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Education You Can Build On Education Central Engage, Apply, Retain Emerson 6” Series Thermostats Homeowner Support Hotline: 800-284-2925 Note: This module.

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1 Education You Can Build On Education Central Engage, Apply, Retain Emerson 6” Series Thermostats Homeowner Support Hotline: 800-284-2925 Note: This module covers common elements. Refer to Specification Sheet or Installation Instructions for detailed information.

2 Application Coverage by SystemModel Stages Heat / Cool by System ApplicationsProgramming OptionsPower Source Single Stage (SS) Multi-Stage (MS) Heat Pump (HP1 or HP2) Universal (All) Model Number Single Stage Multi-Stage Heat Pump Gas/Oil/Electric 3-Wire Zone Value Millivolt Compatible Humidity Control Program Days per Week Program Periods per Day Hardwire Battery Power Assist Universal - Wireless 1F98EZ-16211/12/24/2 ✓ H,D7, Ø4, 2, ØB Universal 1F95-0680 Commercial 1/12/24/2 ✓✓✓ 7, 5+1+1, Ø4, 2, ØB,H,PA 1F95EZ-0671 Easy Reader 1/12/24/2 ✓✓✓ Ø, 74, 2, ØB,H,PA 1F95-06711/12/24/2 ✓✓✓ 7, 5+1+1, Ø4, 2, ØB,H,PA Emerson 6” Thermostats Selecting the Right Thermostat for the Job

3 Applications Wiring Configuration Programming Featured Products In This Module – 1F98EZ-1621 4 Wire Universal –1F95-0680 Commercial, Universal –1F95EZ-0671 Easy Reader, Universal 6” Series Thermostats Agenda Comfort Interface Sensor Equipment Control

4 Staging By System Type Programming Options Applications Terminal Identification Part Number Look at the Box for Detailed Information

5 Intuitive operating choices –One Button – One Function Universal Up to 4 heat / 2 cool Large, Easy to Read Characters –Easy to view without glasses Simple-to-use Non-Programmable Thermostat –7-day programming can be enabled if desired Dual Fuel Capable with Smart Fuel™ Logic Program –No outdoor sensor need for Furnace / Heat Pump Systems –No Fossil Fuel Kit Required 6” Series Thermostat Overview

6 6” Series Specification Sheets Contain Detailed Information

7 6” Series Applications ApplicationStagesProgrammingFeatureType Universal4/2 7, 0Wireless EZ Install1F98EZ-1621 7, 5+1+1, 0Commercial1F95-0680 0, 7Easy Reader1F95EZ-0671 7, 5+1+1, 06" Screen1F95-0671

8 6” Series Terminal Designations 6" Series Universal, Conventional or Heat Pump TerminalDescription1F95-06711F95EZ-06711F95-06801F98EZ-1621 Programming7, 5+1+1, 00, 77, 5+1+1, 00, 7 W/E Stages4/2 1 st. Stage Heat (SS1, MS2) or Aux Heat 1st Stage (HP) ● W2 2 nd Stage Heat (MS2) or Aux Heat 2nd Stage (HP2) ● Y 1 st Stage Compressor (SS, MS2 or HP) ● Y2 2 nd Stage Compressor (MS2 or HP2) ● O/BReversing Valve Combined● GFan Relay● RH and RC24 VAC Hot (TH) Separate● R24 VAC Hot (TH) ● C 24 VAC Common (TR) Wire ● LDiagnostics● +, S, -Remote Sensor Terminals● ● 6 Wet Heat, 3 Wire Zone Valve ●●● Hum, Dehum(2)Humidity Terminals ● A1Economizer ● Note:Outdoor SensorEasy ReaderCommercial Wireless Easy Install

9 6” Series Heat Pump / Dual Fuel Staging Detail Stage+ HP1 Heat Mode HP2 Heat Mode HP2 w/2 stage Dual Fuel Heat Mode 1 st Y1 Compressor 2 nd W/E Aux, stage 1Y2 Compressor 3 rd W2 Aux, stage 2W/E Aux, stage 1W/E 1 st Stage Gas 4 th W2 Aux, stage 2W2 2 nd Stage Gas Dual fuel option de-energizes any compressor stage when auxiliary heat is energized

