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Lambdas and Laughs Jim Bethancourt Houston

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1 Lambdas and Laughs Jim Bethancourt Houston JUG @jimbethancourt

2 Forward Looking Statement Ok, Not Really…

3 Topics Covered Lambda Support Lambda syntax Interface enhancements Convert inner class to Lambda forEach & Streams Method & Constructor References Functional API

4 Download Links & IDE Support Regular JDK download link (for EAs) Netbeans IntelliJ Eclipse

5 Maven Support org.apache.maven.plugins maven-compiler-plugin 2.3.2 1.8



8 Lambdas A lambda expression is like a method: it provides a list of formal parameters and a body—an expression or block—expressed in terms of those parameters. Expressions: s -> s.length() (int x, int y) -> x+y () -> 42 Assign lambda to functional interface: Runnable r1 = () -> System.out.println("My Runnable");


10 Lambdas Blocks: (x, y, z) -> { if (x==y) return x; else { int result = y; for (int i = 1; i < z; i++) result *= i; return result; }}

11 Typical Use Cases Anonymous classes (GUI listeners) Runnables / Callables Comparator Apply operation to a collection via foreach method Chain operations on a collection with Stream API



14 MOAR !!! Monday Programming with Lambda Expressions in Java [CON1770] 11 AM Hilton Imperial A GS Collections and Java 8: Functional, Fluent, Friendly, and Fun [CON5423] 11 AM Hilton Imperial B Under the Hood of Java 8 Parallel Streams with an Oracle Solaris Dtrace [BOF1937] 9: 45 PM Moscone North 131 Tuesday Jump-Starting Lambda [TUT3371] 10:30 AM Hilton Yosimite B/C Lambda Under the Hood [CON4180] 11 AM Hilton Imperial A Lambda Q&A Panel [CON3374] 1:30 PM Hilton Yosimite B/C

15 MOAR!!! Thursday Lambda Programming Laboratory [HOL3373] 2 PM Hilton Franciscan A/B Lambda-izing JavaFX [CON3248] 3:30 PM Hilton Plaza A


17 Effectively Final For both lambda bodies and inner classes, local variables in the enclosing context can only be referenced if they are final or effectively final. A variable is effectively final if its value is not reassigned after its initialization. No longer need to litter code with final keyword


19 Interface Defender Methods Interface methods with bodies default keyword More graceful API evolution Interfaces have no state Static methods not inherited Can reference abstract method Called “Extended Interfaces” if no abstract methods present


21 Super! Extended Interfaces can extend other extended interfaces Methods can be overridden Can decorate parent definitions via super interface I1 { default void method1() {//do stuff}} interface I2 extends I1{ default void method1() { super.method1(); //do new stuff }}


23 Specify the Parent Interface interface D1 { default void meth1() {//do stuff}} interface D2 extends D1{ void default meth1() { super.method1(); //do new stuff}} interface D3 extends D1{ void default meth1() { super.method1(); //do new stuff}} interface D4 extends D2, D3{ void default meth1() { D2.super.method1(); //do new stuff}}


25 Convert Anonymous Class to Lambda from // Anonymous inner class for event handling.onAction(new EventHandler () { @Override public void handle(ActionEvent e) { anim.playFromStart(); } })


27 Convert Anonymous Class to Lambda.onAction((ActionEvent) -> { anim.playFromStart(); } }).onAction((e) -> {anim.playFromStart();})


29 Convert Anonymous Class to Lambda.onAction((ActionEvent) -> { anim.playFromStart(); } }).onAction((e) -> {anim.playFromStart();}).onAction(e -> { anim.playFromStart(); }).onAction(e -> anim.playFromStart();)


31 MOAR!!! Transforming Code to Java 8 [CON1772] Thursday 2:30 Hilton Imperial B


33 forEach forEach() - available on Iterator & Map interfaces and their implementations Allows for internal control of iteration of elements for possible parallel operation List names = Arrays.asList(“Bill", “Ed", “Al"); names.forEach(e -> { System.out.println(e); }); But be careful!!!




