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Y1.U3.Flash Safety. Blank next The legal responsibility that one person has to another is referred to as 1.

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1 Y1.U3.Flash Safety

2 Blank next

3 The legal responsibility that one person has to another is referred to as 1

4 Liability. 1

5 The federal agency that creates and enforces safety-related standards and regulations in the workplace is called 2

6 OSHA 2

7 Which OSHA document summarizes occupational injuries and illnesses at an operation throughout the year? 3

8 Form 300A 3

9 Which safety standard requires that all employers notify their employees about chemical hazards present on the job and train employees to use these materials safely? 4

10 Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 4

11 What document describes the hazards of chemicals in a restaurant or foodservice operation? 5

12 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 5

13 Which area on a general safety audit covers such items as fire extinguishers and alarms? 6

14 Equipment 6

15 What is used to put out a small grease fire? 7

16 Baking Soda 7

17 Restaurant and foodservice employees should NOT wear shoes that are 8

18 open-toed. 8

19 An unplanned, undesirable event that can cause property damage, injuries or fatalities, time lost from work, or disruption of work is a(n) 9

20 accident. 9

21 A Class A fire extinguisher is used for what type of flammable material(s)? 10

22 Wood, paper, cloth, and cardboard 10

23 A fire involving a cord or outlet would be classified as a Class ______________ fire. 11

24 C

25 Which type of extinguisher should be used on a fire in a trashcan? 12

26 A

27 All aisles in serving and dining areas should be at least __________ feet wide. 13

28 4

29 Foam extinguishers are used for which classes of fire? 14

30 A and B 14

31 Water-based extinguishers are used for which class of fire? 15

32 A

33 Only B/C extinguishers containing the dry chemicals sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate should be used on what type of fire? 16

34 Deep-fat fryer 16

35 A(n) __________ detector uses infrared and ultraviolet sensors that respond to the movement of flame, or to its radiant energy. 17

36 flame 17

37 The detector that uses a small electric current to detect combustion particles from smoke, heat, or flames is a(n) _____________ detector. 18

38 ionization 18

39 The least serious degree of burn is 19

40 First-degree 19

41 Which degree of burn is painless because damage to the nerves means the burned area does not have feeling? 20

42 Third-degree 20

43 When carrying hot food, foodhandlers should 21

44 warn others that they are coming through. 21

45 OSHA requires restaurant and foodservice operations to report any accident resulting in death or the hospitalization of three or more employees within _____________ hours of the occurrence. 22

46 8

47 Which area has the highest numbers of slips, trips, and falls? 23

48 Steps, floors, and pavement 23

49 When should floors be cleaned? 24

50 Once a day 24

51 What should restaurant and foodservice operations do if liquid is spilled while customers are in the area of the spill? 25

52 Block the area, put up a sign warning customers, and clean it up. 25

53 Where should you NEVER stand on a straight ladder? 26

54 Top two rungs 26

55 When lifting a load, bend from the 27

56 knees and lift with the legs. 27

57 When carrying loads, remember to 28

58 keep stomach muscles firm and tuck in the lower back. 28

59 When a glass is broken, what should be done with nearby food? 29

60 Throw it out 29

61 What is the proper way to pass a knife to another person? 30

62 Place the knife on a sanitized surface, and let the person pick the knife up by the handle. 30

63 In the Heimlich maneuver, where is the fist placed? 31

64 Just above the victim’s navel 31

65 To allow for quick escapes, doors should open 32

66 from the outside without keys. 32

67 The malicious and deliberate burning of property is called 33

68 arson. 33

69 Straight ladders should reach at least how many feet above the spot where the ladder will rest? 34

70 3

71 An event in which property damage or injury is narrowly avoided is a(n) 35

72 near miss. 35

73 If a chemical is carcinogenic, it 36

74 causes cancer. 36

75 Plastic wrap and aluminum foil containers can cause which type of injury? 37

76 Cut 37

77 The first step in administering CPR is to 38

78 check for breathing. 38

79 How often should hoods and ducts be cleaned by a professional contractor? 39

80 Every 6 months 39

81 What can a manager do to determine the level of safety in his or her operation? 40

82 Conduct a general safety audit. 40

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