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PyMol install & resources

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2 PyMol install & resources
Python Windows x86 MSI Installer (2.7.6) Binaries pymol‑ win32‑py2.7.exe Source code Manual Wiki Tutorial - 1w2i

3 L’importanza della forma delle molecole: l’influenza aviaria e lo zanamivir

4 Structures of influenza A proteins and insights into antiviral drug targets. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2010; 17(5): 530–538. zanamivir (yellow) oseltamivir (green) sialic acid (gray) 

5 Active site display >fetch 3ckz Press S button
>select zanamivir, resn zmr >select pocketatom, 3ckz near_to 5 of zanamivir show (pocketatom) as surface select pocketres, byres pocketatom >residuelist = [] >iterate pocketres and name CA, residuelist.append((resi, resn)); >for pair in residuelist: print pair[0], pair[1]

6 Enzyme Classification Search : EC=
Enzyme Classification Search : EC=* and Ligand Search : Has free ligands=yes and Representative Structures at 100% Sequence Identity

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