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SIMS Discover SIMS MultiView Chris Sherwood. SIMS Discover.

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1 SIMS Discover SIMS MultiView Chris Sherwood

2 SIMS Discover

3 SIMS Discover - Spring 2013 Release

4 SQL Server 2012 Compatibility New Configuration Tool Staff Data Graphs Spring 2013 - SIMS Discover

5  We have done some work to ensure that SIMS Discover is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2012 Compatibility

6 New Discover Administration Utility Manage multiple hosted databases Wizard approach Enhanced look and feel







13 New Staff Dropdown Permissions will follow Personnel Report permissions Staff Data Dropdown

14 Staff Totals by Teaching Status

15 Staff Total by Primary Role

16 Data from Working Days Lost – Manual Entry Staff in Absence Working Days Lost ranges

17 SIMS Discover - Summer 2013 Release

18 SIMS Discover Summer Release Plan Export graphs in a printer friendly format Make legend arrow easier to see Add ‘Pupil Premium’, ‘Young Carer’ to Key Pastoral graph Percentage option on Assessment Graphs Drill-through on Exam Residuals by Subject to Classes Bulk creation of Discover Assessment Grade Tracking graphs All Seasons exam data from Exams PI in Exams graphs Reduce clicks in the Administration Tool

19 Improved Graph Export


21 Pupil Premium & Young Carer added to KPF graph

22 % on Assessment Venn Diagrams


24 Exam Residuals Drill Through to Class

25 Bulk Creation of Grades Tracking Graphs

26 SIMS Performance Suite - Summer 2013 Release

27 Performance Suite – Summer 2013 Assessment Remove ‘~’ from duplicate column headings Mark sheets - Export numbers Template read only column tick box Profiles Result colour on reports Grade Descriptor on reports Sharing teachers to see each other’s comments Analysis Export, Import, Bulk Delete Trend Review Analyses

28 Profiles Report showing Assessment Result colour

29 Adding Result Set GUIDs to the Assessment export/import files In the SIMS Autumn 2013 release we are adding result set GUIDs to the Assessment export/import files. This will create a new version of the Assessment export files (Data Out). We need to remove support for early versions of these files and are not planning test verification for any files produced prior to the SIMS Spring 2011 release. If any of these earlier files are still in use they need to be imported and re- exported using a more recent version (Post Spring 2011) of the software before the Autumn 2013 release is installed.

30 SIMS Discover - Autumn 2013 Release TBC

31 SIMS Discover Autumn 2013 ? Sub-Categories for Discover Catalogue Global filter Filter Graphs using Discover Groups Half Termly Graphs for Behaviour, Achievement, Attendance Stacked Bar Assessment graph Add Result Set chooser to Venn and Bar Graphs Copy to clipboard Exporting Pop outs Sharing of filtered graphs New Graph Type – Spider More Staff Graphs

32 SIMS Discover Software Consultation Groups May 22 nd Manchester May 23 rd Reading 30 places at each Email me to book;

33 SIMS MultiView - Summer 2013 Release

34 SIMS MultiView - Vision Provide a solution so that groups of academies and schools have a central view of their schools’ academic performance so that they can centrally monitor and influence their schools. Schools Dashboard Central Database

35 SIMS MultiView - Enterprise Dashboard

36 SIMS MultiView - School Dashboard

37 SIMS MultiView - School Comparison Table

38 SIMS MultiView - School Comparison Graphical

39 Spring 2013 Early Adopter Scheme Offer to some of the School Groups we have been working with School, Student and Attendance, Migration and Dashboard Summer 2013 General Release to all School Groups School, Student and Attendance, Assessment, Migration and Dashboard SIMS MultiView - Release Strategy

40 SIMS MultiView Documentation

41 SIMS MultiView Assessment Aspect Mapping SIMS 7Multiview AspectResult SetAspectResult Set “text” KeystageNameTypeYearTerm KS4 Eng Review Y10 SumKS4EnglishReviewYear 10Summer Y7 MathsY7 SprKS3MathsReviewYear 7Spring Y2 Reading Y2KS1ReadingReviewYear 2-

42 Assessment Bar Graph User able to adjust;  Subject (S)  Level(s)  Count, e.g. 1, 3, 5 etc.  Pupils, e.g. Year3, KS1  Filter, E.g. FSM, Gender Examples of usage; % achieving Level 2+ Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Maths, Science % achieving C+ in at least two Science GCSE % achieving C+ in at least one MFL % achieving 5A*-C, inc. English & Maths % achieving EBacc % achieving 5A*-G

43 Assessment Line Graph User able to adjust;  Subject (S)  Level(s)  Key Stage  Count  Pupils  Filter, E.g. FSM, Gender Examples of usage;  Pupil tracking across Result Sets

44 SAAS annual subscription (3-year contract) plus services: £800 SAAS p.a. per Secondary Academy £400 SAAS p.a. per Primary Academy £260 Connection Charge one off per Academy £2,300 - 2-day Service Package per academy group o 1 day install o 1 day project set up SIMS MultiView - Pricing

45 Thank You Chris Sherwood

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