10 Power Stealing Assist extends battery life significantly by drawing “stealing” small amounts of voltage from the heat (W) or cool (Y) circuit. Power Stealing Switches on the back of the thermostat should be left in the “ON" position for most systems. On a small number of heating or cooling systems with high impedance electronic modules you may observe one of the following conditions: –The furnace, draft inducer or fan run or continue running when the thermostat is not calling for operation. Switch the “W” dip switch to OFF. –If the condition continues to occur switch the “Y” dip switch to OFF to disable Power Stealing Assist completely and operate the thermostat on batteries only. Power Stealing Assist Extends Battery Life If the Power Stealing Assist method is not compatible with your system both switches can be turned off and the thermostat will operate normally. Not available on the Easy Reader 1F95EZ-0671

11 6” Series Wiring for Conventional Systems - AC Furnace (No Heat Pump) ** * Common connection optional – required for diagnostic indicator ** For two transformer systems remove the jumper Single Stage (SS) in Red Multi-Stage (MS) add Orange #6 Terminal is for a 3 wire zone valve

12 6” Series Wiring Heat Pump Single Stage (HP1) in Red Multi-Stage (HP2)) and Green **

13 6” Series Easy Viewer Configuration Outdoor Unit Type Thermostat Configuration OptionsThermostat Applications # Stages Heat / Cool Air Conditioner Single Stage 1 (SS1) No Heat Pump – Single Stage Compressor Gas Oil Electric Heat Only / Cool Only Split Heat/Cool Systems 2 or 3 wire Hydronic Zone (Hot Water or Steam) Systems 24 VAC or Milli-volt 1 / 1 Multi Stage 2 (MS2) No Heat Pump – Two Stage Compressor 2 / 2 Heat Pump Heat Pump 1 (HP1) Heat Pump – Single Stage Compressor Single Stage Compressor Heat Pump Systems Up to Two Stages Aux/Emergency Heat 3 / 1 Heat Pump 2 (HP2) Heat Pump – Two Stage or Two Compressor Two Stage or Two Compressor Heat Pump Systems Up to Two Stages Aux/Emergency Heat 4 / 2 Four Thermostats in One

14 6” Series Navigation Battery Status = Full Charge = Half Capacity Change = Replace Batteries Indicates Heat Pump System (does not appear for multi-stage or single stage Heat Button Press to select Heating Off Button Press to turn off both Heating and Air Conditioning systems and Fan Fan Button Press to select Fan operation Fan = Fan On/Continuous Fan = Fan Auto – Fan runs only during a call for Heat or Air Conditioning (typical setting) A/C Button Press to select Air Conditioning Button Labels Solid colored labels Indicate selection is On. Non-solid or outlined labels Indicate not selected of Off. (Heat is on in this example) Actual Room Temperature Desired Temperature Run Button Menu Button Temperature Adjustment Buttons

15 6” Entering System Configuration 1. System must be in HEAT or A/C Mode 2. Press and hold the MENU button for five seconds Most technical service calls are the result of improper system configuration

16 After steps 1 and 2, Press RUN to get the system running quickly MENU ITEM DISPLAY (DEFAULT)OPTIONSCOMMENTS System Configuration(MS 2) SS1, MS2, HP1, HP2 Installer Set Electric Heat Fan(GAS)GAS, ELEInstaller Set 1. Choose System 2. Select Fan Function 6” Application Specific Versus Customization—Don’t Go Overboard!

17 Outdoor Unit Type Thermostat Configuration Options Air Conditioner Single Stage 1 (SS1) No Heat Pump – Single Stage Compressor Multi Stage 2 (MS2) No Heat Pump – Two Stage Compressor Menu Item Display (Default)OptionsComments System Configuration (MS 2) SS1, MS2, HP1, HP2 Installer Set Electric Heat Fan(GAS)GAS, ELEInstaller Set Choose Your System Press Up / Down to select system type Press MENU to go to Step 2

18 Menu Item Display (Default)OptionsComments System Configuration (MS 2) SS1, MS2, HP1, HP2 Installer Set Electric Heat Fan(GAS)GAS, ELEInstaller Set Select Fan Function If there is Gas Heat in the system, leave on Gas (default) Press Up / Down to select Press Menu to go to additional configuration options Press Run to complete initial configuration

