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Internet2 - What is It? What’s New? And, Who’s Using It? Jennifer Oxenford Associate Director, MAGPI University of Scranton Internet2 Symposium January.

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1 Internet2 - What is It? What’s New? And, Who’s Using It? Jennifer Oxenford Associate Director, MAGPI University of Scranton Internet2 Symposium January 17, 2007

2 What is Internet2? The Research and Education Network for the United States of America Led by 208 research universities Close collaborations with government: NIH, NSF, NLM, NASA, to name only a few An organization that serves academic and technology needs at all levels of education A venue that brings together academics and scientists from all over the world

3 Internet2 Mission and Goals Internet2 Mission Develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet. Internet2 Goals Enable new generation of applications Re-create leading edge R&E network capability Transfer technology and experience to the global production Internet

4 A Word from Doug Van Houweling, CEO

5 Internet2 Universities 208 University Members October 2006

6 Advanced Networking Organizations around the World

7 Europe-Middle East Austria (ACOnet) Belgium (BELNET) Croatia (CARNet) Czech Rep. (CESNET) Cyprus (CYNET) Denmark (Forskningsnettet) Estonia (EENet) Finland (Funet) France (Renater) Germany (G-WIN) Greece (GRNET) Hungary (HUNGARNET) Iceland (RHnet) Ireland (HEAnet) Israel (IUCC) Italy (GARR) Latvia (LATNET) Lithuania (LITNET) Luxembourg (RESTENA) Asia-Pacific Americas Argentina (RETINA) Brazil (RNP2/ANSP) Canada (CA*net) Chile (REUNA) Mexico (Red-CUDI) United States (Abilene, vBNS) Venezuela (REACCIUN-2) Last updated: 01 May 2005 Malta (Univ. Malta) Netherlands (SURFnet) Norway (UNINETT) Poland (POL34) Portugal (RCTS2) Qatar (Qatar FN) Romania (RoEduNet) Russia (RBnet) Slovakia (SANET) Slovenia (ARNES) Spain (RedIRIS) Sweden (SUNET) Switzerland (SWITCH) United Kingdom (JANET) Turkey (ULAKBYM) *CERN Australia (AARNET) China (CERNET, CSTNET, NSFCNET) Hong Kong (HARNET) Japan (SINET, WIDE, IMNET, JGN) Korea (KOREN, KREONET2) Singapore (SingAREN) Philippines (PREGINET) Taiwan (TANet2, ASNet) Thailand (UNINET, ThaiSARN) More information at: Networks reachable via Abilene - by country

8 MAGPI’s Role and Mission What is MAGPI? MAGPI is a regional aggregation point for Internet2. We serve the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey research and education communities. MAGPI’s Mission To introduce new technology To collaboratively develop new applications with our subscribers To make access to these technologies and applications economical and sustainable

9 Current Members  Arcadia University  Berks County IU  Capital Area IU  Carbon Lehigh IU  Chester County IU  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia  Center for Advancing Partnerships in Education (CAPE)  Delaware County IU  Delaware State University  DeSales University  Fox Chase Cancer Center  The Franklin Institute  IU8/IU9/IU10  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals  Lafayette College  Lehigh Carbon Community College  Lehigh University  Lehigh Valley Hospital  Mont. Co. Intermediate Unit  Mont. Co. Community College  National Constitution Center  NJEDge.Net – State R&E Network for N.J.  The Philadelphia Orchestra  Princeton University  School District of Philadelphia  CERMUSA / St. Francis University  Temple University  Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital  Tuscarora IU  University of Delaware  University of Pennsylvania  University of Scranton  Villanova University  Widener University

10 Upcoming/Prospective Members IU17/IU18 Community College of Philadelphia Philadelphia School District Philadelphia Museum of Art University of the Arts University of the Sciences Academy of Natural Sciences WHYY …

11 K20 Initiative  Connect and engage K-12s, museums, libraries, science and cultural centers, aquariums, community colleges, etc.  Increased opportunities for joint funding, collaboration with Higher ed, student attraction, enhanced learning and education

12 Sponsored Education Group Participants

13 OrganizationTotal - 9/02Total - 5/04 K12 Schools/Orgs7,17323,388 Community Colleges 551594 Four Year Colleges and Universities 526852 Public Libraries1,4822,360 Museums, Zoos, Aquariums and Science Centers 10274 Grand Total9,83427,268 TODAY 40,167 677 1,002 3,325 128 46,226 K20 Status and Growth

14 Changing Teaching and Learning in the 21 st Century Classroom What Internet2 Offers:  Real Time Collaboration  Immediate Access to Expertise and/or Audiences  Geographical Distribution  High Quality, Real-Time Audio and Video Interaction => Engagement

15 Why Internet2? The student who will enter medical school in 5 10 years can absorb multiple channels of information lecture Second screen Dynamic charts messaging Communal note taking Slide courtesy Parvati Dev, Stanford

16 Internet2 Capacity 56 kbps ISDN DSL/ Cable T1 168 Hours74 Hours 25 Hours6.4 Hours Internet2 6 Seconds Time Required to Download 2-hour Course Lecture DVD

17 Applications Span Disciplines and Contexts…  Sciences  English  Social Studies  Art/Music  Administration  Library  Classroom  Clinic  Labs  Nature Centers  …

