Placement for 10/11 SHU/BMRC, 2 x BC, FBS Research: proteins involved in Parkinson's Disease; developing a coating for an implant Non-lab: outreach work, school liason £8K UoS Medical School, BMS, FBS histology & bone analysis data management voluntary

48 Examples of Placement for 10/11 U of York, BMS molecular biology inc research project using protein purification, expression, PCR voluntary

49 Examples of Placements for 11/12 BMRC, SHU, FAS, BC, HB various research projects eg MALDI-MS of skin sensitisers science outreach planning, organising and delivering science based activities to schools £11K Covance, Harrogate, Biology metabolism - in vivo sample collection, prep & processing; hplc, scintillation £15K

50 Examples of Placements for 11/12 Croda, Widnes, BC prep & analysis of sunscreen formulations £15.2K DePuy, Leeds, Biology, BMS clinical data entry and inspection journal searches / literature reviews report writing £14.5K

51 Examples of Placements for 11/12 Eurofins, Derbyshire, Biology, FAS fieldwork: planning, layout of trials, observation travelling around the country lab work: sample prep, analysis by GC-MS Kirkstall, Sheffield, BMS mainly non-lab work sales & marketing support for Kirkstall CEO £9.6K

52 Examples of Placements for 11/12 James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough, BMS MLA work initially Cell pathology - histology ~£6.6K student found this themselves Mundipharma Research, Cambridge, FAS analytical testing for drugs under development stability, moisture and dissolution testing £16.5K

53 Placements for 11/12 RHH, Sheffield, BMS rotate around all haematology departments £6K completing IBMS portfolio Spire Leeds Hospital, BMS running biochemistry & haemotology analysers working on IBMS portfolio ~£11K Tata Steel, Rotherham, FBS, PS Environmental analysis (PAH in air & water samples) Trace organic elemental analysis, sample prep & analysis £16K

54 Placements for 12/13 Abbott Diabetes Care, Oxfordshire Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge Bedlingtonshire High School, Northumberland Belfast City Hospital Binding Site, Birmingham Brinsworth Comprehensive School Doncaster Royal Infirmary Eurofins, Derbyshire Euroimmun, Germany Foster & Freeman, Worcestershire

55 Placements for 12/13 Merck, Germany Pfizer, Sandwich Quotient Bioresearch, Cambs Reckitt Benckiser, Hull RHH, Sheffield UoS, Bone Oncology team

56 Placements for 13/14 Who knows? Prepare well and you will find out!!

57 What to do next: produce a CV (following the guidelines!); email it to by end March (drop-in CV clinics 8th, 9th, 12th and 15th March) produce covering letter and email to by end March update CV with year one results / work experience etc complete example applications over the summer

58 What to do next (cont'd): complete placement preference form (in placement booklet) attend presentations by students returning from placement (Induction week) use 'the Interviewer' use any personal contacts

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