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Strong operating performance driven by strict cost control Second quarter results 2002 8 August 2002.

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1 Strong operating performance driven by strict cost control Second quarter results August 2002

2 0 2 Strong operating performance driven by strict cost control First half 2002 performance:  Revenues flat (+0.4%)  Operating expenses are trending down (-2.1%)  Operating result up (6.9%)  Provisioning was driven up by an unprecedented level of corporate defaults due to perceived fraudulent practices  Efficiency ratio improved by 1.8% to 71.0%  Tier 1 ratio up to 7.15%, a 0.6% increase compared to the first half 2001

3 0 3 Restructuring decisions have begun to pay off in first half of 2002  Overall revenues down in the first half of 2002, with more stable flow revenues mitigating the downturn in volatile businesses  Cost base reflects the positive impact of the restructuring decisions, particularly TOPS and US domestic closures  Expenses have come down sharply and we expect it to fall by an additional 5% in the second half of 2002  Aggressive capital management has remained a key theme. Target of RWA reduction of EUR 20 bn will be achieved by year end. A further EUR 10 bn reduction is targeted by 2004

4 0 4 WCS will continue to sharpen its strategic focus  Client-led, integrated wholesale bank with a European focus  Focus on profitable Financial Institutions and Large Cap Clients  Grow our strong Global Financial Markets and Loan Product businesses through integrated delivery of value-added Debt and Treasury products  Position our strong Global Transaction Services franchise for growth through delivery of an integrated suite of Working Capital products  Reposition our Corporate Finance and Equities businesses to deliver positive operating results by focusing on our positions of strength

5 0 5 Focus Equities and Corporate Finance on positions of strength  Cost base of Corporate Finance and Equities has been reduced by over 30% since Q  Further reductions coming in the second half of 2002 from both our US restructuring and actions announced today  A 400 to 500 headcount reduction will be implemented without additional restructuring charge  Equities and Corporate Finance will focus on existing positions of strength  Committed to profitability in 2003 without relying on market recovery

6 Operating performance

7 0 7 Operating performance of the second quarter was good  Revenues held up remarkably well despite the weak economy  Expenses have continued to come down, driven by WCS and BU US  Efficiency ratio has further improved Revenues Q2 2002

8 0 8 Good performance in C&CC was driven by all franchises  Revenues stable  Expenses higher due to incidentals in BU NL  Strong performance despite adverse currency movements Operating result Q2 2002

9 0 9 BU NL restructuring is on track  Revenues increased due to higher net interest revenue  Expenses up due to incidentals but staff costs trending down  Conversion of the branch network is on track. Target of EUR 400 mln annual cost savings as of 2004 is maintained Revenues Q2 2002

10 0 10 BU US posted another quarter of growth and improved efficiency  Revenues went up by 7.1% in local currency: mortgage origination stabilised, value of mortgage servicing rights increased  Expenses came down due to strict cost control and lower mortgage related expenses Revenues Q2 2002

11 0 11 Strong performance in BU Brazil despite market volatility  Revenues were up 1.4% in local currency  In local currency, expenses were up 10.1% driven by higher staff costs and automation costs related to the opening of new branches  Effective tax rate is an integral part of the BU operating efficiency.  Net profit increased by 68.2% to EUR 143 mln Revenues Q2 2002

12 0 12 PC and AM were affected by difficult market conditions  PC commissions and asset values were down, particularly in France and International Private Banking. Operating performance was affected by higher expenses, in part due to further investments in the Dutch franchise  Resilient AM revenues despite the significant reduction in the value of AuM and associated revenues, in line with market conditions. Costs were contained enabling AM to deliver a satisfactory operating performance Revenues Q2 2002

13 0 13 WCS improved its operating performance despite weak markets  Modest decline in revenues due in part to stable flow business  Expenses sharply down, driven by TOPS, strict cost control and the closure of US Equity & Corporate Finance domestic business  Operating result and efficiency ratio improved significantly Revenues Q2 2002

14 Asset Quality and Capital

15 0 15 Unprecedented level of corporate failures drove provisioning up  Provisioning rose sharply due to an unprecedented level of corporate failures triggered by perceived fraudulent practices  Decrease expected in HY02, barring any force majeure  Slightly higher level for the year assumed due to Q2 levels  Quality of the portfolio remains satisfactory Annualised provisions / RWA (%)

16 0 16 Tier 1 has improved despite Brazil  Adverse currency movements have impacted Tier 1 solvency  The impact of Brazil was 19 basis points in the second quarter  The capital release from RWA reduction in WCS has improved Tier 1 ratio (EUR bn) / % change / Total assets Shareholders’ equity Group capital Risk-weighted assets Tier 1 ratio Total capital ratio % 10.80% % 10.91% 1.7 (6.5) (7.9) (8.4) (1.2) (4.5) (9.8) (12.4)

17 Outlook

18 0 18 Outlook unchanged  Given the level of corporate failures in the second quarter, we have assumed a slightly higher level of provisioning for the year  We expect net profit, excluding extraordinary items, to be in line with 2001  Interim dividend stable at EUR 0.45 per ordinary share

19 Appendices Second quarter 2002 results

20 0 20 Pensions  Accounting policy migrated to US GAAP on 1 January US GAAP allows the spreading of potential increases of the annual pension costs  Accrued benefit cost is fully accounted for in the liabilities under provisions  Annual pension costs would have to increase as and when unrecognised net actuarial gains / (losses) are greater than 10% of the Projected Benefit Obligation  Any increase would be spread over the average remaining service term - 11 years at present