18 It’s more than just videoconferencing! Digital Library Resources Remote Instrumentation Networked Instrumentation Medical Simulation

19 Digital Library Collections: Research Channel

20 International Collaborations: MegaConference Jr. Student-led international Megaconference Focus on Language, Culture, Regional Issues International Distributed Teams of students in program content, developing partnerships, and technical support 7 countries and 29 states participated

21 International Collaborations: Megaconference Jr.

22 International Collaborations: Leni-Basso / Group Motion Dance Co. DVTS Keio University in Tokyo and Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA Live rehearsal and critique of “Rondo”

23 International Collaboration: Language & Culture Exchange Designed by U Penn students at the Graduate School of Education or students currently enrolled in the university's English Language Program 45 minute, live interactive sessions Were scaled for grade levels and are appropriate for social studies, world cultures, foreign language and geography classes. Programs included: French West Africa, Japanese Pop Culture Exchange and Chinese New Year Information about fall sessions will be available at

24 International Collaborations: Pasteur Institute LIVE  Lafayette University, Columbia University, Wheaton College, UPENN  Institut Pasteur Paris  Multisite VC over Internet2 and Renater  Streamed Live for non- interactive sites The Institut Pasteur and Its Global Public Health Network:A Response to the Threat of an Avian Influenza Outbreak in Humans

25 International Collaboration: Game Film Project Interactive Game Film Project Used Access Grid Apple Servers run out of MAGPI Access Grid support by Penn Video Network International University Collaboration between 13 schools

26 Expanding Audiences: St. Francis Univ. Outreach to K20 The Didgeridoo: Exploring the Dreamtime (live performance and instruction with Jim Gagnon) The Universe of Song (Music Writing Workshop with Paul Purple) The Arts & Living Seminar Catholicism/World Religions for Secular Institutions

27 Holiday Traditions Megaconference

28 Connecting to Experience and Expertise: Virtual Surgery TIES, Rhode Island Hospital, RINET, 12 Rhode Island Schools and 2 Minnesota schools “It was amazing. It makes me want to work on a surgical team.” Amy K; Cambridge, MN

29 Connecting to Experience and Expertise: Live - Virtual Surgery Virtual Surgery - “Bleeding edge technology” TIES Partners: Rhode Island Hospital, RINET, 12 Rhode Island Schools and 2 Minnesota schools “It was amazing. It makes me want to work on a surgical team” Amy K, Cambridge, MN student

30 Connecting to Experience and Expertise: Inner World Discovery Partnership between MAGPI and Inner World Discovery Multimedia Exploration of the Immune System and HIV/AIDS Videoconference Program geared toward High School Students Created by Phil Silverstein, ER doctor at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

31 Sharing Remote Resources: Distributed Medical Simulation CERMUSA/St. Francis University partnered with USUHS and others DVTS (Digital Video Transport System) at 30 Mbps, Multicast Medical Education and Distributed Patient Simulations

32 Remote Instrumentation: Distributed Nanomanipulator Mauna Kea Observatories Distributed nanoManipulator

33 Lehigh University Remote Scanning Electron Microscopy Andrea Harmer, Director of Web-based Education George Motter, Sr. Instructional Technology Consultant

34 Remote Instrumentation - Immersive Segmentation 3-D medical simulation based on the virtual human project Distributed interactive collaborative segmentation Evaluating hosting the dataset locally on MAGPI for regional access by schools/hospitals Dr. Steven Senger, Univ. of Wisconsin, La Crosse Scientific Visualization Project

35 What’s New in Internet2? Internet2 now 10 years old SEGP Program 5 years old New Network New Governance and Nominations Structure New Membership Categories New Members and Partnerships

36 What’s New in Internet2? New Internet2 Network (and no, it’s not called Internet3) Primary network has been till now 10 Gbps backbone (Abilene) Merger with NLR did not occur New Net launched Dec. 2006 Partnership with Level 3, Infinera Networks Opens up a broader community to participate in advanced networking Scalable to 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps

37 The New Internet2 Network

38 What’s New in Internet2? New Governance and Nominations Recommendations New Proposed Structure Features New Advisory Council Structure New Board Structure New Communication Structure

39 What’s New in Internet2? New Membership Categories Nothing final yet but discussions underway to offer an intermediary level of membership that would be more accessible to smaller universities New opportunities for engagement

40 What’s New in Internet2? New Members and Partnerships 17 New Corporate Members: Google, Lucent, … 4 New Affiliate Members: ESnet, HIMSS, UN, US Antarctic Program 1 New University Member: Norfolk University 3 New State Education Networks: TN, AK, FL (DE makes 4!) International Participation: India, Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates

41 MAGPI K20 Network Support Structure K20 User Group and Virtual Forums Tri-State Database K20 Portal K20 Newsletter Training Videoconferencing/I2 Commons Training Curriculum Integration/Professional Development

42 K20 User Groups and Virtual Forums MAGPI K20 User Group Connected institutions chance to host their members/users Virtually, every other month MAGPI K20 Virtual Forums Anyone/everyone/end users Discipline specific Bridge Across K20

43 More Information     

44 Students Are Different Now

45 Q&A - Thank you! Contact Info: Jennifer Oxenford 215-898-0341

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