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A Home of 60 60 Golf A guide to your installation.

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1 A Home of 60 60 Golf A guide to your installation

2 This pack includes… 1.Introduction A message from Craig Higgs The Team Contact Details 2.Your Installation Your 60 60 Golf Pitch iPad's and Wi-Fi Your Merchandise Pack 3.The Mobile App Getting Started Choosing the Right Game Choosing a Course Understanding your Score 4.The 60 60 Player Centre Overview The Dashboard Scoring Social Access to the Player Centre Features 5.Your 60 60 Golf Community Running an event at your range Event Ideas Promoting Events Setting-up Event Calendar of Events 6.The Pro’s Guide The Pro’s Companion Getting Started – The Basics Creating Practice Groups Creating Competitions Skill Rating Scores Shot Maps Simple Skill Drills/ Training Programmes Marketing your Practice Club 7.Marketing Spreading the news of your new installation Resources for Promotion Marketing Resources 8.BGIA Sponsored Marketing The Club Package What’s Included Why Upgrade? 9.Scheduling 60 60 Golf Training Training and Event Programme 10.Support Frequently Asked Questions 11.Paperwork

3 A message from the founder, Craig Higgs Here at 60 60 Golf we have a passion for golf & we want lots more people to play golf more often at ranges like yours. Now you’ve got the unique 60 60 Golf ‘pitch’ we want to work with you to get more people downloading the app & registering to play golf at your range. Once they have the app, they’re ready to play & this manual will provide you with lots of ways that they can do this time & time again. That’s an increase in plays & more participation – simply put more baskets of balls sold! This manual is designed not just to be a simple user guide but also an aid to planning events & training with your local 60 60 Golf rep. We want to help you every step of the way – from helping plan & run events through to useful & practical advice on marketing & other promotional strategies. Our Club Marketing Package is supported financially by the BGIA & is designed to give you your own community of golfers inside six months. Please use this guide as a first point of reference for any questions or enquiries about 60 60 Golf – if you need more help simply call or email one of us here on any one of our numbers overleaf. We really are here to help, Regards, Craig Higgs

4 The Team Oliver Sharp Mobile App & Website 0756 124 1563 Tom Davis Range & Pro Support 07711 004 975 Stuart Anderson Marketing & Events 07999 791 538

5 60 60 Golf 2 nd Floor, Hadrian House, Higham Place, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE1 8AF 0191 261 9277 60 60 Golf is operated by Net 60 Six Limited. Net 60 Six Limited is a limited company registered in England & Wales with company no. 06955051. Our registered office is at c/o Hentons & Co. LLP, St Andrew's House, St Andrew's St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS3 1LF. Contact Details

6 Your Installation All you need to know about your kit

7 This section includes… 1.Using your Kit Your 60 60 Golf Pitch iPad and Wi-Fi Merchandise How to use this material Got any questions on the pitch, iPad's or equipment? Just call or email me on: [m] 07711 004 975 [e] Hi I’m Tom Posters

8 Your 60 60 Golf Pitch Congratulations on the installation of your 60 60 Golf Pitch. Your outfield now includes: 3 Driving Posts – set at 200 yards, 175 yards and 120 yards 3 Greens in Regulation Targets - see these at 160 yards, 140 yards, 120 yards 3 Short Game Targets - at 100 yards, 60 yards, 40 yards 3 Scrambling Targets - close to the bays Targets are weatherproof, robust & maintenance free Just clean them when they get a little grubby In high winds remove the driving posts from the outfield Top Tips

9 Turn on the iPad and Mobile Dongle On the iPad check “Settings” and ensure the iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi Dongle Tap the 60 60 Golf icon to launch the app Open the stand using the key provided Put the iPads in to the stands and lock the unit Your installation includes iPads and stands. The iPad’s allow customers to take advantage of 60 60 Golf without using their own smartphone. Follow these simple steps to set-up your iPads each morning: iPads and Wi-Fi Remove the iPads from the stands and charge them each evening Top Tip