37 MOAR!!! GS Collections and Java 8: Functional, Fluent, Friendly, and Fun [CON5423] Monday 11 AM Hilton Imperial B Autumn Collections: From Iterable to Lambdas, Streams, and Collectors [TUT3472] Tuesday 8:30 AM Hilton Yosemite A New Tricks for Old Dogs: Collections in Java 8 [CON6309] Thursday 4 PM Hilton Imperial A


39 Classes to support functional-style operations on streams of values Stream - A sequence of elements supporting sequential and parallel bulk ops

40 Stream opened by calling – – Collection.parallelStream() List names = Arrays.asList("Bill", “Ed", “Al"); out( -> e.length() >= 4 ).findFirst().get()); Returns “Bill”

41 All other interfaces in stream package accessible through Stream interface Collector - A (possibly parallel) reduction operation. FlatMapper - Maps element of type T to zero or more elements of type U.



44 MOAR!!! Journey’s End: Collection and Reduction in the Stream API [TUT3836] Monday 8:30 AM Hilton Yosemite A Programming with Streams in Java 8 [CON1771] Monday 4 PM Hilton Imperial A Parallel Streams Workshop [CON3372] Wednesday 10 AM Hilton Yosemite A Loads more!!!


46 java.util Spliterator provides traversal operations Optional – Returned by Stream’s aggregate methods find*(), reduce(), min(), max() – Call get() to get the value it’s holding


48 Method & Constructor References A method reference is used to refer to a (static or instance) method without invoking it A constructor reference is similarly used to refer to a constructor without creating a new instance of the named class or array type. Specified with the :: (double colon) operator

49 Method & Constructor References Provide a way to refer to a method / constructor without invoking it Examples: System::getProperty "abc"::length String::length super::toString ArrayList::new int[]::new


51 Convert call to Method Reference public class Test { static void foo(){} static { new Runnable() { @Override public void run() {; } }.run(); }}

52 Convert call to Method Reference public class Test { static void foo(){} static { ((Runnable) () ->; }

53 Convert call to Method Reference public class Test { static void foo(){} static { ((Runnable) Test::foo()).run(); }


55 Use a Method Reference This bttnExit.setOnAction( (actionEvent) -> { try { stop(); } catch (Exception e) { // TODO: add error handling } }); Can be bttnExit.setOnAction( this::onExitButtonClick);... void onExitButtonClick() { try { stop(); } catch (Exception e) { // TODO: add error handling }

56 Use a Constructor Reference interface Factory { T make(); } Factory > f1 = ArrayList:: new; Every time make() is invoked, it will return a new ArrayList

57 How many times have you heard


59 Whatever! Method assigned to privileged interface: public class Main { public static class NotAutoCloseable { public void close() throws Exception { System.out.println("CLOSE"); } } public static void main(String... args) throws Exception { NotAutoCloseable nac = new NotAutoCloseable(); try (AutoCloseable ac = nac::close) {}}}



62 Functional Interface Has just one abstract method. (Can have other methods with bodies) Represents a functional contract. The @FunctionalInterface annotation helps ensure the Functional Interface contract is honored

63 Functional Interface What happens when you have more than one abstract method & use @FunctionalInterface?



66 java.util.function Functional interfaces provide target types for lambda expressions and method references Consumer Function Supplier Predicate Unary/BinaryOperator Bi(Consumer/Function/Predicate)


68 public static void processElements( Iterable source, Predicate tester, Function mapper, Consumer block) { for (X p : source) { if (tester.test(p)) { Y data = mapper.apply(p); block.accept(data); } } } from


70 MOAR!!! Thinking in Functional Style [CON1767] Monday 2:30 PM Hilton Yosemite B/C Twins: FP and OOP [CON2159] Monday 2:30 PM Hilton Continental 7/8/9 Loads more (insanely huge list for functional programming)


72 New Java 8 Feature Overview far-sight-look-jdk-8 far-sight-look-jdk-8 Java 8 Maven Support 12/08/java-lambda-support-in-java-8.html 12/08/java-lambda-support-in-java-8.html

73 Lambda JSR Articles on Lambdas Presentations on Lambdas: Lambda implementation mechanics:

74 Typical lambda use cases: Defender method paper: Method references (:: operator) Stream API: Sophisticated Lambda use case allowing for avoiding NPEs using Monads: Functional programming in Java

75 Thank you!

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