19 Configuration Punch List Record settings of key items for Homeowner Reference

20 MENU ITEM These Menu Items MUST be correct for the applications! NOTE: Item Numbers are different depending on application selected. SS1 MS2 (Fossil Fuel) HP1 HP2 (Heat Pump) Displayed (Default) Press Δ or  to Select From Listed Options Comments 11(MS 2)HP 1, HP 2, SS 1 Selects Multi-Stage (MS 2 No Heat Pump), Heat Pump 1 (HP 1, 1 compressor), Heat Pump 2 (HP 2, 2 compressor or 2 speed compressor), or Single Stage (SS 1) 22 (GAS) for SS or MS ELE GAS setting: furnace controls the blower ELE setting: thermostat controls the blower 12 P (0)7Defaults to P (0) non-programmable P (7) is 7-day programming 13 PS (2)4 Selects Program either 2 or 4 periods per day: –19 dF (0)1 to 9 Selects dF (dual Fuel) setting. 0 is Off (If dual Fuel option is required, a selection of 5 is recommended) Cd (60) 0 to 99Selects compressor delay in seconds when dF is greater than 0 1820A/C On (o)Heat On (b) Selects operation of the reversing valve terminal (O/B) output as an O or B terminal 6” Configuration Items That Are APPLICATION CRITICAL Denotes Critical to the Application

21 Configuration Menu, Denotes Critical to the Application Denotes not application critical but an option you may want to consider MENU ITEM DISPLAY DEFAULTOPTIONSCOMMENTS 1.System Configuration (MS 2) HP1, HP2, SS1 2.Electric Heat Fan(GAS)ELE 3. EMRE (On)Off Not enable in non- programmable 4. Heat Cycle RateCr HEAT (ME)SL, FASS1, MS2 only 5. Heat Pump Configuration Cycle Rate Cr Heat / A/C (ME) SL, FAHP1, HP2 only 6.A/C Cycle Rate or Aux Cycle Rate Cr A/C (ME) or CR Aux Heat A/C Off SL, FA SL SS1, MS2 only HP1, HP2 only 7.Compressor Lockout Time CL (OFF)CL ON Compressor Lock Out Engaged EMR starts system before program time Application Specific Set By Installer

22 Configuration Options MENU ITEMDISPLAY DEFAULTOPTIONSCOMMENTS 8. System Mode Configuration (Heat, A/C, Off) Heat, Off, Fan/ Heat, Off/ A/C Off Installer Set 9. Compressor Optimization CO (OFF)OnInstaller Set 10. LCD Display Light dL(ON)OFF Selects Display Light On or Off 11. Temperature Display Adj. Hi (0)1 to 5 Hi or LO Adjustment of Temperature Display 12. °F/°C Selection(°F)°CFahrenheit/Celsius CO gives you a Fan On / Off delay in cooling

23 Configuration Options MENU ITEM DISPLAY DEFAULTOPTIONSCOMMENTS 14.Schedules per week P (0)7 Ships as Non- Programmable 15.Periods per dayPS(2)4Number of Periods/Day 15. Fast HEATHEAT FA (On)OffOption to Disable 16. Fast A/CA/C FA (On)OffOption to Disable 17. Daylight Savings Time dS (On)Off Automatic Time Adjustment for Daylight Savings Time 18. Temp Range Heat Limit HL (99)62 - 98 Limit the amount of temperature change allowed 19. Temp Range A/C Limit LL (45) 46-82 Aux. heat comes on if the temp is manually raised a few degrees Control energy costs and childproof a thermostat

24 Configuration Options MENU ITEM DISPLAY (DEFAULT)OPTIONSCOMMENTS 20. Dual Fuel Setting plus DF Compressor Delay dF (0) Cd (60) 1 to 9 00 to 99 Selecting 1 to 9 enables Dual Fuel Option 21. O/B Output Configuration On A/C (O)On Heat (B) O defaults to heat B defaults to cool 22. Exit Menu Application Specific Set By Installer (HP1 or HP)

25 Two Options for Staging 1.Smart Logic (Computed Staging) –Easy Viewer tracks system performance and calculates optimum time to bring on additional stages (0 to 30 minutes). Note: Depending on system performance the time for staging will vary depending on the algorithm software. The calculation is not purely time nor temperature based. Staging times are going to vary from day to day. Gives homeowner the choice of cost savings or comfort 2.Fast Second Stage (Optional feature) –Brings additional heat stage when temperature is manually raised 3°F –Gives homeowner optimal comfort For initial startup, configure for Fast Second Stage to save time evaluating system operations

26 Staging Logic versus Outside Sensor Dual Fuel Applications (Optional) –Easy Viewer uses its Smart Logic to manage coordination of heat pump and furnace operation. When the Dual Fuel stages are called for the Easy Viewer will shut down the compressors on the heat pump. Without the use of an outdoor sensor and a fossil fuel kit If you normally use an outdoor sensor and a fossil fuel kit for dual fuel applications the Easy Reader is a great solution! Think of the time and money you will save on the next installation.