10 Merchandise If you need more posters or leaflets Call Becky on 0191 261 9277 FREE merchandise Your Installation includes a variety of merchandise designed to help in the promotion of your range. The pack includes: 50 A4 posters 5 A1 foamex boards 200 leaflets 2 leaflet holders 1 digital photo frame A course map for each bay

11 1.Share news of your installation with everyone you speak to 2.Ask local businesses to support you by spreading news of the new addition at your range 3.Hand leaflets out to people in and around the range 4.Add posters to noticeboards or anywhere customers will see them 5.Make sure the Digital Photo Frame is in a prominent position and plays the ‘How to Play’ video How to use this material We can provide colour adverts for your publications Contact Tom and he will supply a bespoke design Contact Tom on 0771 100 4975

12 The 60 60 Golf Mobile App Understand the mobile application and its benefits

13 This section includes… 1.Getting Started Registering players Playing games 2. Choosing the Right Game Single, Multiplayer or Competition? Rounds, Skill Drills and Challenges? 3. Choosing a Course Finding the right course Scoring In-game features 4. Understanding your Score At the end of the game Share scores Player Centre

14 Registering players Customers need to register with 60 60 Golf to take full advantage of all that your new installation has to offer. Simply fill out the registration form on the app or website and we’ll take care of the rest. Playing games Open the 60 60 Golf app and touch “Go Play” at the bottom of the screen. Your customers can either login or tap “Register” if they are new to the game. Getting Started

15 Single, Multiplayer or Competition? The app offers three different game modes; choose from Single Player, Multiplayer or Competition. In a multiplayer scenario up to 4 people can play on one device. Rounds, Skill Drill or Challenge? There are 3 game types to choose from. For those who want to replicate being on the course choose ‘Play a Round’. If you’d rather work on a specific aspect of your game then choose ‘Skill Drill’. For those who like to put themselves to the test, why not choose ‘Challenge’ and take on other 60 60 Players. Choosing the Right Game

16 Choosing a Course Finding the right course Filter courses by player type and ability to find the right course for you. If you want to find a course aimed at a particular discipline then tap the relevant icon on the left hand side of the screen. Scoring Now it’s time to play. The app tells you which target to aim for, hit your shot and plot where your ball finished on the screen. In-game features For information on which target to hit tap ‘Shot Info’ Want to see how your scoring, who is winning? Tap ‘Scorecard’ Having a bad round? Touch ‘Shot Tip’ for some help You can even skip a shot should you need to and come back to it later

17 Understanding your score At the end of the game The app displays your scorecard at the end of the round. This will contain your overall score as well as a breakdown of each skill to help you to understand your game. Remember, everything is scored out of 60, so aim high! Share scores We’ve integrated Facebook and Twitter so scores can be easily shared with friends and family. Let everyone know how you’re performing! Player Centre All scores are recorded in the 60 60 Player Centre. Simply submit your score at the end of a game, login to the website and start analysing your performance. Take a look at the Player Centre to understand your scores. Over 50 is exceptional! Benchmark your scores

18 The 60 60 Golf Player Centre Watch as your game improves

19 This section includes… 1. The Player Centre Overview The Dashboard Scoring Social 2. Access to the Player Centre Features

20 The Player Centre Your Summary Dashboard Your Scores Scores Your Friends Social Dashboard The Dashboard is designed to give players their key stats and an activity summary at a glance. Scores The Scoring Dashboard provides players with all the tools required to track, analyse and evaluate their game. Social Why play alone? Share your activity, join the community and take advantage of The Social Dashboard.

21 See all your key stats and an activity summary at a glance. From here players are able to access the many exciting features 60 60 Golf has to offer. The live news feed also provides players with updates on everything 60 60 Golf! The Dashboard

22 Scoring Shot maps help to visualise performance. See the dispersion of shots and highlight any trends. Scores and game data are logged and presented in the Scoring Dashboard. Use this section to track, analyse and evaluate performance over time.

