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Pasqua in Italia.

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1 Pasqua in Italia

2 Easter in Italy Traditional Italian Easter celebrations take place over 3 days: Venerdi Santo, Domenica di Pasqua and Lunedi di Pasquetta. Many families organise to go away over this long weekend, often to the beach for a seafood lunch on Lunedi di Pasquetta. Other important days are: Martedi Grasso e Mercoledi delle ceneri

3 Processions On Venerdi Santo, there are many processions where statues of Jesus and Mary are carried through the town to finally arrive in the town centre. In the churches, olive branches and palm leaves are shared.


5 Cibo – Food at Easter time
Colazione – Breakfast: Easter cake, cold meats, white wine and decorated Easter eggs. Pane e torte – Bread and Cake: Containing cheese, bacon, olives, eggs and butter. Piselli – Peas: Represent the arrival of Spring. Peas are the main side dish for Easter meals. Agnello arrosto – Roast Lamb: It is a very important Easter symbol in Italy. Cappelletti in brodo – Meat filled pasta in broth: Eaten at dinner time as a lite meal, as lunch is the main/large meal eaten at Easter time. Colomba – Sponge cake in the shape of a dove: Very sweet sponge like cake which is baked in the shape of a dove, sprinkled with icing sugar and almonds and served as dessert. Uova di pasqua – Easter eggs: Large Easter eggs are given to children at Easter time.




9 Vocabolario Colomba Venerdi Santo Uova di Pasqua Domenica di Pasqua
Processo Statue Gesu` Madonna Arrosto Brodo Venerdi Santo Domenica di Pasqua Lunedi di Pasquetta Colazione Pane Torta Piselli Agnello

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