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Music on the Web By Student Example.

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1 Music on the Web By Student Example

2 About Me My name is ********* I grew up learning how to play the drums
I have some experience playing the piano/keyboard My Dad was a bassist so I was exposed to Jazz and Blues often Rap is my main musical interest

3 Eminem Rapper From Detroit, Michigan
Controversy over topics of his music, heavily influenced by his troubled childhood Recent release of MMLP2, sold 792,000 copies in its first week, Went Platinum in its second week Songs: Infinite, Renegade, Toy Soldiers, Beautiful I like his music because it is expressive and a release of emotion about his past.

4 Logic Rapper from Maryland Signed with Visionary music Group at 17
Music For Free Welcome To Forever, Undeniable (Mix-tapes) RattPack (Real All The Time) Draws inspiration from Frank Sinatra I like his music because his music ranges from upbeat to depressing Baltimore Sun Article

5 Anonymuz Rapper From South Florida
Mix-tapes include Q1, Q2, Q3, Abstract, Ascension X Music For Free Name from his lack of personal identity Songs: Fall of Earth, Fall of Olympus, Destiny, Blown Away (Pt. 2) I like his music because his lyrical skills are better than 90% of known rappers, and his beats are of a different style than anyone Biography

6 Music Sites Soundcloud – A site that anyone can upload music to. There are many free downloads and a lot of music from independent artists. It is great for finding new music to listen to. DatPiff – A site that hip-hop/rap artists upload their mix-tapes to. Specialize with independent/underground artists. Usually mix-tapes are available for free download. Grooveshark – A site where you can listen to music. Just about any song, at least from “known” artists. You are not able to download music from Grooveshark.

7 Irish Music I like the use of string instruments besides guitar to create fast paced melodies. Irish music is fast and upbeat. Irish Music Magazine

8 Mongolian Throat Singing
Interesting expressive form of music Uses the throat, which is different from the voice and is very uncommon Throat Singing

9 African Tribal Music The use of drums and percussion instruments is very interesting I like the beat and feel that this music creates Music of Africa

10 Creating Music with a computer
Soundation – A site where users can choose from hundreds of loops and samples to create music, and then publish it online. MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface Image-Line – A private software company that created FL Studio, a popular music creation software. They also provide a wide range of plugins, loops, and samples for this program. Soundcloud – A site where users can upload their music online for anyone to hear, and can make it available for download. For free, a user gets 2 Hours of total upload time.

11 Summary This Web Quest helped me further explore creating music on the web. I will definitely be sure to check out Soundation, as it sounds like an interesting site that combines ease of use with the complications of computer music. I own FL Studio at home, and use it often, and will continue to do so as it is a very comprehensive software. Soundcloud will continue to be a site often frequented by me, because I enjoy finding music created by independent artists, and Soundcloud is perfect for this purpose.

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