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IPC Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association Council (SMEMA)

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1 IPC Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association Council (SMEMA)

2 IPC’s MISSION, PHILOSOPHY AND STRATEGIES Long Range Strategies –Industry Leadership –IPC as the Recognized Association for Assembly (Along with printed boards) –Workforce Development and Training –Industry Standards/ Technical Assistance –Communications, Networking, Participation –Global Involvement to Benefit Members

3 HISTORY IPC SMEMA Council Formed by IPC and members in 1999 Initially 40 member companies

4 Why Equipment Manufacturers joined IPC Benefits to SMEMA –Makes SMEMA a stronger organization –Customers are in IPC –Potential for synergies apparent and immediate –IPC is a professional organization with the infrastructure to support your needs –IPC has a proven record of success –IPC willing and able to serve your needs –Minimal or no learning curve –Lowest cost, most effective alternative


6 IPC SMEMA Council Steering Committee John F. Hartner Chairman Senior Vice President DOVER TECHNOLOGIES Leo Van de Vall Vice- Chairman President and CEO ASSEMBLÉON AMERICA Alec Babiarz (2009) Senior Vice President ASYMTEK Robert Black President and CEO JUKI AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Brian Duffey President MYDATA AUTOMATION Guenter Lauber President Siemens LOGISTICS & ASSEMBLY Marc Peo President HELLER INDUSTRIES, INC. Scott Wischoffer Marketing Manager FUJI AMERICA CORPORATION Carsten Salewski President/CEO VISCOM, INC. Jack Rozwat General Manager, EMT Americas AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES 2 to 3 new members will also be added

7 IPC SMEMA Council Committees Trade Show Subcommittee International Trade Show Subcommittee Statistics Subcommittee

8 Exhibition Space Rates Other Trade Shows $42 a square foot (~$350 USD / Sq M) IPC SMEMA Council APEX $19 a square foot (~$200 USD / Sq M)

9 Trade Show Operated by and for the members Based on the principles: Fair: to all members – big or small Focused: on electronics assembly Cost effective: $19 versus $42 in U.S.

10 SMEMA Statistical Programs Assembly Equipment Statistical Program by region –Data on units by category –Dollar sales –Forecast Wage and Compensation for executives and hourly workers

11 Rules of All IPC statistical programs Data is confidential (Aggregate data only - no data is broken down by company) Only participants receive data Tell us what data you need

12 Year-on-Year Sales Growth in Assembly Equipment by Region Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008

13 Assembly Equipment Sales in North America by Industry End-Markets - Q1 2009

14 IPC ASSEMBLY EQUIPMENT STANDARDS Free Downloads –SMEMA3.1 – Fiducial Mark StandardSMEMA3.1 – Fiducial Mark Standard –SMEMA4 - Reflow Terms and DefinitionsSMEMA4 - Reflow Terms and Definitions –SMEMA5 - Screen Printing Terms and DefinitionsSMEMA5 - Screen Printing Terms and Definitions –SMEMA6 - Electronics Cleaning Terms and DefinitionsSMEMA6 - Electronics Cleaning Terms and Definitions –SMEMA7 - Fluid Dispensing Terms and DefinitionsSMEMA7 - Fluid Dispensing Terms and Definitions

15 IPC ASSEMBLY EQUIPMENT STANDARDS IPC- 9850 Surface Mount Placement Equipment CharacterizationSurface Mount Placement Equipment Characterization IPC- 9851 Mechanical Equipment Interface StandardMechanical Equipment Interface Standard

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