23 Stay motivated and check out your friends’ latest activities and achievements. Players are able to interact and engage with each other through the Social Dashboard; whether you want to share & compare scores, join groups or just dominate the leaderboards. Social

24 Access to Player Centre Features OwnerProMembers (Paid) Players (Free) Play Create Groups X Join Groups View Shot Maps X View Skill Stats Score Comparison X Discover Skill Rating X Performance Analysis X Challenge other 60 60 players X

25 Your 60 60 Golf Community Increasing participation through events

26 This section includes… 1.Running an Event 2.Event Ideas 3.Promoting an Event Online Offline Word of Mouth 4.Add a Competition to the Mobile App 5.Putting Together Your Calendar

27 Running an Event This section will guide you through running an event. Events are an easy way to increase participation and create interest in your driving range. Use this pack and work with your rep to create your 60 60 Golf Event. Think about providing events and activities when people are most likely to be available Timing As many staff as possible should attend the event and encourage less confident golfers to participate Pros and Staff Speak to your customers and find out what events would excite and encourage them to play more often. Competitions are a great way to get friends and family to make the most of your new installation Participation

28 Event Ideas The Best Range Player Use the 60 60 Golf Challenge to find out who is the strongest player at your range. The leaderboards will assess scores and show you who is the best at your range. Beat the Pro Challenge your golfers to beat your Pro. Give a prize to the winner and you’ll have a simple but effective event. Demo Days Give customers an opportunity to try out your new installation with help from your staff. Twin this with club fitting days so golfers can try your new stock too.

29 Promoting an Event Lots of people use the internet to find out what is happening in their local area. Add a story to your website, blog and Facebook group about your event and work with community websites in your area. Online When customers visit your range they will be exposed to information in a number of different areas, such as reception, the Pro Shop and noticeboards. It is important to make the most of these opportunities. Use simple hand-outs to circulate the message. We can help with the production of newsletters, posters and adverts to help you to promote your event. Offline This is probably the most effective way to tell customers about your events. Make your staff and Pros advocates for your range. It's really important that they are passionate about the event so that other golfers are encouraged to participate. Word of Mouth

30 Add a Competition to the Mobile App Login to The Player Centre Go to the admin section and click ‘Manage Competitions’ Click ‘Create New Competition’ Fill out ALL fields and set your venue name so all of your customers see the competition

31 Calendar of Events Work with our team and your rep to create a calendar of events for your range over the coming months. Event 3 Event 2 Event 1

32 Pro’s Guide to 60 60 Golf An ideal teaching tool for the Pro

33 This section includes… 1.The Pro’s Companion 2.The Basics How to Play How to Register Players 3.Creating Practice Groups 4.Creating Competitions 5.Skill Rating 6.Adding Course Details and Tips 7.Scoring 8.Shot Maps 9.Training Programmes 10.Marketing your Practice Club Hi, I’m Tom. If you need any help using 60 60 Golf or getting to grips with the Player Centre then get in touch [t] 07711 004 975 [e] Ask Tom

34 The Pro’s Companion Use 60 60 Golf to deliver programmes tailored to each and every one of your golfers. The list shows all the different tools which are available to you. Working with Players Using Skill Drills Through assessments Delivering Training Using the Mobile App Through training days Analysing Performance Using the Player Centre Offering feedback Next Steps Training Programmes On-going Assessments

35 Tap ‘Go Play’ Tap ‘Register’ Complete Form Touch ‘Register’ How to Play 1.Login and select game mode 2.Find a course and start game 3.Take your shot and tap where your ball finished 4.Finish the game and get your score! Registering Players Make a game of 60 60 Golf more challenging and go head-to-head with a friend in multiplayer mode. Stu’s Tip

36 Creating Practice Groups Login at Click ‘Social’ and select ‘Groups’ in the sub heading Click ‘Create Group’ and complete all fieldsSelect ‘Create’ to confirm the group

37 Creating Competitions Login to The Player Centre Select ‘Manage Competition’ Complete the form Click ‘Create’

38 Skill Rating The Skill Rating is our very own ’handicap’ system Paying members will reveal their Skill Rating after playing 5 qualifying courses Your Skill Rating is marked out of 60 Play qualifying courses (Q) to bump-up your Skill Rating 60 60 Golf Skill Rating Driving Accuracy On the Fairway Greens in Regulation Short GameScramblingPutting Skill Ratings over 40 are fantastic but there’s always room for improvement! Tom’s Tip

