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1 VISION RULES Integrated Studio RUS 101 By: Izyan Yahaya

2 What VISION is?

3 Matlamat image ideaidea Goal Cita-cita

4 What VISION is? Matlamat image ideaidea Goal seen unseen Cita-cita REALISTIC explicit and implicit thoughts

5 Life without VISION Effect: Nothing to achieve – why you are here? No Planning – for now and future Not Focused – floating LOST, END UP YOUR 3 YEARS WITH FRUSTRATION Affect: Yourself – self development, Career Family Group – friends, institutions Society Nation

6 1.Actor 2.Decide What Effective vision –Clear, feasible, focused,flexible, communicable ideas Why, Own Satisfaction,Follow others How, Check your abilities/support, plan for Strategies, [short @ long-term] 3. Feedback Measurement of success, improvement Basic Elements Niat.Laku.Hasil

7 Strategies Actor Action Feedback

8 8 Life is SIMPLE but it is just not easy..

9 Strategies Actor Action Feedback policy guideline customs ethics LAW &@#$()_@#=(... !!!!

10 What RULES is?

11 What RULE is? Policy Law Guideline Regulation Formula principle govern custom ethics Code - Biological,system, self-imposed, standard(religion, institution, government) - Individual, succession tradition

12 Why we follow RULES ? - Reduce risk – self-imposed rules : Working hours, - Coordinate individual action : traffic - Achieve vision in a more systematic ways - Moral reasons : respect people’s right Affect: -Yourself & Others – NO MAN IS AN ISLAND -Succession rules -task not smoothly conducted, dissatisfaction

13 13 Rules lead to SUCCESS individually and collectively

14 14 Studio RUS101

15 Allow to develop your….. Strategies Actor Action Feedback Instruction & Guideline – exercise/esquisse + Creativity + Discipline + Invention + Ideas + Courage + Teamwork + Initiative VISION COMPLETED You & Lecturers Your own & Programme Rules – arrived before TIME, submit on TIME, Plagiarism is prohibited, etc

16 IMPORTANT but less urgent URGENT and IMPORTANT Less Urgent and less important Urgent but less important Q1Q2 Q3Q4 Control submission (tomorrow) Sometimes it is beyond our control Always get ourselves prepared - Fire in middle of lecture Make sure that it is urgent without interfering Q1 - interruption, distraction - pick up things avoid missing -OPTIONs URGENT IMPORTANT Q1 & Q2 Q4 First Thing First Quadrant (Covey et. al, 1994) - Blk kmpung for raya vs submission/ exam - Qualifying degree result (3 years ahead) Time waster Note: URGENT – element of time IMPORTANT- element of timeless essential Need Attention You Decide Q3 – Don’t ever mention

17 Strategies Actor Action Feedback policy guideline customs ethics LAW + Creativity + Discipline + Invention formula + Ideas + Courage + Teamwork + Initiative

18 18 Testing Your Understanding

19 Do a circle with a dot. inside without removing your pen


21 21 What do you learn?

22 22 VISION. RULES. STRATEGY Life without vision is MEANINGLESS Those who break rules are trash, but those who doesn’t care about other companion is worse than trash (anonymous) Life without strategy is a TRAGEDY (Eric brown,2007) You Decide..!

23 Special thanks to: Dr. Norazmawati Dr. Mazran THANK YOU & GOOD LUCK..!

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