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F INANCIALS I NTRO Enter Presenter Name & Contact Information Here (Calibri 16, Bold) FAwa1-10Jun-FB-1.

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1 F INANCIALS I NTRO Enter Presenter Name & Contact Information Here (Calibri 16, Bold) FAwa1-10Jun-FB-1

2 ECSS: What is It? 2 ECSS is an initiative to improve logistics support to Warfighters by Transforming Air Force Logistics business processes Leveraging ongoing initiatives and capabilities Applying best business practices to Air Force Logistics

3 ECSS: What is It? (cont’d) 3 “The Air Force maintained its commitment to transforming logistics business practices, including total asset visibility and associated information technology, by protecting funds associated with fielding the first increment of the Expeditionary Combat Support System.” ̶ USAF 2010 Posture Statement (emphasis added) Vision Enable an Air Force Logistics enterprise that supports rapid, agile deployment, employment, sustainment, and reconstitution of the total force at acceptable risk, in a cost-effective manner, across the full spectrum of operations Mission Improve Warfighter capabilities by transforming the full range of Air Force Logistics business processes and related IT support Strategy Deliver a commercial off- the-shelf (COTS) capability integrated with redesigned processes Integrated, Web-based technology Consistent data model Scalable (variable users and locations)

4 ECSS: How Big is It? 4 ECSS effects will be visible and felt across the Air Force Logistics Enterprise 250,000 Users 600+ Sites 100Ks of Items >1 Million Transactions/Day Login:

5 What Will It Do? 5 ECSS is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative that will revolutionize AF Logistics performance Process-centric transformation The way AF Logisticians accomplish their work The support AF Logisticians provide to Warfighters Leverages cutting-edge technology and best business practices to create enterprise view Creates global visibility of assets/equipment and enterprise data ownership Materials Management Finance Training Qualifications ReportingWorkflow Maintenance Supply Logistics Installation Mgmt. Force Management Force Planning Acquisition ReadinessMission PlanningRetrogradeQuality Assurance

6 How Will It Do That? 6 ECSS accomplishes this by: Establishing a real-time, modernized information system Using commercial ERP software Horizontally integrating business practices across the enterprise Includes: 600+ AF locations 3 DFAS sites 250,000+ users ECSS replaces hundreds of legacy systems so organizations can more easily communicate with each other and replaces many current processes with reengineered processes

7 Release Schedule JASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASONDJFMAMJJASOND R1-MS B R1-MS C ECSS Technology Development R1 EMD R1 IOT&E R1 IOT&E R1 Fielding R1 Fielding R1 Pilot A R1 Pilot B R1 Pilot C R2 EMD R2 Pilot R2 IOT&E R2 Fielding R4 EMD R4 Pilot R4 IOT&E R4 IOT&E R4 Fielding R2-MS B R3-MS B R4-MS B R3 EMD R3 Pilot R3 IOT&E R3 Fielding R2 -Development R1- Development Version 8.6 – 7 Jun 10 Enterprise Planning and Materiel Management R2 Fielding (7 Locations): ALC(3): OO, OC, WR WPAFB - HQ AFMC AFGLSC Scott AFB Langley AFB Peterson AFB Flightline Mx & Ammo Mgt R4 Fielding (200+ locations) Heavy Mx & Planning R3 Fielding (6 Locations): ALC(3): OO, OC, WR WPAFB - HQ AFMC DFAS(2) R2 - 4 Gap Analysis & Risk Reduction Activity R4 -Development R3 -Development Timing of R2-4 will depend on FY12 POM Oracle Development & Integration Enhancements Designed Available D1 D2 D3 I2I1 I2 Tools/Equipment/Vehicle Management and Base-Level Materiel Management R1 Fielding (600 Locations): R2-MS C R3-MS C R4-MS C OA


9 Logistics Financials or “LogFins” refers to the Air Force Logistics financial operations portion of ECSS. LogFins will allow ECSS to be the system of record for the Air Force Working Capital Fund (WCF) and a critical feeder system for the Air Force General Fund (AF GF). ECSS will help Air Force Logistics financial operations improve in three vital areas: Efficiency Effectiveness Ability to Comply with Chief Financial Officer mandates Logistics Financials Introduction 9

