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PRS (Product Recall SaaS) Open effective government & enterprise recall service.

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1 PRS (Product Recall SaaS) Open effective government & enterprise recall service

2 Team Mostafa Elzoghbi Founder of Hadafsoft, Mobile & Cloud Startup Solution Architect, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 5 years Entrepreneur, Geek Nodir Yuldashev Software Architect, Engineer, Geek M.Sc. Of Computer Science, MS Certified Professional Developer

3 Problem How many times enterprises sold a recalled product? How much overhead money enterprises spent in reimbursing customer? How much time enterprises spent in handling recalled products? How many times enterprises found your products cause health and affect public safety ?

4 Story FitBit Force Recall! Consumer product safety commission recalled FitBit Force product due to health & skin irritation issues reported by consumers, This affected 1M customers in US & Canada. It takes days and weeks to manually update all ecommerce sites to take the recalled product out! You will be able to buy a recalled FitBit Force from eBay website and lots of other chain or resellers!

5 Opportunity Medical Devices Recall Index (Q1-2013):  Average recall affects 19.4M units, one recall affected 5M units  Issued for 143 companies Children and Infant Recall Index:  Average recall affects 500,000 Units Pharmaceutical Recalls Index (Q1-2013):  FDA enforcement report recalled 107 drug & Pharmaceutical recalls Re-imbursement cost: Credit card fees cost 0.35$ ++ / transaction Loss of existing and future customers Lawsuits cost and enterprise reputation!

6 Recall Product Service

7 Demo

8 Market Enterprises in the following sectors:  Retail & Whole Sale stores such as: Walmart, Costco, BJ’s  Online eCommerce sites: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay…etc  Medical Manufactures resellers & distributors  Kids & toy stores & resellers Federal agencies:  FDA  USDA  Food Safety  Any other agency with interest in public health Consumers : Notify me with products I bought, intend to buy, or with interest to buy. Use social media channels. No need to check websites!

9 Focused Market Medical devices Food wholesale

10 Current Market Fit

11 Competitors

12 Innovation, approach, growth... What (will) make you stand as a leader in your industry?

13 Use this spreadsheet for churn, MRR, and cohortanalysis cohort-analysis-guest-post/# cohort-analysis-guest-post/#

14 Business Model Product / Service Price

15 Sales & Marketing How do you sell & communicate?

16 Cost of acquisition vs. Customer Lifetime Value

17 Next milestones to reach - put a timeline - add a 12-month roadmap

18 Biggest challenges Breaking points to master

19 Advisors

20 Goals

21 Fundraising What do you raise for? Where does it take you?

22 The End Of Game Long term strategy End game

23 Thank You! Keep in touch, Follow us in Twitter: Mostafa Elzoghbi : @MostafaElzoghbi Nodir Yuldashev: @Nyuldashev

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