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Zorba Diamond “Real Diamonds Real Beauty”

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1 Zorba Diamond “Real Diamonds Real Beauty”
Zorba Diamond “Real Diamonds Real Beauty” a product of TIRUPATI GOLD PVT. LTD.

2 Company profile Zorba Diamond is a brand of Tirupati Gold Pvt Ltd. incorporated in 2005 in the Registrar of companies involved in manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of exclusive Diamond studded Gold jewellery business. It now stands proud as one of the leading and known name in the jewellery business segment. We are based in Kolkata, having a quality oriented setup since 2005, offering our services to our customers all over India as well as in International Market. We have most reputed and renowned brands in India as our customers.

3 We are committed in providing finest customized diamonds with authorized certification.
Our business objective is laid down on our firm beliefs- Focus is on customer delights. Offering finest quality diamond jewellery competitive prices. Building Relationships with our clients.

4 4 C’s of Diamonds. Diamonds. are graded by 4 C’s (Clarity, Cut, Color & Carat) are used throughout the world .Combination of the highest 4 C’s ratings are more rare and consequently more expensive. COLOR Refers to the degree to which a diamond is colorless. CARAT- Refers to the weight of the diamond.1 Carat=100 Cents. CUT Refers the manner in which diamond has been shaped. CLARITY Refers to the presence of impurities in a diamond.

Clarity F,IF VVS1,VVS2 VS1,VS2 S11,SI2,SI3 I1,I2,I3 Flawless- Internally flawless Very Very Slight Impurities Very Slight Impurities Slight Impurities Impurities Color Color D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Scale Colorless Near Colorless Faint Yellow Very Light Yellow Light Yellow

6 ZORBA DIAMOND LABORATORY is a gemological Institute that provides professional diamond identification & grading services to the fine jewellery industry. ZDL follows International Diamond Grading System. The report is designed to provide an objective evaluation & identification of diamonds. All the grading and measurement factors shown on the certificate helps to determine the quality and nature of diamond. The examination is done under 10x magnification via a fully corrected loop, master color stones, appropriate lightning & other devices in the lab. The Gemological report is provided upon request by the jewelers'. It is neither as an appraisal nor as a guarantee & warranty .

7 Zorba Diamond “Real Diamonds Real Beauty”
Bangles Rings Pendent Sets Pendants Sets Earrings



10 Pendent Sets

11 Pendants

12 Sets

13 Sets

14 Ear tops

15 Reasons to Choose us Excellent Quality of Diamond Jewellery. VS - HI & Above. Extremely Competitive Cost- Disintermediation of supply chain: Eliminated Brokers + Local Market and directly reaching to our Clients. No Showroom Cost . No Broker’s Margin. Offering benefits to our Clients in terms of Quality and Competitive Prices. Authenticity Certificate. Variety of Designs.

16 Zorba Diamond Contact Details C/O Tirupati Gold Pvt. Ltd.
To know more about us visit our website- For any queries us at- Call us / , Zorba Diamond C/O Tirupati Gold Pvt. Ltd. 18, Hanspukur 1st Lane, 2nd floor Kolkata, West Bengal

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