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ISMM Professional membership body representing the sales profession March 24th 2015.

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1 ISMM Professional membership body representing the sales profession March 24th 2015

2 Professionalising sales The Objective  Raise the profile of sales as a credible and desirable career choice  Gain recognition for professionally qualified sales people in line with other recognised professions such as accountants, marketers and lawyers

3 How  Identifying the skills needed by sales professionals at every stage of their careers  Using credible qualifications that will deliver the desired skills

4 Why Changing landscape in sales Sales pitch is no longer adequate

5 Why Qualifications?  Difference between qualification and a course  Understanding the theory behind the skill  Academic rigor to give sales skills credibility in line with other disciplines

6 Steps to create credible qualifications for sales people with the right skills sets  Sales people, sales trainers, organisations  National occupational standards

7 Framework  Levels 1 to 6  Bite sized units building to larger qualifications  Flexible  Assessment methods  Generic

8 Organisations with qualified sales people

9 Quotes James Morfitt “ I found I was able to apply the coursework I was doing, immediately the very next day you could implement it” “ It enabled me to feel more professional, to be more professional with my customers and to have sales as a profession”

10 Quotes Sue Martin – Winner of the AXA overall account manager of the year “ It was the only course I’ve been involved with that synchronized completely with my day job so my buy in was 110%” “ My results were measured in Growth, Retention, Conversion and Profitability and they were the best I could have ever wished for”

11 Quotes Neil McDougall “ I had no formal qualifications, I had lots of experience, what the course did for me was to fill the gaps as it formalized and theorized all the things I thought I was doing right” “ It has recently helped me considerably. I was unemployed, the qualification helped me to get the interview and some elements of the course helped me get the job”

12 Testimonial - SIG “Achieving ISMM accreditation represents an important milestone in the company’s push to encourage the long-term development of the firm’s 1,500-strong UK sales force and reinforce the company’s commitment to customer service.” At the ISMM we have made a concerted effort over the past 36 months to make SIG plc a true centre of excellence for salespeople in this industry, and this accreditation is further proof that sales executives have an opportunity to forge a long-term career here, with real avenues for personal development.”

13 Resistance  I want them out on the road  There is a recession we need sales  If they leave it will be a waste of time

14 Sales people viewpoints  Questioning and listening skills helped me slow down and not talk over the customer  It helped me in every aspect of my sales role from how I approach my customers to planning and organising my daily tasks

15 Results  Completed the qualification: Y1- 17.95% Y2- 18.23%  Not started on the programme: Y1- 2.81% Y2- 3.09%

16 Thank You Thank you and happy to answer any questions

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