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Internet2 Applications Strategy 2004 - David Lassner, CIO, University of Hawaii & Chair, Internet2 Applications Strategy Council

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1 Internet2 Applications Strategy 2004 - David Lassner, CIO, University of Hawaii & Chair, Internet2 Applications Strategy Council

2 Overview l Environmental Scan l Internet2 Applications Strategy u Vision u Desired Outcomes u Recommended Actions l First Steps

3 Environmental Scan l Lots of great applications work going on -- e.g., see the demos at any I2 Member Meeting or the I2 Apps web pages, but: u Nagging perception by some that “Internet2 is mostly used for students to share music & movies” … and high energy physics u Perception of limited progress on putting strategic advanced applications into “wide production” u Member concern that we’re not (yet) broadly advancing research and education on their campuses u The Applications Strategy Council (ASC) has been largely missing in action in the overall Internet2 enterprise l Continuing confidence and influence associated with the Internet2 “brand”

4 Components of I2 Applications Strategy l Vision u Must be a vision for entire Internet2 Applications “enterprise” shared by I2 members, Board, mgmt & staff l Outcomes u Assessable outcomes that advance the vision l Action plan u Requires full engagement of the full I2 community to achieve the outcomes that advance the vision äIntegration with Internet2-wide planning and resource management äInvolvement of all Internet2 components: members, management, staff, partners, councils, working groups… u Ongoing monitoring, feedback and updates

5 Vision for Internet2 Applications Internet2 Applications are recognized as key enablers of strategic improvement in higher education’s missions of research, teaching & learning and public service

6 SIDEBAR: What is an I2 Application? l Applications are what our faculty, students and staff touch in support of research, teaching & learning, and service l I2 apps exhibit some of the following characteristics u Challenge & motivate advanced networking capabilities äMulticast, IPV6, high bandwidth, low latency/jitter, middleware, E2E äOther important emerging standards and technologies u Represent breakthroughs in research, teaching & learning, service, tech transfer u Not usable in production on the commodity Internet u (Potentially) in wide use across the Internet2 network(s) The definition of an “I2 App” is a moving target as technologies advance, subside and/or are successfully transferred to the commercial sector

7 Desired Outcome for I2 Apps Enterprise There is a multidimensional “balanced portfolio” of I2 Apps l Impacting both broad and narrow user communities through both u Cross-cutting initiatives with broad applicability äRich Collaboration, Digital Libraries, Enhanced Teaching & Learning, Reusable Application Toolkits u All disciplines addressed with specific or general applications äHealth sciences, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, High Energy Physics, Space/Ocean/Earth Sciences, Languages l Representing all stages of maturity along the applications lifecycle, from demo all the way to full production in their target community -- with some reaching standardization and productization l Using and challenging diverse characteristics all layers of the advanced Cyberinfrastructure in different ways l Involving different kinds of partnerships u Industry, international, organizations, governmental agencies…

8 Internet2 Applications Action Plan: Major Themes 1.Increase emphasis on getting more I2 apps into production 2.Create shared understanding and commitment of support for applications 3.Accelerate broad-based Internet2 initiatives 4.Enhance Internet2 organizational support for applications 5.Strategic outreach initiatives

9 Internet2 Applications Action Plan: 1) Increase emphasis on getting more I2 apps into production Implement “Balanced Portfolio” approach u Develop multidimensional balanced portfolio rubric u Assess where we are u Refocus resources to improve balance across all dimensions l Document the lifecycle of I2 apps and improve our ability to support their conception, development & deployment u Catalog perceived barriers to I2 apps at all stages -- and approaches to overcoming them u Conceptualize and deploy support & services infrastructures for all stages of the I2 application lifecycle -- including shared toolsets u Obtain commitment of entire I2 ecosystem to applications success u Learn from I2 successes, e.g., middleware and backbone