21 Update on WCS

22 0 22 We will build on our strength in Treasury and Debt products and...  Enhance our ability to meet key clients’ needs by providing an integrated offer to include capital raising, capital management and risk advisory  Achieve this objective by combining our structuring and origination capabilities in Loan Products with our distribution capabilities in Global Financial Markets  Build upon and profitably grow our strong positions in primary markets Eurobonds (No. 7) Euro denominated DCM(No. 3) European Asset Backed Securitisation (No. 2) Global Loan syndication (top 10 rankings in Healthcare, Utilities, Telecom, Oil & Gas) EMEA Project Finance (No. 9) Source: Euromoney, IFR, Project Finance magazine, Loanware

23 0 23 … our strength in Working Capital products  Expand the scope of GTS to deliver an integrated and tailored approach to the working capital needs of our clients  Provide corporate treasurers with range of working capital products designed to reduce working capital cycle and enhance overall returns  Leverage our advantage product range and network reach to grow our market-leading positions Global Cash & Payments (No. 4) Global Foreign Exchange position (No. 8) Global Custody (No. 6 in w/ Mellon) Source: Euromoney, IFR, Project Finance magazine, Loanware

24 Currency variations and hedging

25 0 25 Impact of currency variations on Group performance Revenues Expenses Operating result Pre-tax profit (241) (136) (105) (75) Reported change (%) Currency impact (Eur mln) Organic growth (%) (12.8) (0.4) (1.9) 3.4 (20.6) Q2 02 / Q1 02

26 0 26 Impact of currency variations on BU US performance Revenues Expenses Operating result Pre-tax profit (100) (49) (51) (40) Reported change (%) Currency impact (Eur mln) Organic growth (%) 7.1 (1.1) 16.4 (1.4) (8.9) 7.2 (7.2) Q2 02 / Q1 02

27 0 27 Impact of currency variations on BU Brazil performance Revenues Expenses Operating result Pre-tax profit (88) (62) (26) (15) Reported change (%) Currency impact (Eur mln) Organic growth (%) (10.1) (22.2) (12.7) (6.8) (24.3) (34.4) Q2 02 / Q1 02

28 0 28 Overview of the currency hedging policy

29 Brazil: cross border and sovereign risk

30 0 30 Brazilian cross border risk is largely mitigated  Brazil, Mexico and Chile are the largest contributors  Extensive use of risk mitigants is sought and achieved when dealing with Brazilian counterparts  Mitigated exposure includes trade deals, transactions covered by credit default swaps and political risk insurance

31 0 31 Overview of the portfolio of government securities of BU Brazil  Portfolio is locally funded and invested in Brazilian real denominated notes Portfolio breakdown NB: currency linked notes are notes denominated in Brazilian real

32 Asset quality and provisioning

33 0 33 Optimal Tier 1 & 2 ratios are a function of several factors  Optimal capital structure is a function of cash-flows and asset quality Sustainability of the income stream Asset quality and levels of provisioning Effective tax rate Pay out ratio (policy is 45 to 50%) Proportion of cash dividend (approx. 40%)

34 0 34 ABN AMRO has high coverage ratios  Operations are cash generative  Cash-flow is sustainable  Historically, pay out ratio and cash proportion of dividend have led to a retention of at least 70%  Coverage ratios are high at half year 2002 Operating income / Provisioning : 2.8x Net attrib. Profit / Cash dividend: 3.2x PBT / [taxes, extraordinaries, cash dividend]:1.8x

35 0 35 The composition of the consolidated portfolio is stable June 2001December 2001June 2002 Private loans (EUR bn - by outstanding)

36 0 36 Overview of total loan loss provisioning per SBU Annualised provisioning / RWALoan loss provisioning per SBU 2Q02 loan loss provisioning

37 0 37 Asia Pacific Advanced 7.1% North America 27.0% Latin America 4.0% Eastern Europe 0.3% Africa 0.6% Europe 52.9% Middle East 1.0% Asia 7.2% Wholesale client base is predominantly OECD - (by limits, June 2002) Geographic exposure calculated based on the country lending office of each counterparty

38 0 38 Breakdown of Wholesale portfolio per client sector - (by limits, June 2002) Wholesale - Corporate portfolioWholesale - Total portfolio

39 0 39 Wholesale corporate portfolio is well diversified - (by limits, June 2002) As a % of total limits of Wholesale Corporate portfolio which excludes FIPS

40 0 40 Wholesale corporate exposure is gradually coming down across sectors Sector breakdown of wholesale portfolio - Total limits, June 2002

41 0 41 Breakdown of WCS risk-weighted assets RWA per product - Ytd 01RWA per product - Ytd 02

42 0 42 Average UCR of wholesale client sectors since June (by limits) Average UCR - historical performance Average UCR

43 0 43 Average UCR of wholesale client sectors - (by limits, June 2002) ACD ECH TMT Wholesale corporate portfolio (53.4% of WCS corp. portfolio) (27.1% of WCS corp. portfolio) (19.5% of WCS corp. portfolio)

44 0 44 Overview of the C&CC consumer and commercial franchise C&CC total private loans (Eur bn)

45 0 45 Overview of the commercial portfolio of BU NL - ( by outstanding, June 2002) C&CC NL total portfolio C&CC NL commercial portfolio by productC&CC NL commercial portfolio by UCR

46 0 46 Overview of the portfolio of BU US - (by outstanding, June 2002) Asset quality Overview by legal entityBusiness mix

47 0 47 Business mix C&CC portfolio performance - Total outstanding UCR breakdown Overview of the portfolio of BU Brazil (June 2002)

48 0 48 By ProductBy Geography Overview of C&CC consumer credit (by outstanding, June 2002 * )

49 0 49

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