39 Scoring Use the Player Centre to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player’s game. The Player Centre is great for monitoring a player’s form and improvement. Coaching programmes can be mapped out using 60 60 Golf’s Player Centre. Skill Rating – calculated using qualifying scores My Scores - games represented in graphs Skill Stats – average scores and comparison Shot Maps - illustrate the dispersion of shots

40 Shot Maps Analyse shot dispersion with Shot Maps. They provide an accuracy percentage for each section of a target. Login to The Player Centre and select ‘Scores’ then ‘Shot Maps’ Select the Shot Type and target and choose your date parameters Use the Shot Map to provide feedback to your client

41 Training Programmes Our Pros have suggested the following programmes to help your clients. 60 60 Golf Assessment In Single or Multiplayer scenario choose any ‘Skill Drill’ After the game login to the Player Centre and use the tools in the ‘Scores’ section to analyse your clients performance Roll Up Classes Concentrated over a 5 week period, focusing on one discipline of the game each week When choosing a course tap the appropriate filter in the app to find courses specific to your chosen discipline Junior Programme This 4 week programme covers each discipline of the game Use the warm-up/refresh ‘Skill Drill’ courses which are available in Single or Multiplayer modes

42 Training Programmes Ladies’ Club Start the programme at your clients pace and aim to introduce a new skill (play to a new target) each week Weekly activities will be available in Single/Multi Player > Skill Drill Mode Beginners Club Help get players started and teach them the basics Weekly activities will be available in Single Player or Multiplayer modes> Skill Drill Mode Assessment Plans Choose the weakest areas of your clients game and use the appropriate plan (i.e. specific to their short game) Plans are accessible through Single or Multiplayer modes > Skill Drill Mode

43 Promoting your Practice Club Encourage customers to work with you by telling them about the services you offer and the new tool which will help them to improve their game. Send emails to customers charting their progress Use Shot Tips in the app Review scores with players Use The Player Centre to create tailored lesson plans Run junior sessions Add 60 60 Golf to existing lesson plans Walk the range Set up a FREE assessment Run events and competitions Use the app to register players

44 Marketing Promoting 60 60 Golf at your range

45 This Marketing section includes… Marketing Your New 60 60 Golf Range - Spreading the news of your new installation…. 1. Resources for Promotion Press Releases – creates interest Placing The Message – maximises impact Marketing Resources

46 Resources for Promotion Promotion is key to the success of your 60 60 Golf installation. It is important that all golfers in your area are aware of your upgrade and how 60 60 Golf will benefit them. Creating a buzz about your venue can be difficult so we‘ve put together this guide to offer some simple ideas for promotion. Use the templates in the attached leaflet and golfers in your area will quickly be made aware of your golf range.

47 Get in touch with Stuart Anderson to take advantage of these FREE tools 0799 979 1538 Marketing There are a number of marketing programmes available to your range as standard. After taking time to understand your communication channels we will help you create a plan bespoke to your range. This work will make golfers in your area more aware of your range and persuade them to play more using the 60 60 Golf Pitch. Merchandising Events Email + SMS PR

48 BGIA Sponsored Marketing Sign up to the Club Marketing Package

49 The 60 60 Golf Club Package is an extended marketing campaign, endorsed and part funded by the British Golf Industry Association “Grow Golf” Initiative (BGIA ). The six month campaign is designed to dramatically increase player registrations, footfall, and revenue to the range by promoting your range to the wider golf market. Club Marketing Package Objectives Use local marketing methods to drive new customers to your range Ensure players visit your range more often for events, leagues and comp’s Drive 10% week on week growth in 60 60 Golf registrations Increase golf participation by providing those new to golf with a fun and simple way to play

50 What’s included? The 60 60 Golf Club Package uses the latest digital marketing methods to target customers around your range. Our experts will work with you to help maximise footfall across the year. By buying our advertising in bulk, we are able to offer the campaign at a much reduced rate. In addition The BGIA will help you fund your Club Package, to the tune of £1,000 or more giving you even better value when you upgrade to the Club Package. Dedicated, personalised e- marketing Targeted SMS campaigns Geo-targeted online display advertising Social media optimisation Promotional advertising in local press Local PR and media Exclusive events Competitions and customer incentives The Club Marketing Package combines the latest digital advertising methods with trusted marketing to deliver real results.

