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Meeting for the Parents of Year 2 Children Tuesday 29 th April - 7pm.

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1 Meeting for the Parents of Year 2 Children Tuesday 29 th April - 7pm

2 Aims of the Meeting To discuss assessments at Key Stage 1 To explain and discuss the requirements and assessment for the English Speaking Board. (ESB) To answer any question you may have

3 You can help by: Making sure they get enough sleep during the week and the weekends Trying to make sure they eat something for breakfast Getting to school on time and being ready for learning If they are unwell, please inform the office as soon as possible.

4 The End of Key Stage 1 Assessments At the end of Key Stage 1 the children are assessed in the key curriculum areas of English (Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing ), Maths and Science. Children’s attainment over the year is assessed by the teachers and you will get a final teacher assessment in July.

5 The End of Key Stage 1 Assessments The main teacher assessments take place between January and June. Schools are regularly moderated to make sure that their judgements are in line with national levels Level 3 writing is externally moderated The SATs tests are carried out in May and help support the teachers’ levelling.

6 Assessments and Tests The SATs tests are carried out in a more relaxed atmosphere than is evident in other schools so Please don’t mention tests!Please don’t mention tests!


8 Assessments and Tests – English Speaking and Listening Reading- 1:1, Level 2 and 3 comprehensions (fiction and non-fiction) Writing :- - Spelling - Long Writing (1 hour) - Short writing (30 mins) -(handwriting is judged as part of writing tasks)

9 Maths Evidence is taken from- Problem Solving Number systems and calculation Shape, Space and Measure Handling data Tests – Level 2 and Level 3 papers

10 Science Teacher Assessment based with 4 areas of assessment which are: Scientific enquiry Life Processes Materials and Properties Physical Processes Scientific enquiry carries more than half the marks.

11 Reporting Back Results will be sent out with the Reports in July and will consist of teacher assessment levels At Key Stage 1, Level 3 is not broken down into c,b and a and usually they will only be working within the lower end of this level Please note- children often slip back a sub level over the summer holidays, especially starting a new school.

12 English Speaking Board Our Year 2 children are being given the opportunity to be entered in an ESB exam. In previous years this has been held in March, but this year we have decided to try it in July. As a school we feel this is of great benefit in improving their Speaking and Listening skills

13 The Syllabus for ESB Section 1 – Presenting – Something special time…show your listeners something that is special to you, and talk about it without using notes. (2 minutes) Section 2 – Speaking by heart – Poetry Give the title and the poet’s name before saying from memory a poem that you enjoy. (1 min)

14 The syllabus (cont) Section 3 - Reading aloud – Choose a favourite book suitable for your reading ability, and read a passage of about 100 words. Tell your listeners the title and author to introduce your reading. Section 4 – Listening and responding. Answer questions from the assessor, and listeners after your talk, and be ready to question others in your group.

15 Preparation time All these areas will be practised in school, however further support from will be needed. Please have “show and tell” ready straight after half term, and poems by Friday June 6 th. We can suggest poems and passages from books if you are having difficulty.

16 Popular ESB books Diary of a Killer Cat – Anne Fine The terrible Twins –Dick King-Smith Charlotte’s web – E.B.White Any Roald Dahl books The Owl who was afraid of the Dark – J, Tomlinson Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll Paddington Bear – Michael Bond

17 Ideas for Show and tell Photographs – pets, holidays, Favourite toy Old family object Items specific to hobby – sport, music, cooking, art etc

18 Any questions?? In spite of the fact that this is a crucial year, and that we expect the children to work hard, we hope that they will have an enjoyable and memorable final term at Puttenham School!

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