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1 Moontide Media, LLC A Micro-Local Media Network Investment Overview.

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1 1 Moontide Media, LLC A Micro-Local Media Network Investment Overview

2 2  What is Moontide Media  The Opportunity  The Moontide Model  The Moontide Product Suite  Rollout strategy  Competition  Management  Summary Financials Agenda

3 3 What if… An ultra high quality lifestyle magazine existed for your neighborhood? There was a smart, cool and trusted voice that could guide you to the best finds nearby every day? And what if… The most desirable neighborhoods in Los Angeles were part of an upscale media network? Local advertisers had a marketing partner who really understood how to help them reach their most sought after targets? A sophisticated and trusted local voice were able to offer marketing opportunities up and down the value chain?

4 44 What if… is Moontide Media Moontide Media is a network of premium-quality local magazines and digital properties which engage residents of the most desirable Los Angeles communities, while providing integrated marketing opportunities for local and regional businesses. Building from a base of two existing magazines and websites, Moontide will rapidly scale into a cross-media platform that fundamentally connects readers and marketers in carefully selected affluent sub-regions.

5 55 Moontide Media: The Consumer Opportunity Magazines Websites Emails Mobile Moontide provides that consumer:  Ultra high-quality lifestyle magazines about great living specifically in your community  Websites that inform and guide her to the most relevant events and commercial opportunities  Emails that tip her off to local happenings, weekend fun and local real estate listings  Mobile applications that guide him directly to local merchants while offering timely discounts A premium quality, cross-media guide to living your best life close to home The average upscale consumer spends 92% of their time within 50 miles of their home

6 66 Moontide Media: The Market Opportunity  Local digital media is expected to grow in excess 18% CAGR through 2013  There is significant lack of high quality print vehicles within the targeted markets  The sub-regional magazine marketplace is relatively uncompetitive in Los Angeles; No sub-regional player operates at scale  Pure play digital providers lack community presence  Local advertisers lack marketing (especially digital) expertise and will respond to customer service  The Moontide Network will connect the most desirable communities  A highly experienced management team is focused on execution Market Growth Competition Advertiser Need Network Management

7 77 Why print? Why now?  Lifestyle magazines are not news-driven  Community and passion verticals lend themselves to the immersive print experience  Text, design, photography and permanence appeal to lifestyle readers  Art, architecture, food & wine, people and events are captured well on the printed page  When costs are controlled, print offers solid margins Periodical lifestyle magazines are a unique media experience

8 88  Built to ensure quality across media at a low relative cost and to allow for rapid geographic expansion  A small central organization delivers general management, network editorial, digital services, production, marketing and finance  Four person sub-region teams focus on delivering relevant content and monetizing each market  Editorial structure of XX% shared (network) content and XX% generated in each sub-region  A partnership with a best-of-breed digital platform developer  A controlled circulation model delivers quality circulation with minimal subscriber acquisition costs The Moontide Model: Low Cost/ High Quality Rapid Scalability Hub and Spoke Organizational Structure Leveraged Editorial Proven digital platform Controlled circulation

9 99  Centralized functions are designed to scale with edition rollouts  Magazine layout, content management, customer relationship management and printing contracts all designed to scale  Centralized costs are borne early in the businesses’ lifecycle and increase more slowly than the revenue growth associated with a new title  XX% of magazine editorial slots into new edition  Digital template; each new site rollout takes 4 weeks  Sales rollout and marketing plan cover XX week period Centralized Leverage The Moontide Model: Replicable, Highly Scalable Digital Efficiency Editorial Efficiency Effective Launch

10 10 Centralized  General Management  Network Editorial  Art & Design  Digital Services  Production  Marketing  XX Head Count at Scale Sub-Regions  Print and Digital Ad Sales  Local Editorial  Blogging  Local Events  X Head Count per Sub-Region The Moontide Model: Structure West Hollywood Southbay Westside Ventura Blvd Canyons Old Town Central

11 11 The Moontide Model: Deep Community Relationships Moontide gains competitive advantage through community relationships based upon a combination of its editorial products, digital applications and human contact Readers and Users Local Merchants The Moontide Portfolio

12 12  Godengo is a best-of-breed digital platform specifically developed for local publishers  Modular platform allows for maximum flexibility  Constant innovation in audience acquisition, revenue generation and content presentation  Modular template; each new site rollout takes X weeks  Pioneers in geo-base listing revenue strategies  Outstanding site architecture and SEO capabilities The Moontide Model: Effective Digital Partnership

13 13 The Moontide Product Suite: Print High quality local editorial: art, architecture, healthy living, food, wine, travel, fascinating people, great businesses and the best local events  Xx annually  XX,000-XX,000 controlled circulation  Mailed to highest income homes  High quality supplemental distribution: best hotels, boutiques Great Living Close to Home

14 14 The Moontide Product Suite: Websites Each site contains:  Daily blogs  Calendar  Event photo galleries  Deal of the Day  Contests  Business listings  Magazine content Utilizing Moontide’s unique partnership with Godengo, a micro regional website will debut just prior to the launch of each new magazine The websites will be a dynamic daily connection to our users The daily connection to your community