27 6” Dual Fuel Settings—No Sensor Req. The Dual Fuel Logic allows control of a heat pump with fossil fuel backup heat without the use of a fossil fuel kit. When fossil fuel is called for the thermostat will turn off the compressor and switch to gas heat automatically using the Dual Fuel Logic algorithm. Access the Configuration Menu Step 20 –The dual fuel setting options range is 0 to 9 0 is default Off allowing electric heat to be used –Settings of 1 to 9 is a value used in the software algorithm. Up for Comfort –Increasing the value up to the max of 9 will result smaller staging separation Down for Energy Savings –Decreasing the value to a minimum of 1 will result in larger separation Select Compressor Delay – When dF is enabled, the shut down of the compressor(s) is delayed for a time period after the auxiliary stage is energized. This delay, Cd, is factory set at 60, but can be set in the range of 0 to 99 seconds by using the PLUS or MINUS touchpad's.

28 6” Program Worksheet Technical Service has never spoken to anyone who could not program the thermostat once they filled out the schedule worksheet in the manual and KEPT it. Save a call back and fill it out with the homeowner. Ensure they have the Homeowner Support Hotline: 888-616-0030

29 6” Home Screen Programmable Mode Day of Week Time of Day Programmed Period Button used for Scheduling Buttons used for Forward or Back AUX, Heat Pump Only (to energize AUX press and hold HEAT button for 5 seconds) Mon 12:24 A Day Menu AUX

30 6” Set Time and Day 1.In Heat or AC, press Menu button 2.Press the Time button to display hour and A or P 3.Press the UP/DOWN button to set correct hour and AM or PM 4.Press Time to display minutes 5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 to set minutes, year, month and day of week 6.Press Run to return to home screen Time Run Menu/ UP/ DOWN

31 6” Configure Program Options System must be set for Heat or Cool. Press the Menu button for at least 5 seconds. The display will display step #1 in the configuration menu Press the UP button to the configuration Menu No –Select the programs per week by pressing UP/DOWN button “0” for non-programmable “7” for independent program days Press the UP button to the configuration Menu No –Select the programs per day by pressing UP/DOWN button “2” for Morn/Eve program periods per day “4” for Morn/Day/Eve/Night program periods per day Press Run

32 Heat Adv Day Time Run Sched 72 Day 6:00 P Mon Sched Menu 6” How to Set A Program 1.In Heat mode, press the MENU button to display additional button choices. 2.Press Sched button. The display will show the day being programmed and the time and desired temperature for the period. Either “Day” for two period configuration or “Morn” for four period configuration will be displayed to indicate the period. “Heat” is displayed indicating the mode being programmed. 3.Press the UP/DOWN button to change the temperature to your selected temperature for the 1 st. Heating period. 4.Press the TIME button to toggle between Time and Temperature. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to adjust the start time for the period in 15 minute increments. 5.Press Sched to advance to the next program period. 6.Repeat steps 3 through 5 until all of the program times and temperatures are set for all program periods for that day. 7.Use the Copy button to copy current day’s program to any other day or press Adv Day and repeat steps 3 through 6 until all programs are entered. 8.Press Run to complete programming TimeRun UP/ DOWN

33 Features Your Customer Should Be Aware Of Auxiliary Heating (Equivalent to Emergency Mode) –To turn on – Hold Heat button for 5 seconds – (Heat Pump) changes to bold (Aux Heat On) Temporary Temperature Hold (2 hours) –Press the Up or Down button to change the temp. Permanent Temperature Hold (Indefinitely) –Press the Up or Down button to change the temp. –Press the Hold button to complete Systems Diagnostics –“Call for Service” will display if your system has diagnostic capabilities and is wired to the “L” terminal Power to “L” triggers “CALL FOR SERVICE”

34 Troubleshooting Tips “My thermostat brings on 2 nd stage too fast! I don’t want to use the expensive back-up heat” –Solution: Homeowner needs to lower temperature settings to avoid use of that stage of heat. “My thermostat won’t bring on 2nd stage, even when I raise the temperature a few degrees, for 15 or 20 minutes sometimes” –Solution: Turn on the fast 2nd stage. “I’ve been timing the thermostat to see when it brings on the back-up heat and writing it down. This thing is possessed” –Solution : Put down the stop watch. It is a complicated calculation, not solely time or temperature based.

35 Some Things To Remember Most common mistake is not choosing correct configuration for the application –SS, MS, HP1, HP2 Easy Reader does not have Staging Indicators –Designed intentionally for simplicity of operation Easy Reader ships as a Non-Programmable –Ask the homeowner if they want programmable Dual Fuel can be used on both HP1 and HP2 –Some think it is only for HP2

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