10 Internet2 Applications Action Plan: 2) Create shared understanding and commitment of support for applications l Work with NPPAC and Gigapops/RONs to document operational expectations for an I2 campus, e.g., u Backbone connections and ability to deliver 100Mbps switched to every desktop & Gbps to some with required capabilities: multicast? firewall-free? No NAT? u Campus deployment & support of I2 collaboration toolset u Campus deployment & support of performance instrumentation & tools u Response center / Help Desk / NOC Support l Re-conceptualize and/or re-invigorate I2 support infrastructure for campuses including I2 Applications Lead program l Work with NPPAC and Gigapops/RONs to create a shared understanding of “reasonable use” of shared network capacity

11 Internet2 Applications Action Plan: 3) Accelerate broad-based Internet2 application initiatives l Promote a rich I2 collaboration environment with application and data sharing u Widely agreed-upon fully interoperable production tools that facilitate collaboration among all our campuses NOW u Strategy for creating & implementing our synchronous and asynchronous collaboration future(s) l Develop an Internet2 teaching & learning (T&L) agenda u Focus on how advanced networks can enhance T&L u Integrate/extend I2 research apps & resources to support educational discovery u Leverage metadata initiatives to develop shared approach to recording, archiving & distributing streaming media for access and distribution of the “lecture object” to support didactic components of education All in partnership with other higher ed groups and initiatives

12 Internet2 Applications Action Plan: 4) Enhance Internet2 organizational support for applications l Revitalize the Applications Strategy Council u Diversify ASC membership to include strategic thinkers from among: Industry research labs, VPs for Research, Deans, Member CIOs, Faculty/Research Support Leads, International partners, Regionals/GigaPoPs, and Government thought-leaders along with leading scholars and PIs u Strengthen ASC member participation l Codify roles and responsibilities of ASC relative to Staff, Management, Board and Councils u Annual update on “State of I2 Apps” to Board & Members äusing Balanced Portfolio rubric u Inter-Council collaboration on applications issues & concerns u Advocacy for applications within I2 system and externally

13 Internet2 Applications Action Plan: 5) Strategic applications outreach initiatives l Articulate widely a renewed I2 vision for applications consistent with Federal programs (Cyberinfrastructure) l Help campus CEOs, VPRs and CIOs understand their opportunities and responsibilities l Engage with key disciplines u Multi-level bi-directional relations with federal agencies u Collaboration with discipline communities and organizations u Support strategic demonstrations l Scout for and promote innovative applications (I2 as flywheel) l Develop awards program for Production I2 Apps that “make a difference”

14 Process l Circulate plan for iterative member, council and management/staff review DONE l Recommendation for acceptance to Internet2 Board of Trustees (March 2004) DONE l Execute and monitor Starting Up…

15 First Implementation Actions: Now Starting Up 1.“Mini-RFP” process to select a handful of apps for deployment 2.Shared statement of what an I2 member institution needs to do to support I2 apps on campus: technical, support, instrumentation… 3.Approach to collaboration tools for the community 4.Agenda for teaching & learning - beyond VTC 5.Approach to capturing, storing, finding & replaying captured events -- the “lecture object” 6.Outreach to campus leaders - CROs, CAOs, CEOs 7.Improved multi-purpose applications database

16 I2 Applications Strategy Council Members During the Planning Process - Current and Retired David Lassner, Chair Chief Information Officer University of Hawaii Jacqueline Brown Associate Vice Provost University of Washington Bill Decker VP for Research University of Iowa Parvati Dev Director, SUMMIT Stanford Mark Ellisman Professor of Neuroscience University of California at San Diego George Thoma Chief, Communications Engineering Branch National Library of Medicine Joel Tohline Professor & Chairman Physics & Astronomy Louisiana State University Egon Verharen Innovation Manager SURFnet Glen Wheless Executive VP, VRCO Research Asst Professor Old Dominion University Vijay Kumar Associate Provost Massachusetts Institute of Technology Clifford Lynch Executive Director Coalition for Networked Information Homer A. Neal Professor, Department of Physics University of Michigan Harvey Newman Professor of Physics California Institute of Technology

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