51 The Club Package will add real value to your range. Increase the profile of your range, drive footfall, revenue, and profits. In addition The Club Marketing Package gets you access to the wider public, new golfers, and more customers, Promote your range and take advantage of the tangible marketing cost savings on offer. “Our target customer is clearly defined, we know who will enjoy 60 60 Golf and we will target this group in your area.” Why upgrade? The Club Package is supported and funded by the BGIA, in which many major golf brands are represented.

52 Scheduling Work with your Rep to plan activities for the future

53 Training & Event Programme – Q1 Installation Initial How To Play Training Sign Up Training Planning Player Centre Training Event Schedule Marketing Plan Event Player Centre Admin Launch Event Regular Competition Calendar Event Training Pro Programme Training Event Event Training Pro Programme Roll-out League Event Performance Review Completed: Date: Week 1Week 3Week 6Week 9 Week 12

54 Training & Event Programme Activity Plan Completed: Period: __/__/____ to __/__/____ Date:

55 Training & Event Programme Activity Plan Completed: Period: __/__/____ to __/__/____ Date:

56 Support Frequently Asked Questions

57 FAQs – The Mobile Application Click the Home Button on the iPad and tap the ‘App Store’ icon Tap the ‘Updates’ button at the bottom right of the screen and a list of updates will appear, find 60 60 Golf and touch ‘UPDATE’ You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID, use and N3t60S1x. An update is available. How do I update my device? Like all technology the iPad’s can experience this problem To fix this click the iPad Home Button at the bottom of the device so you return to the Home Screen. Now, double tap the home button, hold down the 60 60 Golf icon until the “no entry sign” appears then tap to close the app. Return to the home screen and reopen the app, your session should now be restored. The app has stalled. The screen has frozen. What should I do?

58 FAQs – The Mobile Application Click the Home Button to return to the home screen. Hold down the 60 60 Golf icon for a second until it shakes and an “X” appears. Tap the “X” to delete the app. Click Delete when prompted. Now go to the App Store, search for 60 60 Golf and install the app. When prompted login using & N3t60S1x. How do I reinstall the app? First of all, give it a couple of minutes to see if anything happens. If the problem persists close the app and re-open it. Failing that re-install the app using the steps above. I can't play because a white screen appears on the app.

59 FAQs – Logging in and Registering Customers Check that the details being entered are correct - remember the password is case sensitive so ensure that this is being applied. My customer cannot login in the app, what should I do? Ensure that all the relevant fields have been populated. Ensure that the password meets the requirements – Passwords must be at least 7 characters with at least one non alphabetic and alphabetic character. The customer has tried to register but is unable to do so

60 FAQs – The Mobile Dongle If the iPad has lost the connection to the Wi-Fi then press the iPad home button to return to the home screen. Tap the Settings icon and on the top left of the “Wi-Fi” tab should say 3-mobile-wireless device. If it doesn’t then tap the Wi-Fi button and touch “3-mobile-device” so it becomes ticked. I can't play as the iPad is not connected to the Wi-Fi Dongle. To fix this, turn off both the Wi-Fi Dongle and iPad and switch the Wi-Fi back on first, wait for it to establish a connection then turn on IPad. Now both devices are switched on wait for the IPad to re connect to Wi-Fi dongle. The iPad appears to have a connection but the App will not work.

61 Your Paperwork Contracts and important documents 60 60 Golf, 2 nd Floor, Hadrian House, Higham Place, Newcastle. NE1 8AF. 60 60 Golf is a trading name of Net60Six Limited 2013 Copyright © T: 0191 2619277 E: W:

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