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1 Internet2: Advanced Network Applications and Technologies Tibor Gyires School of Information Technology Illinois State University

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1 1 Internet2: Advanced Network Applications and Technologies Tibor Gyires School of Information Technology Illinois State University 1.What is Internet2? 2.Types of application 3.Example applications 4.List of projects by discipline 5.References

2 2 1.Internet2 Internet2 is a not-for-profit consortium, led by over 200 US universities, developing and deploying advanced network applications and technology, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet.

3 3 Internet2’s Mission Facilitate and coordinate the development, deployment, operation, and technology transfer of advanced, network-based applications and network services to further US leadership in research and higher education and accelerate the availability of new services and applications on the Internet.

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5 5 Abilene Internet2 backbone network (IP over SONET) A project of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) in collaboration with various corporate partners

6 6 Link Capacities 13,000 miles of fiber optic cable, with over 8,000 miles of interior circuits and another 5,000 miles of access circuits Operates at OC-192 (9.6 gigabits per second) or about 354,000 times faster than a typical computer modem.

7 7

8 8 Abilene Weather Map

9 9

10 10 2.Types of Applications Internet2 applications require enhanced networking functionality—such as high bandwidth, low latency (delay) and jitter, and multicast—not available on our commercial Internet connections.

11 11 Attributes in the Most Compelling Applications 1.Interactive collaboration environments, where users can truly interact with others without the barriers of distance. 2.Common access to remote resources, such as telescopes and microscopes.

12 12 Attributes (cont.) 3.Using the network as a "backplane" to build network-wide computation and data services (Grid computing). 4.Displaying information through virtual reality environments—moving from static graphics and images to moving, three- dimensional animations.

13 13 3.Example applications Grid computing Telemedicine Astronomy Tele-immersion Music Digital Video Tele-Operation of Remote Equipment

14 14 The Grid project Using the network as a "backplane" to build network-wide computation and data services. It enables scientific exploration, which requires intensive computation and analysis of shared large-scale databases, from hundreds of TeraBytes to PetaBytes, across widely distributed scientific communities.

15 15 The two biggest centers For Particle Physics CERN in Geneva Fermilab near Chicago

16 16 3.5 PetaBytes / year ~10 8 events/year The Computing Challenge

17 17 Telemedicine During a surgery performed at Ohio State University, Abilene was used to conference with doctors from other parts of the country. An MRI machine can scan a patient in one location and send the data to a remote supercomputer for processing, and then deliver the resulting images to a doctor in a third location.

18 18 Telemedicine (cont.) A specialist in Boston could give advice to a doctor in rural areas for on-site medical care, or even guide that doctor during a surgery. A medical student could watch a rare procedure that would otherwise be unavailable. mo.story/index.html mo.story/index.html

19 19 Telemedicine (cont.) Anatomical and Surgery Simulation over the InternetAnatomical and Surgery Simulation over the Internet The "trainee" could feel the actions and force of the instructor's "hand".The "trainee" could feel the actions and force of the instructor's "hand"

20 20 Radio Astronomy Electronic transmission of Very Long Baseline Interferometry (e-VLBI) data from the Haystack's Westford Observatory and NASA's Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory, which were streamed over Internet2's Abilene Network to the Haystack correlator at 512 Mbps. The live results were displayed in a 3D plot (correlation amplitude, differential Doppler, differential delay) in Pittsburgh as the data were correlated.

21 21

22 22 Tele-immersion Tele-immersion creates coordinated, partially simulated environments at geographically distributed sites so that users can collaborate as if they were in the same physical room.

23 23 National Tele-immersion Initiative - NTII

24 24 Tele-immersion (cont.) In the case of medical applications, such as tele-radiology and urgent diagnostics, the availability of such technologies in the places that are physically inaccessible to specialists could potentially save the lives. Off-shore ships and oil rigs are good examples of such environments.

25 25 Demo The participants in this session were not only able to see each other in 3D but they were also able to engage in collaborative work, and take part in a design process (a simple example of interior office design)

26 26 Music College music professors can now be in several places at once delivering high- quality audio and video via high-speed connections. An excerpt of MTT conducting from Miami, an orchestra in Cleveland, on October 29th, 2002 New World Symphony An excerpt from CNN's 'Science and Technology Week' spotlighting a NWS Internet2 demonstration between Miami and Atlanta

27 27 Real-Time Tele-Operation of Remote Equipment North Carolina State Tele-vator is a computerized excavation backhoe that can be remotely operated over Internet2.Tele-vator Because of its size and potential criticality of operations (e.g., in rescue hazardous situations) Tele-vator requires a high level of sophisticated two-way feedback, including adequate depth of vision provided via high-definition stereovision. Guaranteed Quality-of-Service (QoS) — such as network bandwith, latency control, and jitter control — are essential to insure the quality of the 3D image, audio, and equipment control channels.

28 28 nanoManipulator: Seeing and Touching Molecules nanoManipulator: Seeing and Touching Molecules (6 min) Scanning-probe microscopes (SPMs) allow the investigation and manipulation of surfaces down to the atomic scale. The nano Manipulator (nM) system provides an improved, natural interface to SPMs, including Scanning Tunneling Microscopes and Atomic Force Microscopes. The nM couples the microscope to a virtual-reality interface that gives the scientist virtual telepresence on the surface, scaled by a factor of about a million to one.nano Manipulator

29 29 4.List of projects by discipline area Agriculture Arts Biological Sciences Business Computer Science Education Engineering Geophysical Sciences Health Sciences Humanities Mathematical and Physical Sciences Other Social Sciences

30 30 5. Projects at the School of Information Technology, ISU Access Grid A a suite of hardware and software that supports multiple group-to-group communications via high-speed networking. End-to-end Performance Evaluation and Analysis Deploy measuring tools to measure and better understand the characteristics of the traffic generated by I2 applications. Quality of Service The goal is to evaluate and measure the performance of various QoS solutions through active participation of the I2 Application QoS Working Group and other I2 partners. Security The research will focus on the security services that can be used on campuses.

31 31 6. References

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