15 15 The Moontide Product Suite: Email  “Today in…” Daily email from local editors  “This Weekend in…” Friday email guide to local weekend happenings  “Local Listings” Weekly email on local real estate listings Email drives traffic to the sites, provides sponsorship opportunities and is a base of Moontide’s data acquisition process Daily Pushed Communication

16 16 The Moontide Product Suite: Mobile  Iphone and smartphone apps  Mapping functionality  Enhanced business listings  Text for info  Contests Godengo supplied apps launch Moontide rapidly into the mobile market Community on the Go

17 17 Moontide Media: Development Bridge  2 sub-regional magazines: Southbay and Westside  One website (  Excellent quality/very low cost  Strong Southbay advertiser relationships  Strong growth path for Westside – third issue  ’XX revenues of $XXX; net income of $XX  X magazines/X new launches  Vibrant digital activity in each sub-region  Established and growing community relationships and advertiser base  Advertising and ecommerce revenue streams  X of X regions generating positive net income  XX employees  ‘11 revenues of $XM; EBIT of $XM Today A vibrant young company in need of growth capital 24 Months A sub-regional magazine and digital network generating significant cashflow

18 18 Moontide Media – Rollout strategy Existing Titles  Southbay  Westside Launches  Ventura Blvd  West Hollywood  Canyons  Old Town  Beverly Hills 90210 CANYONSVENTURA BLVD OLD TOWN WEST HOLLYWOOD BEVERLY HILLS 90210 SOUTHBAY WESTSIDE

19 19 Only The Most Desirable Communities The sub-regions where Moontide currently publishes and will soon launch are among the most affluent communities in the U.S. SouthbayWestside Ventura Blvd. West Hollywood CanyonsOld Town Beverly Hills Households68,10054,20042,50056,76236,11131,43819,175 Businesses4,9946,3748,1596,2325,9153,0495,814 Adjusted Gross Income $177,000$384,000$166,000$97,000$156,000$200,000$343,000 Median Home Price $1.388M$1.868M$1.004M$1.875M$877K$1.069M$1.255M Each market Moontide launches has been vetted for:  Affluence relative to region/country  A easily defined market  Sufficient volume of local businesses  Market underserved by competition

20 20 Moontide Media: Competition  No local media magazine company operates at scale  Existing Stand-alone sub-regional magazines  805 Living – Canyons  Pasadena Magazine – Old Town  The Magazine – Old Town  Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills Times, Beverly Hills 213  No sub-regional print competitor employs a meaningful digital strategy  Lower-end local newspapers and “shoppers” fail to adequately service higher end businesses Local Media Platforms

21 21 Moontide vs. National City Platforms: A Unique Go-To-Market Strategy Moontide is focused first on delivering marketing value for the local advertiser, secondarily on the regional advertiser and finally on national upscale advertisers when the network reaches scale Moontide Media City-wide magazines focus most heavily on national advertisers LOCAL REGIONAL NATIONAL Moontide Media’s focus is first on local markets NATIONAL REGIONAL LOCAL

22 22 Moontide Media: Competition  Yelp, Citysearch, Google, Patch, and others  Strong technology platforms; various business models  Local information, business reviews, search  Focused on local advertisers  Most lack a meaningful local presence and often rely on business self-service National Digital Advertising Platforms Moontide competes with pure-play digital competitors with a strong technology structure, deep community presence and business relationships and cross-media capabilities

23 23 Experienced, Execution-oriented Management  Current CEO, Rockmore Media, LLC  President & Publisher of Variety; President of RBI Entertainment Group 2000-2008  Responsible for $XXM operating group representing XX% of parent company profit  Launched and built to $XM in revenues  Grew mature franchise revenue and EBITDA by X% and X% (CAGR) during tenure  Board member, American Media, Inc. & The Wrap, Inc.  Founded Moontide Media in 2006 with $XX investment  VP, Business Development – Silverpop Systems, Inc 2002 - 2006 – leading email solutions provider  VP, Sales – Avalon Digital Marketing, 1999 – 2003 – central role in sale of company to Silverpop  Regional Advertising Manager – Curtco Freedom Group – oversaw sales for The Robb Report Charlie Koones Chief Executive Officer Todd Klawin Chairman & Founder

24 24 Incremental Profit by Year $X $X,000 $ Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5

25 25 $(X) $X Y1 EBITDA X Editions + Nat’l / Regional Ads and OH Y2 Incr Profit XEditions + Nat’l / Regional Ads and Increased Digital Rollout Y3 Incr Profit X Editions + Nat’l / Regional Ads and Increased Digital Rollout Y4 Incr Profit X Editions + Nat’l / Regional Ads and Increased Digital Rollout Y5 Incr Profit X Editions + Nat’l / Regional Ads and Full Digital Rollout Y5 EBITDA Y1 EBITDAYear 3Year 4Year 5 $X Year 2 Moontide Media Profit Bridge

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