10 LogFins Functionality in R1 10 Pilot Phase, Hanscom AFB Tool/Inventory Management Tool/Inventory Management Track accountability and maintain inventory of tools and equipment Record inspection and calibration (preventive maintenance) Identify and dispose of excess items Pilot B 12/2010 Release 1 Pilot A + B + Requisition inventory material from Federal Agencies and local suppliers Cost, manage, control, and track item inventory and mobility assets Supply inventory to maintenance and other services Pilot C 05/2011 Pilot A 07/2010 IOT&E 11/2011 Systems Impacted Vehicle/Equipment Management Vehicle/Equipment Management Capture vehicle usage data Set up and maintain vehicle maintenance Bill of Materials Capture maintenance cost and support billing process Schedule work orders and capture materials consumed and AF Maintainers performing work on AF and non-AF vehicles Pilot A + Manage and depreciate capital assets Support budget formulation by reporting asset depreciation data Track equipment accountability Set up and maintain equipment maintenance Bill of Materials Pilot A + B + Capture, report and bill maintenance costs Transfer financial ownership of assets Financial/ Supporting Capabilities Financial/ Supporting Capabilities Pilot A + Report depreciation of capital assets Update and maintain personnel and certifications Establish Chart of Accounts Manually record personnel and certifications Establish maintenance plans for preventive maintenance Cost collection report Create and maintain item master records for vehicles Pilot A + B + Perform financial accounting and reporting Process AR/AP transactions Perform cost accounting Perform budget execution Targeted Systems: TC-MAX, TAS, SPIRES, DoDAAC(AF), ILS-S, ILS-S-SATS, ECC, SRWP, AFLSW, MICAS Pilot A + Manage equipment inventory accounts to include CACRLs Create and maintain item master records for equipment Support budget formulation by reporting inventory data Targeted Systems: OLVIMS, AFEMS: AIM & Table of Allowance Interfaced Systems: AFWAY, DAISY, DSS, CICP, IDE/AV, Small Arms DB, AFEMS(C ), DRRS, CERC, AFDS, OWRMRS, ERS Targeted Systems: SMAS (Partial) Current as of 17 May 10


12 The following slides gives examples of current Air Force Logistics Financials areas for improvement and how ECSS will impact them: United States Standard General Ledger Funds Control Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS) format for incoming Interfund Bills Prevention of Duplicate Payments How ECSS will Improve AF LogFins 12

13 Improvement Opportunity Currently there is no Air Force-wide visibility of logistics financial transactions. Air Force legacy systems use General Ledger accounts that do not always comply with the Treasury Financial Manual. Currently there is difficulty in system reconciliation between the General Ledger and the subsidiary ledgers at the line-item level. United States Standard General Ledger 13

14 ECSS Impact ECSS will provide a central repository for logistics financial transactions, resulting in total financial visibility. ECSS will provide General Ledger accounts that comply with the Treasury Financial Manual. ECSS will dramatically improve systematic reconciliations between the General Ledger and subsidiary ledgers. United States Standard General Ledger 14 ECSS will result in total financial visibility

15 Improvement Opportunity There is an inadequate validation of funds based on policy requirements and business rules. Current processes permit financial transactions to exceed available funds. There are minimal controls to prohibit obligations in advance of an appropriation. Funds Control 15

16 ECSS Impact ECSS will provide visibility of the type and amount of funds available for use and validate their use against business rules and policy requirements. ECSS will validate the requested funds against the available funds to mitigate Anti-Deficiency Act violations. ECSS will provide for the commitment of funds for request of goods and services and the automatic de- commitment and obligation when contracts/purchase orders are awarded. Funds Control 16 ECSS will provide visibility and validation

17 Improvement Opportunity Current legacy systems call for old Military Standard Billing System (MILBILLS) format which requires duplication of fields due to limitation of characters. This calls for intricate knowledge of legacy data format to decipher transaction. Currently there are three systems involved in making payment and posting general ledger for requisitions initiated to the Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) after bills are received from the Defense Automated Address System (DAAS). DLMS 17

18 ECSS Impact ECSS will meet the DoD requirement for ERPs to accept DLMS formatted transactions which provide more detailed information eliminating duplication of fields. ECSS will modernize the payment process by providing visibility of supplier and buyer detail. ECSS will receive the DLMS 810L record (bill) directly from DAAS reducing interface errors. ECSS will transform the interfund process in that the requisition, payment, and general ledger will now reside in one system. DLMS 18

19 Improvement Opportunity There is currently no central repository for logistics invoices. The entitlement systems are disparate. Contract modifications that change the pay station have caused duplicate payments. Prevention of Duplicate Payments 19

20 ECSS Impact ECSS will be the central repository for Air Force Logistics invoices, regardless of the entitlement system. ECSS will have a duplicate invoice validation on the vendor, including pre-validation invoices. These invoices will be matched to a Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) so that the available balance can be validated and a receipt can be obtained if required. Prevention of Duplicate Payments 20 ECSS will serve as the central repository for AF Logistics invoices

21 Summary 21 This briefing introduced you to the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) and explained how ECSS will affect Air Force LogFins in the areas of: United States Standard General Ledger Funds Control DLMS format for incoming Interfund Bills Prevention of Duplicate Payments Visibility and integration are key benefits

22 Stay Informed Learn more! Talk to your local ECSS representative Questions? 22

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