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C Makedonitissa’s Elementary School – Stylianos Lenas.

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1 C Makedonitissa’s Elementary School – Stylianos Lenas

2 The school New public school, going through its first year of operation. Situated near the Green Line, close to Nicosia Airport which is occupied by the Turkish troops since 1974. Modern building with high-standard facilities, including 12 classrooms, sports facilities, theatre, special rooms for computers, art, music, science, design and technology and health education.

3 Staff and pupils 18 teachers 195 pupils aged 6-12 years Classes: – 3 Y1 – 1 Y2 – 2 Y3 – 2 Y4 – 1 Y5 – 1 Y6

4 Aims of the school To promote modern, democratic, human and effective education To create a culture of respect of fundamental rights and the environment and to achieve positive interaction between pupils and respect of diversification (civic competences)

5 Activities high on the agenda Establish relations and cooperation with local authorities and neighbouring schools Encourage continuous in-service teacher training Participate in projects that promote the aims of the school

6 Group activities

7 Physical education and football tournament with neighbouring schools

8 Condemnation of the Turkish- Cypriot Pseudo state

9 Donating for the handicapped

10 school visits

11 Assembly of the pupils’ council

12 Civic Competences for an Active Citizenship Participating in a project on “Civic Competences for an Active Citizenship” will promote the schools’ aims The school will be enthused to propose a project The school is also open hear suggestions for a project that will arise from colleague interaction

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