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Year 2 and Year 6 SATs meeting

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1 Year 2 and Year 6 SATs meeting
20th January at 6.30pm

2 Y2 SATs Meeting Purpose of this meeting
To explain the SATs process for Year 2 pupils To give ideas for helping your child To answer any questions

3 Purpose of the SATs To inform teacher assessment
To identify areas of strength and weakness in order to aid planning To provide data for the Local Authority and Government!

4 Year 2 2 writing tasks – a short and a longer one Spelling test
Reading comprehension test Maths test Informal in KS1 No set week to carry them out – they occur throughout May and June Children can return to the test the next day

5 Activities to support Year 2 writing task
Write a postcard to a friend to describe a book character you have met. Write about your favourite character from a story. Write some facts they have learnt about a non-fiction topic ( famous people, parts of the body)

6 Year 2 Reading Comprehension Test
Questions about a story or non-fiction piece of writing, e.g. How many bowls did Goldilocks find in the bears’ house? How do you think the bears felt when they found a stranger in the house? Homework tasks

7 Year 2 Mathematics Test Example questions: 23 10 more
Look at the numbers Draw a circle around each even number Mathletics tasks are great too!

8 Level 2 and Level 3 papers Children will take the Level 2 papers.
Children who are working at a higher level will take a Level 3 paper in maths and reading.

9 Levels National expectation for the end of year 2 is a 2B
Above average is either a 2A or a Level 3 Slightly below average is a 2C Below average is a Level 1 However this is the last year of levels – these levels are transferred into the terms; below, expected, exceeded ready for Year 3.

10 How the SATs are taken Small groups Part of the usual daily activities
Children have taken past papers to become used to the format Adults can read the questions to the children in Maths and give a description of the writing task

11 Marking The tests are marked by the school staff
Results are moderated by the Local Authority

12 Any Questions? This presentation will be available on the website.

13 Year 6 2 maths papers and mental arithmetic test
1 reading comprehension paper 1 spelling, grammar and punctuation test Writing levels are now being teacher assessed Level 6 papers take place in the afternoons of the same week

14 Timetable for Levels 3-5 tests

15 Year 6 Maths test Here is a grid made of squares.
Shade 10% of this grid.

16 Year 6 Writing Task Example task: Imagine that your class are making a book of memories of the year at school. A copy of the book will be given to every pupil in the class. Everyone in the class will write a page of the book about their memories. Your task is to write your page of the book.

17 Year 6 Second week in May (11th – 14th May 2015) SATs police
Set timetable Tests sent away for marking Illness Results received in July League tables published in November

18 What can you do to help your child?
Make sure your child has plenty of sleep Breakfast Water Reassurance and support

19 Question Time

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